Kaiju Combat: Gearing Up

Discussion in 'General' started by SpottedAlien, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. SpottedAlien

    SpottedAlien The Spotted One

    Perhaps what I'm going to bring up is a tad redundant, but for some reason, it's unbearably cool when a dragon has a jetpack or a dinosaur has a giant gun mounted to it's back. Giant monsters are cool, giant weapons are cool, so combining the two gives us something that has so much overkill, it's stupid awesome. As such, I started designing a little arsenal for my own kaiju, but what about you guys?

    Does your kaiju have any particular weapons or armor?

    Do they enjoy some transportation here and there?

    Are they themselves the weapon? If so ... any upgrades?

    Do they have a companion who can act as a substitute for one of these? Or even all three?

    Don't let this be something that you absolutely have to do. I just started on it because it was fun to me and I enjoy making things that are a bit excessive. But if inspiration strikes ... well, what are you gonna do?

    Also, let this not be a place for debate. This is just for fun. Keep it clean.

    Thanks! :)
  2. 525 TheGreyWolf

    525 TheGreyWolf Design Team Grey Wolf

    give them instruments and start a kaiju band!
  3. Bambu

    Bambu His Royal (Sugar-)Highness

    Make up Weapons/Armor for our kaiju?
    Boggrim's would be Baron Samedi's outfit (of course), replace the skull paint with her actual skull (ripped off skin I suppose).

    Add a fancy magic staff (skull, shrunken heads, feathers, the works!) and corpses hanging from her trees (which rip through the tux), a giant swarm of firefly "minion" and there we go! :p
    Batman because Batman.
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  4. Shnurbinator

    Shnurbinator Professional Silly Goose

    For Chelonra, two heads as a tribute to Doubleawesomeface.
  5. RaptorGear

    RaptorGear Banned Member

    Interesting that you say that Alien.............wait til you see what I did with Sizemosaurus........heh heh heh

    In all seriesness, I do agree that add-on and upgrades are over kill. Most of the time they are very pointless (a perfect example is what I'm doing with Giga), but they just look cool and I can't stop being a sucker for them.
  6. Ryan B

    Ryan B Retired

    It's not quite additional equipment, but:

    Super Gandiva!

    Replace all the human tech with badass alien enhancements! Add shoulder cannons! Replace the mask on the gun side with another gun!

  7. Dorthos

    Dorthos Member

    Dorthos uses a large cerated/edged sword in his right hand and in his left he uses a large spike covered gauntlet which are both covered in demonic symbols plus he can teleport
  8. SpottedAlien

    SpottedAlien The Spotted One

    Have you ... been looking at some of my scripts for some other kaiju?

    I'm anxious. I, too, have worked on some armor, as well as some weapons. I even gave them names. cause im a neeeerd

    And it's not overkill if your opponent is a planet.
    So, does he gain a beard, who's only function is to hide a fist? 'Cause that would be awesome.
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  9. Ryan B

    Ryan B Retired

    The "Beard" is a mass of alien nanomachines that can turn into a fist!

    It's OP, which is why he never uses it.
  10. SpottedAlien

    SpottedAlien The Spotted One

    I gotcha. :)
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  11. Bambu

    Bambu His Royal (Sugar-)Highness

    Boggrim can now breathes zombies as well... But they're Hulk-sized Chicken Zombies so even head shots won't stop them!
    She's got friends on the other side too.
  12. Dorthos

    Dorthos Member

    You have created the second most baddass kaiju ive ever heard of congrats mr bamboo sticks
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  13. Bambu

    Bambu His Royal (Sugar-)Highness

    Thanks. :p
  14. nifanatic

    nifanatic Orokana.

    ...I was going to suggest bladed arms and Gatling guns for Gaonaga, but I just cannot top that.
  15. sweettooth564

    sweettooth564 Commander of Shades

    Bio-Sapien with Bone armor and acid upgrades for his rockets
  16. Varan Bon Ziller

    Varan Bon Ziller Design Team Member and Lover of Fish-Sticks

    We need hats. Hats are good. It's what keeps TF2 afloat.
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  17. Shnurbinator

    Shnurbinator Professional Silly Goose

    True dat. It's unfortunet that Gang Garrison 2 doesn't suppprt hats.
  18. HungeryZombie

    HungeryZombie Corpse King

    Orzouls pretty self suffecient, other than 'Aura Armor' I can't really picture him using a weapon. Maybe a magic sword...
  19. 525 TheGreyWolf

    525 TheGreyWolf Design Team Grey Wolf

    who am I? shhhhhh! its a secret!
  20. SpottedAlien

    SpottedAlien The Spotted One

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