SER2 Submission: The Anamesa

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    Height: 55-75 meters (Main Body)

    Overview: Furovitae annelida, also called The Anamesa (The species as a whole is typically referred to as if it was a singular organism, as no structural difference has been discovered between specimen to differentiate individuals) is a species native to Hollow Earth. Primarily fulfilling the Detrivore role in the ecosystem, it proves itself to be especially difficult to classify due to its peculiar biology and life cycle.


    Furovitae annelida is an interesting species to say the least, existing somewhere between a benevolent parasite and an aggressive detritivore in the food chain. Maybe it’s fitting that it’s biology also falls somewhere between that of a Fungi and an Annelid. Was this creature once a fungus that has begun taking on Fauna like traits? Or perhaps the opposite, and it has evolved from some other invertebrate organism and gradually lost features more commonly associated with animalia? It’s juvenile state takes the form of a bioluminescent spore, which travels via a manner similar to terrestrial Ballistospores. The spores themselves can travel a significant distance, and aim to latch onto living creatures of any species. Once attached, they begin to sap nutrients from the host, but not enough to cause any lasting or noticeable damage, assuming that there are not a significant amount of the spores attached to a single animal.

    When the host perishes, usually from natural causes (there are very few cases of the Anamesa spores causing a host’s demise), the main body of the organism grows from the spores, consuming the decaying body of its former host. After reaching its large, bioluminescent adult form, it covers the remaining matter from the deceased animal with fleshy extensions of its own nervous system, and begins gestating offspring within itself, manifesting as a tumor like growth in the center of the main body. During this stage the Anamesa is particularly territorial, and will combat anything that wanders too close to its brood. When it’s offspring have formed into their spore like state, the tumor bursts, spreading the creature’s children significant distances. At this point most of the food supply from the corpse has been used, and the adult perishes.

    Role in Food Chain:

    Furovitai annelida is a widespread detrivore, it’s reproductive process often consuming large amounts of decaying matter. It’s role in the Hollow ecosystem in many ways is a much more aggressive form of common fungus, breaking down dead organisms and leaving behind nutrients. It’s uncommon for an adult guarding its nest to actually engage another organism, most denizens of Hollow Earth know to avoid corpses that have begun to decompose. It’s larvae are relatively harmless, to the point that some of the more intelligent species have been observed purposely carrying the larvae, taking advantage of the light they generate in order to safely traverse the darker portions of the cave systems.

    Interactions with Humans:

    While the Anamesa larvae is harmless to the macroflora and macrofauna of hollow earth, the amount of energy they consume due to their size makes prolonged physical contact very dangerous. The adult form of this creature is typically docile, so long as humans keep their distance from it’s nest.
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