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  1. hero-dude

    hero-dude Design Team Member

    i know there is a thread about this thing, but also it is mixed with the alien queen stuff.

    so i decided to make one specially for the talking of finishing moves.
    i think we can have a T rated game and still have finishers. like for example this ones:

    ill post some ideas i had that could work in this game.
  2. Bambu

    Bambu His Royal (Sugar-)Highness

    I think there's already a thread about finishers and rage attacks... I forget what the verdict on finishers was but I *think* it was a "no/not necessary"... not positive though... :p
  3. Godzillajtn

    Godzillajtn Epic creator of Tursacra and forums viking

    I don't think there will be any finishers but there will be beginners!:)
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  4. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    I'm not fond of "finishers" in the sense of "special animations which can only play at the end of a a match, and even then only in certain circumstances." They are very complex is 4-monster matches, can be difficult to design due to the high variety of character sizes & body types in Kaiju Combat, and eat up lots of animation space which could be used for things that players would get more use out of.

    Now we've had some very interesting discussions about "finishers" in the sense of "making certain that fights end dramatically, instead of with a jab." THAT seems like something worth going after, in my opinion.
  5. Quinn Red

    Quinn Red Design Team Member

    I could see finishers working in Kaiju Combat if they dont involve physical contact, well atleast specific to body type physical contact, and made exclusive to 1V1 match ups.
  6. hero-dude

    hero-dude Design Team Member

    actually i had tought of some finishers that could work on all body types. and about how to do them, the answer is to do it like in Def Jam fight for New York, another 4 players fighter, that actually is faster than the godzilla games and has no problem with special moves.

    check the blazin moves from DJ:FFNY

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  7. Paul M. AKA Kyotita

    Paul M. AKA Kyotita DesignTeamMember Bagan/Kyotita spokesman

    all that showed was finishers in two player....and I dont see how this could work on all body types because some kaiju don't have legs or heads....some dont have those and dont have arms (worm type)
  8. hero-dude

    hero-dude Design Team Member

    ah yes, just was to show that a 4 players game did have specials.

    here it is on a 4 players match:

    and about the limbless, different bodytype, its something i've already thinked of, ill post some ideas of mine later.
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  9. hammysammy59

    hammysammy59 Design Team Member

    Glad to see another Def Jam Fight for NY fan! Easily my favorite fighting game that doesn't have "Smash" or "Bros." in the title. Also served as a potent gateway drug into wrestling games.... I'd love to see some of the ideas and mechanics from Def Jam work their way into KC.
  10. CosmicRaptor


    What about finishing/ victory poses?

    The one for Godzilla 90's in G:StE was one of my favorites to see as I went through story mode or beat my friends.

    And if it is a team victory in multiplayer, could there possibly be group victory poses?
  11. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    Oh yeah - Victory animations are not a problem. "Group" poses... I think that might be stretching things a bit.
  12. dnunez

    dnunez Team Katyusha

    Simon's first response in this thread reminds me of an idea I had for a fighting game a whiles back. Basically, each player has a "Tender Meter". If you just let yourself be pummeled non-stop then you become "tenderized" (in the red). If you become "tender" the opposing player can land a lethal attack on you. Here's the thing, it can be _any_ attack. (Which means, no extra animations needed!)

    How do you perform a lethal attack? You hold down a "Lethal" button (R2 for example) and perform any attack (X to Fierce Punch, for example). The background goes black, and you perform a normal punch, except this time it's glowing and in slow-motion (think Smash Bros' Smash attacks).

    You _have_ to land the Lethal attack on the tenderized player, or his Tender Meter returns to green.

    The result of a landed Lethal attack is a dramatic, well-deserved, ending to climatic battle, where the finished monster will die dramatically (slow motion or exaggerated physics ought to convey the gravity of the situation).

    (I haven't figured out how to make the regenerating the Tender Meter work for 4-players, but the Lethal Attack solves the whole 4 player dilemma, where you can finish one after the other. Any help/feedback is welcome.)
  13. Bambu

    Bambu His Royal (Sugar-)Highness

    The word "tender" creeps me out... I don't know why... :p
  14. dnunez

    dnunez Team Katyusha

    Well in the original game idea where this is from, you would be able to get your limbs ripped off and used against you. So yeah... it was sort of the intention to be completely creepy. ;)
  15. hero-dude

    hero-dude Design Team Member

    sounds like the finishing system from DF:FFNY where in order to defeat the opponent you needed to leaave him in the red section of his/hers health bar, and do a blazing move, a enviroment hazard or an attack depending on you fighting style. if you didnt do that the other one starts gaining health, altough if you pumelled him too much, in the end he wont be able to get out of the red zone.
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  16. dnunez

    dnunez Team Katyusha

    Yes, I believe this may ultimately work should we want a finisher system in KC.

    Just recently played PS All Stars.. They have a system where you build up a super meter, once you build up the super meter, you can use a Finisher move on any player. Something about it works, but something about it feels so broken... For example, you can get finished off within a second of spawning into the game should you land into someone performing a finisher move.

    I'm not suggesting this... But it's cool seeing how others have done it before for contrast.

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