Godzilla (2014)

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Lenbo, Sep 13, 2012.

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    comic-con doesn't allow filming of trailers.
  2. UltimateGodzilla

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    me too.
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    ... Michael Bay needs to be a registered sex offender for doing THAT to peoples' childhoods... I never really got into TMNT, but... my god... just knowing that one person on this world do that to people... I-I-I think I just lost faith in humanity... :(

    *remembers the wisdom of the PBS heroes*

    things will get better, Michael Bay will one day die, having nothing but hate upon him by millions of people...


    Yay! can't wait for the new Godzilla film!!!! :)
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  4. Simon Strange

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    TMNT can't be ruined - because it was already ruined by Pizza Hut. The turtles wearing colored masks? Michelangelo talking like a surfer? The obsession with pizza? The hand being robots? All of that ruined the franchise long ago.

    The guys are supposed to look like this:
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  5. Bambu

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    so i guess Michael Bay is ruining an already ruined horse... sigh... absolutely *beep*ed...

    so, ya... I just wrote 3 long paragraphs as an edit explaining my stance/questions/philosophy on the 1998 "Godzilla" vs. this new one in 2014.... then i accidently hit the "back-button" on my mouse... sigh...

    ok so just my most important question I suppose: they don't have anyone like Michael Bay (too many "original ideas") working on the 2014 film do they? Like are most of the people working on it "good"? (i know they have a writer or something from Ironman 3 working on it, so that should be a good start :) ) also I hear he's going to fight another monster or 2, and have his good ol' atomic beam! (actually the only part i don't like is CGI animating Godzilla...)
  6. Welson Jonhson

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    Those guys in the pic are just the same character with different weapons that´s all.

    Their different masks nowadays represent their different and unique personalities or their different subjectivities.

    Personally, I think they are WAY BETTER with different masks if you ask me ^^.
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  7. Bambu

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    ya, the only thing that bothered me was the surfer/pizza thing... (That was part of my post's edit before i accidently hit "back" >.<)
  8. Paul M. AKA Kyotita

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    they were more vicious in the comics yes but their personalities were practically the same (Mikey is the only surfer/moron like dude even in the comics since he has several funny scenes and makes funny comments) in the comics the only thing really changed was the foot was made robots which was necessary due to censorship and in the movie they were still human, pizza became a favorite food,shredder made a return when in comic he dies first issue, and their masks were changed colors -.- (I own the first three originals of this so I know this to be fact and hell even TGRI was still responsible for the ooze) all of which I believe gave the characters more personality and a better story plot and did not bastardize the series like Bay is trying to do. Oh yea one more thing the Krangs were a race of creatures and not just one but that has been addressed in the new series
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    ya, ok, truth time! I don't see the big deal with TMNT... maybe just mutant turtles, or even teenage ninjas... T, M, N, & T though? no thanks, its overdoing it imo...

    anywho... I hopw they don't screw up this film.... (so far its looking good though...) (Godzilla that is...)
  10. ShadyInversion

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    Free free to agree, disagree, and add your own!

    Returning cast:

    Miki Saegusa/Megumi Odaka: the ESP girl who was in nearly every Heisei release. Her character and empathy with Godzilla as well as her betrayal's made her one of the few well defined human characters in the series. I really hope they bring her back.

    G-Force,Prime Minister/ Akira Nakao: Always playing the role of the Japanese government, I can't imagine Godzilla without him. To me he's the finest actor in the series with his range of responses to the Godzilla problem be it indignation, outrage, or sadness.

    Undersecretary?/Koichi Ueda: Seemingly inseparable from Akira Nakao, I hope they both come back and are given expanded roles in the new film. Particularly their professional relationship.

    Takashi Shimura: although he passed away 30 years ago, he starred in BOTH black and white Godzilla films. Hopefully a lookalike can either take his role or if the film references the first, we'll see him in the stock footage. A really irreplaceable actor.

    Gotengo Captain/ Don Frye: His character is a guilty pleasure for me. The Soviet Super Mario with a Katana is hilariously out of place in GFW but I don't care. I want him to return but unless G14 is going campy; I'd like to see him take a serious role as a military instructor. Also he's probably the best pilot/commander of a mech-class in the series.

    For new cast?

    Samuel L. Jackson should at least get a cameo. He's in everything so why not? On a serious note I still want the above 4 actors to get priority.

    Liam Neeson: He's been playing fairly serious characters lately and I'd like to see him as a scientist either good or evil. We don't see Liam Neeson in a lab coat as an intellectual much lately.

    Tobin Bell: he hasn't had a real hit since the Saw series wrapped up. I've always pictured him as a sociopathic CEO. His role could be a CEO that develops Mecha-Godzilla privately and denies nations protection from Kaiju unless they give his company favorable terms and full access to any kaiju remains. An recurring evil corporation that publicly protects people from kaiju, while secretly engineering kaiju attacks, and creating new kaiju could be an interesting plotline. Mercenaries with Mechs, how dangerous is that?
  11. gameragodzilla

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    Samuel L. Jackson? If they get him, they need to do a crossover with Marvel. We'll get a big budget movie version of this:

    How awesome would that be?
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  12. nifanatic

    nifanatic Orokana.

    Samuel L. Jackson, eh?
    What if Godzilla appeared in the next Avengers movie.............


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  13. JKorra

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    did you see the avengers vs godzilla pic? i think matt may have been the one who did it
  14. ShadyInversion

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    Serious question: what language will G14 be? Usually it's Japanese with English dubs, not sure how they'll blend it. It's a big deal to Japan but an American company won't fund a JP only film.

    Speculate away! What language should the G14 movie be filmed/released in?

    Personally I think JP with subs and an American only insert of a Raymond Burr figure.
  15. Komodo

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    Matt Frank's take on LP Goji:

  16. nifanatic

    nifanatic Orokana.

    ^ That's possibly the best take I've seen of the G2014 Godzilla art-wise. All the other ones either give him really massive Zilla chins, short snouts, or... mostly just very messy & broad faces.
    Though, (this) one still comes to mind as the look I wouldn't mind, either.
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  17. Komodo

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    Also, a recreation of the Comic-con trailer by someone who was in Hall H:

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  18. Smugleaf

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    Well, considering it's being filmed in western areas with western actors...
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  19. XxdoubledragonxX

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    best iteration of Godzilla 2014 I've seen. All the other ones resemble Zilla too much but this one falls closer to the real Godzilla.
    if they're using the 1954 Godzilla roar, I'm going to stand up in the theatre and yell "YESSSSSS!!!". IMO, 1954 roar sounds a lot more intimidating than the current roars. HOLY CRAP I'M SO EXCITED!!!
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  20. Bambu

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    Post by me C&P from another thread:
    Indeed, I just watched Nostalgia Critic's review for "The Room" for the first time, come one guys. Do you seriously expect him to have a "role"? You guys are silly! :p

    I actually as I said like the fact that they're doing something like this! My main concern on G2014 was that they were going to take a Godzilla remake too seriously, the Wiseau inclusion comepletely shattered that concern! I think they're setting their goals for the film realistically now, as I always got the sense they wanted to compare to the original. I think its going to be great, the Godzilla remake '98 should have been! A Godzilla film that takes aspects from all eras, The tragedy and meaning of the original, the silliness of the Showa, the "true-to-the-fansness" of the Heisei, the modernization and great effects/designs of the Millenium, all rolled up into a film that captures all aspects of Big G! I have high hopes but realistic expectations...
    there are a few things that I feel should be avoided:

    No "Godzilla just showed up for the first time present day." I don't care so much if he returns present day, but if that's the first time he is ever heard of/seen by anyone on earth? That for me would be a problem, I would accept people not believing he existed/forgetting about him "from ancient times" or something like that, but if its the first time anyone in history has seen Big G? Problem.

    Focusing on a certain person or small group of people as "the main character/story." I wouldn't mind a relatable human character like someone who lost everything in G's rampage/a military general/a scientist but make sure the majority of the plot focuses on Godzilla and what he represents/the moral and/or message of the film. If there is one dramatic love/single person death/talking of personal life's problems between characters that aren't that important to humanity/Godzilla, again, problem for me...

    ABSOLUETLY NO "Mention/acknowledgement that Godzilla or '98 are movies/fictional characters" This alone would kill the entire movie for me, no "made up kaiju who took Godzilla's place among cinematic history" either... I believe they should act like the kaiju genre doesn't exist in their universe or never mention it... mainly because there is no point in mentioning it, Cloverfield I can't recall mentioning anything about any kaiju and I really liked that! Superman and Garfield are well known but who's Godzilla? That is something I really liked. :)

    but most importantly... if they play BOC's "Godzilla" at any point during the film or trailer to quote a great philosopher: "I will hunt you, I will find you, and I will kill you." ~Ghandi I think... point is simply, its too freaking easy and would kill the mood. I would be fine if its the second+ song in the credits, just don't play it during the film. However if BOC were to have a cameo of sorts at like a beach concert where they announce to the audience that they're going to play a favorite then start ironically playing "Don't Fear the Reaper" as Godzilla rises behind them stomps the stage and fires his beam into the audience, I would feel that the perfect moment in cinematic history had been achieved, and don't any of you tell me that wouldn't be a great trailer! :p
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