I downloaded SUNSTONES today ...

Discussion in 'Puzzles' started by mwelby, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. JKorra

    JKorra Design Team MONSTER Forum Moderator

    CHEATER! lol
  2. Bev Vincent

    Bev Vincent Member

    Did you ever have any success figuring out why I can't purchase new levels? This happens to me both on my iPhone and my iPad.
  3. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    Well we determined that sometime in September, all our in-app-purchases stopped working. It's probably a licensing or certificate issue - I did all the programming on Sun Stones, so I'll need to spend a few days investigating and fixing it. Apple is closed until after Jan 1, and I'm just a bit busy with this whole Kickstarter thing - so I hope to figure out the problem between Christmas and New Year's.
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  4. Bev Vincent

    Bev Vincent Member

    Is there any way to buy the additional levels outside of the app?
  5. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    No - I'll have to fix the bug. Apple is closed until Jan 1st, so that fix will probably go out around Jan 10th.

    Looks like the IAP (in app purcase) certificate system changed in September/October, so it should be a simple correction.

    I've also got several new features (solution tokens, level builder, new chapter) mostly ready - so maybe it will be a BIG update!
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  6. Arahkin

    Arahkin Design Team Member

    I had never even heard of this game until I decided to back Kaiju Combat. I must say it is a pretty fun game so far. I'm only a few levels into it right now. Keep up the good work, I have unknowingly been a fan of your work for awhile. I loved the Godzilla:DAMM and StE.
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  7. Godzilla1985

    Godzilla1985 Well-Known Member

    I just downloaded it it is really cool.
  8. Godzilla1985

    Godzilla1985 Well-Known Member

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  9. IZORx10

    IZORx10 A member of the Team of Design

    Where can I download this game?
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  10. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    App Store for any iOS device (just search for "sun stones")

    Google Play for any Android device (again, just search for the name)

    Kindle Fire if you have one. (Or more recent Kindle devices with color screens)
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  11. Bambu

    Bambu His Royal (Sugar-)Highness

    Every time I see this thread my thought is instantly:
  12. 525 TheGreyWolf

    525 TheGreyWolf Design Team Grey Wolf

    I love this guys attitude he`s all like I dont give a crap about what your saying I WAS FROZEN TODAY!
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  13. bubbablack8

    bubbablack8 Well-Known Member

    This is a really fun game
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  14. Stefan

    Stefan New Member

    Simon you hit paydirt with Sun Stone! Great job...........However, I am totaly stuck on the silent song puzzle? it say you can get perfect with 15 moves. I've tried every wat possible. can you help me?? :(
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  15. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    Indeed I can! Have you learned how to transform 5 stones at once? (If you got perfect in the Hunting puzzles, you have...)
  16. Stefan

    Stefan New Member

    Yes I have transformed 5 at once. I take the three sun stones and arranged them with the two already there. but I can't find the solution after that. I always end up with 16 moves:mad:! Please help me get past this one. TY
  17. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    Ok, so you need to transform 11 stones, plus place the two final sunstones. That's 13 moves right there, which means you can only afford to move 2 stones. That means you need to create 9 stones in their final position.

    The trick is, the vertical element needs to be created with a 4-stone transformation. And assuming you use a 5 stone transformation, than means you need to BEGIN with 2 additional stones for your first transmutation.

    So - start by placing a sunstone to the right of the two existing stones, then place a second stone in-between to transmute the four.
    Next, move the rightmost stone you just created to one of the two black stone spots below.

    Then, do a 4-stone transfromation to cover the vertical line of stones. Move the extra stone to the other single black stone spot.

    Then, create 5 stones in a row to finish all black stone locations.

    Finally, place two sunstones on the orange spots.
  18. gettothechoppa

    gettothechoppa Design team Choppa and progenitor for Enslaver

  19. bubbablack8

    bubbablack8 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I needed help on that one!
  20. Slither234

    Slither234 Lemur Streamur!

    Downloaded this game. I thought it was ehh at first, but it is starting to grow on me. Really fun and unique puzzle game.

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