Godzilla Unleashed (Wii) Tips? Anything to Look Out For?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Blackout286, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Blackout286

    Blackout286 Design Team Member

    Alright folks, I'll get straight to the point. For Christmas I'll be getting a Nintendo Wii, along with a crap load of Wii games, one of them being Godzilla Unleashed for the Wii.

    I've played the game for some rounds at parties and over at a few friend's houses. But I've never completely submerged myself within the game and its entire world. So! While I have a bit of experience, I feel that I'm probably still going to be destroyed within the actual game. The controls haven't stuck with me completely yet, so I'll be practicing for sure to keep myself memorized when X-Mas finally comes around.

    But! Beyond learning the controls, I do want to better prepare myself in learning and investing myself within the Story. I know that while it may not have been caught on by normal players, I do know that there is a Story (Due to Mr. Strange properly informing everyone on TK) and I hope to get a entertaining experience from it. Any tips to provide a interesting story experience?

    Oh, and to be on the safe side, any tips when battling certain monsters? Biollante, Orga, Krystalak, Destoroyah, and surprisingly King Caesar look very intimidating. And for someone like myself who still hasn't absorbed the complete experience of the game, they'll probably kick my ass one on one lol
    And does anyone have any player pro tips on using Varan? He's one of the monsters who I plan on investing a LOT of time into. He's an awesome kaiju, what can I say? owo Big fan of him lol
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  2. Shnurbinator

    Shnurbinator Professional Silly Goose

    Destroyah is overpowered. He has a freakin' laser horn that he never had in the movie. The others shouldn't be too hard to fight.
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  3. Blackout286

    Blackout286 Design Team Member

    o_O Hmm? I thought Destoroyah did have a Laser horn attack within Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, except that he only used it twice to slice through Godzilla. Unless this is a different laser horn attack?
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  4. Lenbo

    Lenbo Wonderful Forum Moderator

    Destoroyah did have the laser horn in the films. Shnurbinator is referring to the fact that the laser horn attack in G:U doesn't work as intended once Destoroyah runs out of energy. It does more damage than it's supposed to.

    If a player uses nothing but that attack, you're in trouble.
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  5. nifanatic

    nifanatic Orokana.

    Hit enemies in the back with strong attacks to knock them over...
    Watch out for beam locks, if your opponent doesn't have any energy, feel free to wail on them with your own.
    Wiimotion Plus apparently helps out with move detection.
    Godzilla 1954.

    ...This? (Jump to 1:24:40)

  6. Shnurbinator

    Shnurbinator Professional Silly Goose

    Oh, your right.
  7. Paul M. AKA Kyotita

    Paul M. AKA Kyotita DesignTeamMember Bagan/Kyotita spokesman

    and now those who say Destroyah killed Godzilla can watch the film and see that this was NOT the case and in fact Destroyah gets its ass handed to it pretty thoroughly.....twice

    and the overbrutal terrible death given to Godzilla which is torture beyond even a fictional characters deserving....
  8. Lenbo

    Lenbo Wonderful Forum Moderator

    I'm pretty sure it doesn't. IT DOES.

    The Wii MotionPlus came out 2 years after G:U, so I doubt the game could take advantage of it. NEVERMIND.

    There are games that explicitly require it like Red Steel 2, Wii Sports Resort, and certain games in Nintendo Land.

    EDIT: Simon has arrived to get facts straight.
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  9. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    I'll try to be brief...
    1. Control tip #1 - attacks are executed when you press buttons. If the remote is swinging when you press the button, that changes the type of attack (swinging up, down, left, right). Swinging hard makes direction detection poor. Swing the end of the remote about 8 inches in .5 seconds for ideal detection. Lots of people think that swings execute attacks - if you think that way, the controls will feel really laggy & sloppy. Focus on the button, not the swinging!
    2. C button fires your weapon. If you have no energy, hold C to charge. If you are ducking (hold Z) when you press C then you can charge even when your energy is above zero. When not charging energy you regenerate health. Deciding when to regen energy and when to regen health is an important choice you should always be making.
    3. Move while attacking! During most attacks you can continue to run. You can jump in the middle of attack animations, and attack with any move in the air. Attacks have very little mobility built into them - so you need to provide the motion yourself.
    4. Wii Motion Plus does, in fact, enhance the direction detection. We used the software version of what eventually turned into the hardware known as WMP - so the hardware actually integrates with the G:U codebase.
    5. Destoroyah's horn bug - when he runs out of energy, he is supposed to use a nearly 0-damage version of his horn, intstead of the regular horn. But due to a scripting error, at 0 energy he uses BOTH weapons simultaneously (they are the same visual FX, so you can't see it.) If you are hit by two staggering attacks at the same time (I implemented this for team-up attacks) it's an instant Knockdown. So when Destoroyah goes to 0 energy... he can perform instant unblockable Knockdowns forever. Sorry.
    6. When you play the story mode, you'll gain and lose affinity with the four factions. Managing this is actually really fun. If you finish an encounter without destroying many buildings, you gain affinity with the GDF. If you destroy buildings you lose affinity with the GDF but gain affinity with the mutants. There are lots of actions which will adjust your affinity - check the bottom right side of your screen for little pop-ups telling you when your affinity has changed. Most importantly, monsters you defeat / ignore at the end of each encounter will impact your affinity with their factions.
    7. So if you don't KO Earth Defenders, you will gradually find that ED monsters start to team-up with you. This means that fighting lots during the story mode will mean you have no allies at the end - but you can actually win the story and only KO ~3 monsters the entire time - because you gain so many allies.
    8. You can "grab" but swinging the remote & nunchuk together - but don't. Hold "down" on the remote's D-pad, and swing just the remote. MUCH BETTER.
  10. KaijuX

    KaijuX The Stamp Maker and Co-Creator of Gaonaga

    Another tip. With the exception of Anguirus, everyone is able to beamlock (yes, even Mothra Larva, lol). It should also be noted that Mechagodzilla and Mechagodzilla 2 (and to a lesser degree, Megaguirus) can knock down a cell bar. I only say to a lesser degree with Megaguirus is because when she absorbs MG or MG2's beam attack, it will also knock an opponent down (doesn't help that she can use it infinitely without depleting her other energy cells).

    Another tip is while you're King Caesar in the adventure mode, and you get to the Invasion level... Have fun trying to destroy the Mothership. King Caesar's lasers are shorter than the other monsters, so hitting the necessary spots is harder (I wouldn't even bother with Baragon or Mothra Larva; the former has a short beam and the latter is just really... Weird).

    For unlocking certain monsters, I know of a few to unlock. CAUTION: Contains spoilers.

    One I do think of Rumble in the Surf (something like that) where there are four monsters (your monster, an ally monster, a Mutant monster and another Mutant monster with a Power Surge). At that level, there is going to be a suspicious building that is leaking green gas and vines. Just destroy the building and complete the level. After defeating the level, return to Tokyo and you'll find a certain someone to unlock. I do think you have to be Earth Defenders for this, but I'm not sure (just do so to be safe).

    Another returning to mind is one that requires to be a GDF Mech; in the level known as Big Trouble, it's you, two mech partners and a uber-sized Critical Mass King Ghidorah. Because Seattle is filled with lava, there are two rivers of lava that meet with the water. On those spots, there are crystals randomly sticking out of the ground. Destroy those crystals and complete the mission. Return to Seattle and fight the monster who's themed with that stage. ;)

    Once again as another GDF Mech, this level is in Sydney; the event is Soloist. What you have to do is find these three fat ice blocks. However, they're not inside the stage; they're outside. So you have to use your beam attack in order to destroy them. After destroying the three ice blocks, finish the level and return to it for a particular "saurus" monster.

    You may have to look up on GameFAQs for the rest, but those are the ones that are coming to mind. ;)
  11. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    All the unlocks follow the same pattern:

    In certain missions (one in each environment!) there is some special thing to destroy. (A crystal egg, pillars which trap a friendly monster, weird crystals, glowing buildings...).

    A subsequent mission (often just 1-2 days later - but in the case of Megaguirus it's MUCH later...) in that same environment becomes replaced with a "fight new monster!" mission. Defeat that monster, and they are now available for purchase.

    A key thing to remember is that there is 1 unlock per environment. So once you've unlocked a monster in San Francisco, for example, you don't have to find another monster there. I believe Osaka might be the exception - you were supposed to unlock Jet Jaguar there, but we ended up only needing 8 hidden monsters not 9.
  12. Blackout286

    Blackout286 Design Team Member

    Thanks for the tips! Although I have to admit, beam clashing against the webbings of a Mothra Larvae sounds pretty kick-ass! Reminds me of Kumonga vs. Godzilla in Son of Godzilla :) Thanks for the story tips! I'll be bracing myself for a enjoyable experience to come!

    I do have to ask though, besides Destoroyah, what other monsters would be terrifying to deal against? King Ghidorah looks monstrous, although Biollante looks like she can bite you and swallow you whole. And I would hate to see her at Critical Mass, that's a fight I would rather face with allies than to go at it alone. And....Mmm....The original monsters look rather powerful, whenever I attended a tourney, most of the time, a Krystalak player would always be the crown champion. I won a few, but only because said monster wasn't being used.

    And how does one unlock Godzilla 1990's and Godzilla 1954? Despite them being clones they are still awesome to me! And for some reason still feel like different monsters lol. Some say its rather random, either depending on your progression or how much time is invested within the game. But I'd like some clarification please.
  13. KaijuX

    KaijuX The Stamp Maker and Co-Creator of Gaonaga

    Also another story bit; though the Earth Defender, GDF and Alien factions end with allies (depends on what you do), Mutants don't. They go alone. However, you could potentially have allies, depending on what you do as the Mutant.
  14. Mike A. Roberge

    Mike A. Roberge Design Team Member

    So glad you found the full length movie! I can finally watch this movie again! (My DVD broke...)
  15. gameragodzilla

    gameragodzilla Design Team Kaiju

    The main thing I'd recommend is just practice. Use the tutorial mode. It's there for a reason. I used it a LOT when I first started out, so when I started playing the game proper, I more or less understood how everything worked and managed to avoid the controller issues that many people seemed to be having. Also, I lurked on the Atari forums a lot and took a lot of Simon Strange's advice when he explained how the game worked. Listening to him will also help enhance your game.

    And Destroyah's horn katana is only extremely cheap when his energy is depleted and he insta-knockdowns you. That's the main problem. His actual damage from a normal single hit is not that overpowered (Orga has a move that deals more damage, for instance), but if he knocks you down, he can hit you a lot of times. Stay far away from him and pelt him with buildings or your beam weapon (or go critical mass, which then every heavy attack you do is insta-knockdown). That's how I usually beat my friend when I taught him the horn katana trick. He's overpowered, but he's not invincible.
  16. Rammus

    Rammus New Member

    Biollante is downright terrifying to face against. She is anchor weight slow, but has insane amounts of damage and an extra health bar to balance this, along with range to mean she doesn't even need to move outside of charging. The best way to beat her is to use fire attacks when possible (Megalon's fireball makes him standout as a counter) and try to use beams if your character is a beam user, as Biollante's beam is only subpar.

    I main Orga, and since you wanted tips against him I'll help. Fight him as you would Biollante excluding the fire. Orga is not as defensive as Biollante, but has equal offensive power and good enough movement to keep up momentum opposed to Biollante's smackdown route. Beams are also great against Orga, as aiming can be hard with his beam being on his shoulder and even if it hits the damage is low, allowing you to kite him from a distance. Just make sure to avoid Claw Uppercut, as it deals a lot of damage in a big area over a quick time period.

    I can help you with anything else, but I only have limited experience against players as I've never been to a tourney and sadly there is no online.

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