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Would Bogma be a good addition to Kaiju Combat?

  1. Yes, she'd be great!

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  2. Maybe, if some changes were made.

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  3. No (Please post why not)

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  1. QuietOne

    QuietOne Design Team Member

    Bogma is a giant, radioactive snail. (Pic is just concept and subject to change :))

    Height: 80 meters
    Weight: 65,000 metric pounds
    Gender: Female
    Combat Style: Ranged, charging
    Primary Attacks: Head Slams, Headbutt
    Secondary Attacks: Shell Roll
    Primary Weapon: Radiation Beam
    Secondary Weapon: Mucus Spray
    Energy Style: Recovers over time, starting slow but building faster over time until energy is used.
    Movement: Surprisingly fast moving straight ahead and even has a limited jump, but turns slowly.

    Overview: A gigantic mutant snail with an impenetrable shell. Bogma would play like a giant tank, attacking with her radiation beams and mucus from a distance. Thanks to her mutation, she can move surprisingly fast in a straight line although turning causes her problems. She can also withdraw into her shell for a short time, greatly reducing damage taken and allowing her to use a devastating roll attack while her energy holds out.
    Origin: Bogma was created by accident, in a lab that was trying to intentionally create kaiju by exposing animals to various forms of radiation. Bogma was simply a normal snail in one of the aquatic tanks, feeding off the leftovers of the test subjects. Over time, her irradiated meals triggered a mutation that caused Boga to grow at a rapid rate. She quickly used her new power to escape, and has been roaming the world ever since.
    Energy System: Bogma's energy recovers naturally over time, starting slow but building up faster over time if she doesnt use energy.
    Ranged Combat: Bogma can fire powerful beams of radiation to damage and burn enemies at a distance. She can also spit globs of sticky mucus that slow enemies they hit, or leave patches on the ground that slow enemies walking through. The mucus can be removed quickly by burning it or freezing and then shattering it, though this can be unpleasant for enemies who are covered in it at the time.
    Grappling: Bogma lacks limbs of any sort, and thus cannot grapple opponents. She can retreat into her shell if an enemy tries to grapple or throw her however, greatly reducing damage taken and potentially turning her into a weapon in fights with multiple kaiju.
    Melee Combat: Bogma can swing her head and neck like a club or shoot forward like a piston to damage enemies in close range. When she goes into her shell, she can unleash a powerful roll attack to damage enemies or simply move around quickly.
    Weaknesses: Bogma has a very slow turning speed, making her vulnerable to strafing. Her shell roll can be easily sidestepped by unslimed enemies, and she cannot use ranged attacks or regain energy while in her shell. Fire and freezing attacks can get rid of her mucus quickly, preventing her from slowing down enemies.
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  2. Azhurel

    Azhurel Well-Known Member

    i say no because well...it's a snail
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  3. Ryan B

    Ryan B Retired

    As I mentioned in your other thread, I haven't seen a snail Kaiju before and find Bogma to be rather interesting. I also like the transition from slow/ranged to fast/charge when she rolls.
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  4. Bambu

    Bambu His Royal (Sugar-)Highness

    and Godzilla is well... a dinosaur ;)
    seriously though Bogma sounds great! Best of luck with her! :)
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  5. Zirat

    Zirat Design Team Member

    Hmm, I like the idea. A solid, slow Ironside sorta character. A good balance between mobility when needed with her dash, though still being able to be flanked easily should you reach her, a tried and true method methinks. Also, the slowing mechanic of the slime could be a satisfying and fun part of her character.

    Though for some input on design, perhaps instead of a normal little cutesy mouth, as in the picture, perhaps she actually has a massive, vertical slit maw down her entire front full of sharp teeth, normally invisible but it would make her a bit more menacing plus a pretty fun surprise, giving her a chance to bite\grapple whatever poor schlub gets up to the business end of this lass.

    Just my two cents here, but honestly I love non-conventional type monsters so I'm a wee bit biased, and this would be pretty cool to see in action, so I think this has potential!
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  6. Azhurel

    Azhurel Well-Known Member

    dinosaurs are cool snails are well snails
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  7. AdventFalls

    AdventFalls Creator of KRASER

    The snail's definitely something you don't see in a giant monster game every day..... closest thing I can think of is the Blob.
  8. Bambu

    Bambu His Royal (Sugar-)Highness

    fair point, all opinion I suppose :p
  9. Mrgulogulo

    Mrgulogulo Design Team Member

    What about a giant octopus? They're both mollusks.
  10. hammysammy59

    hammysammy59 Design Team Member

    I freaking love this idea, but I don't know how Simon and co. could get a compelling moveset together without any limbs.
  11. Invincibleirys

    Invincibleirys Design Team Member

    There is a snail kaiju in King of the Monsters 2.
  12. Paul M. AKA Kyotita

    Paul M. AKA Kyotita DesignTeamMember Bagan/Kyotita spokesman

    beams/roll attacks/charges/sticky slime
  13. Invincibleirys

    Invincibleirys Design Team Member

  14. GreatCrow

    GreatCrow Design Team Avian

    Would her slime trails be an obstacle? That's be pretty cool
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  15. QuietOne

    QuietOne Design Team Member

    Glad people seem to like Bogma! I appreciate the support and feedback guys. :)

    I'm hoping to change the mouth, like you said it curently looks cute instead of menacing. Not sure about a vertical mouth but I wouldn't mind a few fangs, at least to make it look more like a "maw" than just a hole.

    I agree that having no limbs could be a problem, but I think it could be managed. If her mouth gets fangs biting attacks could be included. Retractable spines could be added too if necessary. (Cone snails have poisonous spines like this, and can strike prey at incredibly high speed.)

    I'm embarrassed to admit that never occurred to me, I had thought of leaving the slime patches as part of her mucus shots hitting the ground instead of an enemy. :oops: Maybe she could use energy to lay down the trail, leaving it as a temporary obstacle in a strategic spot. Although, since the mucus can be burned that could create a dangerous (yet hilarious) situation where she has to outrun a lit fuse! :p
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  16. QuietOne

    QuietOne Design Team Member

    Bumping with slightly updated artwork!
    BogmaCity 2.png

    Made the mouth open more and added some fangs for biting attacks. I also adjusted the pattern on the shell so the colors sorta blend together.

    Also had a few different ideas for melee attacks: Biting for piercing damage, and swinging her head like a mace for blunt damage. Head attacks would primarily differ in the direction of the swing, left-to-right or stretching upwards before slamming down. Combos would simply be a few of these attacks in a row.
    Light Attacks: Quick bites, more of a snip. Head attacks are more like a hard shove than an actual strike, but still have enough impact to make enemies react visibly.
    Medium Attacks: Bite attacks have more of a build-up, resembling a chomp. Head attacks are made by swinging in wider arcs like a mace. Can also headbutt, drawing her neck in before thrusting out like a piston with decent knockback.
    Heavy Attacks: Bites look like they could crush weaker prey, in spite of her lack of a jawbone. Head slams are dramatic like a chain flail, with so much follow through that there's a "whiplash" animation if the attack doesn't connect. Headbutt attacks cause Bogma to surge forward a short distance in a lunging tackle.

    As always, feedback is appreciated! :)
  17. Gaghiel

    Gaghiel Kaiju Sponsor

    Why not make it the best of all worlds and have it be a snail version of an Ammonite?
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  18. SagaciousMonkey

    SagaciousMonkey Design Team Member

    Hmm the gameplay aspect of turning Bogma is pretty interesting. Sounds like she's a strategic Kaiju.
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  19. GreatCrow

    GreatCrow Design Team Avian

    Congratulations on Bogma making it in!
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  20. nifanatic

    nifanatic Orokana.

    LOL, can't believe the snail made it in! XD But no doubt the KC team will make her look really great, don't think I've ever seen a giant snail in action before. Certainly an interesting (and pretty hilarious) concept. :)
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