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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Komodo, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Cryodon

    Cryodon Member

    The tail kink? I never saw one...
  2. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    It was only in Unleashed. Larva's tail would flow behind her as she moved - just like every other tail in the game. But sometimes after attacking, the last two-three segments of her tail would become inverted - sticking straight up and "kinking" through the rest of her body. Most of her body was fine, and occasionally it would unkink again - but it happened frequently enough to be a major bug in my opinion, and I was really frustrated that I couldn't figure out the problem even after dozens of hours investigating.

    It didn't affect her combat at all - it was only visible when her tail would otherwise be flowing.
  3. Paul M. AKA Kyotita

    Paul M. AKA Kyotita DesignTeamMember Bagan/Kyotita spokesman

    yea this frequently annoyed me being a Mothra main player (especially since I fought predominantly with the larvae)....hopefully we will not run into that bug again in the next game....makes me wonder if the 3d skeleton got messed up some when it was being created.
  4. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    It was more likely some sort of blend process - from certain attack animations, the tail would calculate the "fastest way" to move back to the correct position, and get screwed up in the calculations.

    It wasn't just one attack, however - it was some combination of animations. If it was just one bad animation it would have been easy to find.
  5. Paul M. AKA Kyotita

    Paul M. AKA Kyotita DesignTeamMember Bagan/Kyotita spokesman

    I see, well hopefully you will find a way to work around it if we ever get Toho again
  6. Michael kalker

    Michael kalker Design Team Member

    Speaking about mothra... I found this glitch where i can grab opponents as larve. I would jump in the air, do the grab thrust thing with the wii remote and she would grab them! The throw was weird You would like Grab them with your mouth and twirl them around everywhere before letting go. It was actually pretty funny
  7. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    Why do you think that's a glitch? Larva can grab, just like any other monster. And grabs in the air are totally legal.
  8. Lenbo

    Lenbo Wonderful Forum Moderator

    I could consistently get Mothra to fly out of the barriers on Monster Island in G:U. I forget how now, it involved changing from larva to adult, but it was fun to glide over the ocean for miles and miles.
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  9. Michael kalker

    Michael kalker Design Team Member

    Really? it was not on the move list on toho kingdom. So i always thought it was a glitch. My bad!
  10. Paul M. AKA Kyotita

    Paul M. AKA Kyotita DesignTeamMember Bagan/Kyotita spokesman

    the bite makes sense since Mothra Larva quite frequently bites its enemies tails XD
  11. Michael kalker

    Michael kalker Design Team Member

    That should be like a specialty move for her. You know how like ghidorah could grab from behind. Mothra could bite onto tails When behing her opponents. (tails that are biteable of course) You wouldn't see her biting ont titanasouras's tail!
  12. Michael kalker

    Michael kalker Design Team Member

    one thing i find very annoying while playing unleashed is that whenever i use my beam the enemy monster does aswell EVERY TIME. its impossible to use all of your beam without getting into a beamfight unless they had no energy or they were angurius
  13. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    Yes, this was an unfortunate consequence of the energy system. I don't blame the AI - I blame myself for creating a system in which firing a beam to start a beamfight was the best response 100% of the time. We won't make that mistake again!
  14. Michael kalker

    Michael kalker Design Team Member

    Ahhhh ok! and there was this other thing where if u got into a beam fight and your enemy had 1 energy bar left, After the beamfight the enemy would just stand there and not attack AT ALL he would not even block he would just sit there and jump backwards until he ran into a yellow crystal to get his energy back.
  15. nifanatic

    nifanatic Orokana.

    In GStE & GU, one of Baragon's weaknesses is Concussive... and one of his resistances is Concussive.

    In GU (Wii), monsters sometimes slide across the ground when they are knocked down.

    Obsidius's stats listed in the Wii version are apparently an exact copy of SpaceGodzilla's.

    Biollante has a white block instead of a weakness on her Wii stats (I hear it was Explosive).

    Not sure if this was a glitch or intentional, but when Megaguirus fires an acquired beam, so long as she holds the button down she can fire for an infinite amount of time.
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  16. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    This is actually correct - though I understand that it's not clear. Baragon has a special "4-foot defense" attribute, which gives him earth-rooting powers while on all fours. He takes reduced knockback, and damage from concussive attacks while on all fours.

    That's totally a bug.
  17. godzilla898

    godzilla898 Design Team Member

    I experienced a couple instances of the AI "cheating" and funky animations in StE. Once MOGUERA suddenly flipped backwards like he was Baragon (who I was fighting at the time). Another time as Kiryu the computer started firing its jets in preparation for his ramming move but then suddenly stopped, which I don't believe is normally possible. Maybe I just don't know the game well enough.

    Also there are a couple instances where a sound would keep on playing forever until it was re-played. One I remember is MKG's flying noise when he was knocked down from the sky.
  18. Dreadrick

    Dreadrick New Member

    If you get the Godzilla license you have crap load of insect monsters for the picking, should give them a over haul and call it good, but doesn't hurt to have some fan made ones to throw in the mix. Lets see we had beetle, mantis, ant, mosquito, I don't know if there was sort of worm, moth, I think a ceniped (can't spell it), and Spiders. I haven't watch gorilla for a while wasn't there a robot version of the beetle?
  19. Ricardo Nunez

    Ricardo Nunez Well-Known Member

    Honestly i never even seen these glitches. (except for G:U the monsters slide wen knocked down but it never bothered me.) Idk if i never payed attention or they happened i just never acknowledged them as glitches.
  20. Ricardo Nunez

    Ricardo Nunez Well-Known Member

    Oh wait nvm i see them now lolz

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