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Discussion in 'Official Character Design Threads' started by Simon Strange, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. LadyWeavile

    LadyWeavile Sunstone's Pokemon expert

    I have always wanted to see a kaiju based on a cat or a cat species as I love cats. Unfortunately, this one does not impress me.

    I'm finding it difficult to even class this guy as a kaiju. He just looks like a person wearing tiger skin clothing (which I might add is a huge turnoff) and a demonic skull. Also, like some others have mentioned, I also feel that some of this guys elements have been done before. Plus, it's another pure melee kaiju, which everyone knows by now, I find really boring.

    I do like his energy style, though. That's interesting, but that's about it. This one just isn't for me.
  2. Slither234

    Slither234 Lemur Streamur!

    I could see this guy being in a release with Red and Solomon haha. He is really different design wise though and I like him. Those Gauntlets are freaking sweet.
  3. HiddenElephant

    HiddenElephant Vote Me for Progenitor, It's Donuba's Only Shot!

    This, so much of this for me.

    Simon, next couple of progenterators, tell them to stay the heck away from mystical and magic and whatnot. I don't care if it's a redefining of the monster, Magic is the number one plague on our science fiction game.
  4. desro'saur 3300

    desro'saur 3300 The Lord of the Chimera and Creator of Aggredora

    i should be on that list my, monster is an adaptive alien killer chimera from space
    i agree though;)
    magic hour over
  5. willieboomer922

    willieboomer922 Active Member

    Looks like a Wendigo to me, but works.
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  6. TheCrashMan

    TheCrashMan Design Team Member

    Considering this is the same genre that gave us "giant shisa who has to be woken from the depths by a song," "moth goddess who is perpetually heralded by tiny priestesses," "cybernetic reconstruction of Godzilla who, powered by its ancestral memories, goes on a rampage through Tokyo," "turtle guardian of Atlantis who harnesses the planet's life force in the form of a chest cannon," "aquatic beast who can fire literal rainbows from his back," and "giant beetle the Seatopians worship and send to punch out their enemies," I don't think there's a problem with mystical elements in Kaiju at all. It seems to be a constant of the genre, in fact, and judging by the presence of an entire energy type dedicated to mystic Kaiju it's not going away from the game anytime soon.

    That said, there has been a huge upswing in the amount of mystical Kaiju lately. Its a bit more slanted than the previous even-ish split shown by our original progenitors, but I'm guessing that's just probability at work. I'm sure it'll return to a more even ratio soon, either by probability or an intentional shift back to science fiction. (Really, though, the Kaiju genre is sci-fi soft enough to cut with a butterknife anyway.)
  7. desro'saur 3300

    desro'saur 3300 The Lord of the Chimera and Creator of Aggredora

    since every one been on this i took the liberty and did forum a service and listed the different origins since SB(Since Bunagia)
    Grimmagrl- Mystic loa possessed Crocodilian
    Tailigon-Space Crystals
    Hound of Nita- Mystic prayer Crystals
    Thanatorg- Mystic time displacement ancient Greece
    Mecha-Baz- Mechanical Wrestler likeness
    Cyrx- Semi Senteint Space Crystal Entity collecting energy for a space station
    Volegedra- Nazi Science fused Phychic and Mystic energies Aka a combination of both mystic and science
    Torrentula- Abused child of gods/Mystic origin
    Solomon- Bad*** Demon from Zenith mystic
    Shadow of Red- Fellow Bad**** Demon From Zenith mystic
    Mulighan- Golf themed elemental Spawned From the Big Bang
    Degijon- Oil eating Seaweed That gained some sense of sentience
    Aggredora- An Adaptive Alien killer Reincarnated as a minion spawning Chimera
    Kagiza-A Ninja Gecko From Space Separated From his Clan
    BullDozer- A Symbiotic Relationship between 2 unlikely heavily mutated animals
    Tian-Lung - A Scientist Child Hood Dream turned living nightmare
    Byatha- a Prosperity God taking vengeance on those who forgot him

    So that's it guys that every origins Since Bunagi in a nutshell hope this helps:)
  8. Kimarous

    Kimarous Aerosolized Berry Juice Missile Gold Star Member!

    Simon, would you mind elaborating the following phrase?
    I get that that the former would entail stuff like "firin mah lazar" and generally expending energy in attacks, though "failing to regain in normally" seems a bit more ambiguous. I imagine that the scenario of "Mecha-Baz is full of energy, therefore his energy is directed outward" would likely count, but what about, say, interrupting DragonLotus's meditation, or Taligon's "Oscillating" energy system?
  9. iangfan12

    iangfan12 Design Team Member

    and so after cyborgs, weird monsters , and bipedal lizards, the new hatred has been directed towards[ drum roll] MAGIC!!!!!!!!!
  10. willieboomer922

    willieboomer922 Active Member

    indeed it does.
  11. Kimarous

    Kimarous Aerosolized Berry Juice Missile Gold Star Member!

  12. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    I would say CKC is a fantasy game, not SF.

    Check out this amazing article on the subject! ;)

    The biggest case is that monsters, in general, do not regain energy while prone. You might also be able to mess with an opponent's energy regen through other means, based on the environment or fight parameters.
  13. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    I respect your interpretation, but I think Byatha's head is pretty unique. Here's how I see things:

    Maladra - human skull floating in her body.
    Bunagi - brown head, with white streaks on it like war-paint. Totally not a skull in any way.
    Vogeladra - a fully skeletal kaiju, with cyborg bits powering her.
    Byatha - wearing an old skull as a helmet, because his current body has withered to a less impressive state.

    I'll agree that they all have red eyes. So does Gandiva, Scaos: The Sinkeeper and the Shadow of Red!

    But Byatha has a regular head - he just wears a big helmet made of a skull.
  14. Bambu

    Bambu His Royal (Sugar-)Highness

    This I did not realize. He gains more favor from me now!
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  15. Theinfinityking

    Theinfinityking Well-Known Member

    hat do his real face look like, since that is a helmet.
  16. Bambu

    Bambu His Royal (Sugar-)Highness

  17. Kimarous

    Kimarous Aerosolized Berry Juice Missile Gold Star Member!

    So do Bull and Dozer! :p

    In any case, I'm not THAT opposed to Byatha. My "first impressions" post is rarely my permanent opinion, especially if I come across as negative. Still far from my favourite, but my current stance isn't as "boo" as I may have come across. If anything, I think it's better if the discussion thread move away from "anti-magic" sentiment at this point and start discussing the kaiju proper.
  18. Lenbo

    Lenbo Wonderful Forum Moderator

    In other words, he's just like:

    Except a giant, angry Bangladeshi tiger deity. So pretty much nothing like Cubone, really.
  19. Living Corpse

    Living Corpse The Slithering Chaos

    Sadly this is nothing new to fighting games.

    With giant monsters you'd think it'd never come up because they are animals and you wouldn't be able to tell by looks alone without being told but low and behold even in the daikaiju genera some people make a lake out of a puddle.
  20. Shnurbinator

    Shnurbinator Professional Silly Goose

    Guys, you may not like the design, but are you saying that someone should be forced to make a certain type of creature? That's a hell of a fine print. I think that the freedom we get in these things are great. Sure, we may get some that are not in our tastes, but we also get Gandiva, and Grimmgarl, and Katyusha. If we should follow guidelines for creating our original kaiju, why would anyone want to do this? This person wanted this creature, so he had it made. Thus is freedom.

    My thoughts on Byatha? I like him. Not sure how fitting he is, but I like his design.

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