Pokemon games! (X/Y SPOILERS)

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Bambu, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. nifanatic

    nifanatic Orokana.

    I've heard you can get a Dusk Stone before the 8th gym, or somewhere post-game. My bro is looking for one too, now I'm on the hunt for it :d

    Anywho, just caught the titular legendary of the game. One Ultra Ball and done. Must have a capture rate of 45... Still, that was really intense. Actually, that last half after the 7th gym was incredibly intense, and very dark o_O I lost count of how many times I "wtf?!" while reading the text XD

    I don't have the game open now, but nearly everyone is at lv60 or above. My bro took the time to Aime all his Pokemon, so they're all about 7~ levels higher than mine! The exp boost you get from max Aime love is pretty great.
  2. ZillaofSumter

    ZillaofSumter Well-Known Member

    What is the ignore list?
  3. Delta

    Delta Well-Known Member

    There's an option to ignore people on the forums.
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  4. Geno Breaker

    Geno Breaker Well-Known Member

    My god this is immature.

    Anyways I feel like Pokemon Amie is a chore honestly.
  5. DukeCrimson27

    DukeCrimson27 Design Team Member

    Really? How so? Amie tedious or something?
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  6. Bambu

    Bambu His Royal (Sugar-)Highness

    You and me both. GameFreak really outdid themselves on the story this time! Some really dark stuff for a "kid's game". :p

    Another thing I really liked is how diverse Team Flare's Pokemon's tryping is! I was expecting like only Fire types!

    If you find out where I can find a Dusk Stone before the Elite Four, let me know!
  7. nifanatic

    nifanatic Orokana.

    It's only a chore if you allow it to be. But eventually you'll feel it beckoning you to continue. Well... if you're a semi-completionist :d
    Just take it in small increments. That's all I'm doing. It took me several hours just to max out one Pokemon's Affection (my bro maxed out his entire party before my one!).

    Some benefits for max Amie Affection include an experience boost (I think just as good as a Lucky Egg), higher chance for dodging opponent's moves, higher critical hit rate, chance for Pokemon to get rid of sleep/burn/poison/paralysis on its own, and spiffy little in-battle details (petting your Pokemon's head, special shoutouts to your Pokemon when it does well, etc.).

    Right now, the only Pkmn I maxed is my female Meowstic. She's so awesome >,< I can't wait for Mewtwo later on down the line.
  8. GreatCrow

    GreatCrow Design Team Avian

    Honestly, I'm happy with 70 pokemon. They didn't need to release the game period. Plus I only have to memorize 70 new pokemon instead of like 150!
  9. nifanatic

    nifanatic Orokana.

    Found the Dusk Stone! It is located in Terminus Cave, after the 7th gym town (Anistar City) but before Couriway Town. You can access the cave after catching your mascot legendary. It is pretty deep in the cave. Only thing I'd recommend bringing is a Rock Smash'er and an Escape Rope.

    Also caught a male and female Lairon while in that cave, so if anyone wants any Aron babies just let me know c:
  10. Sonicandtails2

    Sonicandtails2 DestroyerX: God of Elemental Powers!

    I have Pokémon Y. can I have aron baby?
  11. GreatCrow

    GreatCrow Design Team Avian

    Imma need Aron babies.
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  12. SpottedAlien

    SpottedAlien The Spotted One

    Are the Lairon version exclusive? Also, where did you find them?
  13. nifanatic

    nifanatic Orokana.

    Aron line is exclusive to Pokemon X. Lairon can be found in Terminus cave.
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  14. SpottedAlien

    SpottedAlien The Spotted One


    Excuse me, I was worried that the Aron line would be exclusive and that they were exclusive to Y. And Aggron is one of my favorite Pokemon.

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  15. RaptorGear

    RaptorGear Banned Member

    .......okay now I need a darn Aron...........lets see who is willing to join me in trading!
  16. Sonicandtails2

    Sonicandtails2 DestroyerX: God of Elemental Powers!

    i cant connect to internet on my 3ds so and i have no friends on my 3ds so no aron for me :(
  17. Bambu

    Bambu His Royal (Sugar-)Highness

    Found it earlier today.
    Except Goodra can't learn Scald or Surf... Odd... Oh well, 100% accuracy Thunder will have to do. :p
    (By the way, does anyone know where to find the TM for Dark Pulse?)
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  18. fishdude9

    fishdude9 Well-Known Member

    I hope its available before the 6th gym because my Froggy needs a dark type move soon.
  19. RaptorGear

    RaptorGear Banned Member

    If you own X, don't save outside of Lumiose City. A couple of friends has been telling me that magical things will happen if you do.

    Not sure if it's true though. I only have Y.
  20. Slither234

    Slither234 Lemur Streamur!

    Has anyone found a pupitar or larvitar?

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