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  1. Slither234

    Slither234 Lemur Streamur!

    Pacific Rim had a system that rated it's monsters in categories I-V....or maybe even beyond! What category is your monster!? Imagine your monster or any other monster in the Pacific Rim Universe and think of what category that monster would be. Remember...just because a monster is not a IV or V does not mean it is a bad Kaiju. Gypsy Danger was only a MK-III Jaegar and was quite formidable!

    I'll begin!

    Anguirus and Rodan are solid category III Kaiju I think.
    Varan and Baragon would probably be a category II.
    My monster Jinjizu would be a category IV.
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  2. Ryan B

    Ryan B Retired

    What are the requirements of each category? Del Toro made a vast story bible for Pacific Rim which most certainly contains what conditions dictate a Kaijus category. If we were to learn of this system, we would be better able to determine the ranks of other monsters.
  3. Slither234

    Slither234 Lemur Streamur!

    To be honest I have no idea haha. though from looking at monsters from the movie and knowing their category I think I could come up with something pretty close. Is the exact category system uploaded anywhere? I'm going to look for it.
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  4. Ryan B

    Ryan B Retired

  5. DukeCrimson27

    DukeCrimson27 Follower of Wewewezing

    Mantanex would be a CAT III
  6. Sharktopus117

    Sharktopus117 The Mad King Shoutbox Jockey

    Diloxic is a Category III or IV. Probably III.
  7. PredalienPlush

    PredalienPlush Design Team King Of Serpents

    Cratacore would probably be a III or IV, perhaps a II at the least, but I doubt it. He might even be a V if you count his colony. This is in relation to danger to humans right?
    Also, don't wanna speak for anyone else, by Kyotita is definitely a V
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  8. JKorra

    JKorra Design Team MONSTER Forum Moderator

    "Kaiju are creatures of a highly toxic nature and have been categorized on the "Serizawa Scale". Each Kaiju is classified under five different categories. Categories 1 through 3 represent the weakest of the Kaiju, while Categories 4 through 5 are the strongest. The Serizawa Scale measures water displacement, toxicity and ambient radiation levels given off by their bodies when they pass through the breach."

    there's gotta be more info somewhere.... hmmmm
  9. Kimarous

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    Enenra would probably be a Category III. Less water displacement (thrown off by his lack of joints), low toxicity, but high ambient radiation. Nasty at close range, but a barrage or two from Striker Eureka would probably blast him apart.
  10. hero-dude

    hero-dude Design Team Member

    when i was seeing the scale, i tought of my monster i made to be quite OP, I mean he is pretty thin, it would be funny if he would be CATI or II, until he breaks the first jaeger or kaiju.
  11. gettothechoppa

    gettothechoppa Design team Choppa and progenitor for Enslaver

    Alderon would probably be either a cat IV or V, but I'm leaning towards IV.
    My other kaiju, Sky Hunter (he actually has his own thread), would be on the Jaeger team, and be a mark III.
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  12. GlaciusTS

    GlaciusTS Lazy Blue Lumberjack

    I would like to say Hofo Pepe is a category III, it's extremely powerful and you wipe out a city in no time before any military response, but under normal circumstances it's not really aggressive.
  13. Giga Kaiju

    Giga Kaiju Design Team Member

    Godzilla: CAT V
    King Ghidorah: CAT V
    Mothra: CAT III
    Rodan: CAT IV
    MechaGodzilla (Showa): CAT V

    Drahiel: CAT IV (as i said in another thread).
  14. hero-dude

    hero-dude Design Team Member

    somehow i see Godzilla way beyond the CATV, with his regen, it would mean he would just keep comming back, besides he is a powerhouse.
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  15. Giga Kaiju

    Giga Kaiju Design Team Member

    I see him too but we only are using the categories that exist "so far" who knows, maybe in the future there would exist
    categories that surpass the categories that already exist,
  16. SheegothHunter

    SheegothHunter Design Team Kombatard

    I'd say Hiboko is a CAT IV, or even V. I mean, he was created to kill humans, and since the rating system is based on that he gets a pretty high spot.
  17. Godzilla1954

    Godzilla1954 Well-Known Member

    Zaro: Category V (A good guy)
    Eel: Category IV
    Flesh Shredder: Category II
    Zorfu: Category III
    Ze Magoo: Category I
  18. ThePerfectOrganism

    ThePerfectOrganism MaStEr NiNjA

    Ikasame would probably be a category IV
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  19. Slither234

    Slither234 Lemur Streamur!

    category system.png Since our monsters cannot be examined in the exact same way as Pacific Rim monsters (such as Toxicity) I made this chart to rate your monster as. Have no idea how valid of a system it is though haha. If someone can approve upon it please do so. All you do is look at your monster and add the points up that your monster has. If your monster has 17 points added up it is a category IV for example. To have a category V monster you would need 20 or more points.
  20. Bambu

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