Should these characters be included in a Godzilla release?

Discussion in 'Licensed Monster Discussion' started by Paul M. AKA Kyotita, Aug 7, 2012.


Should Bagan and Super Godzilla get released some day in Kaiju Combat??

  1. Yes (explain why you would want them)

  2. No(explain why not?)

  1. megalagoras

    megalagoras Hammer headed saurian, and DTM

    BAGAN! BAGAN! BAGAN! (Just found out a few minutes ago that I was alowwed to post here.)
  2. Paul M. AKA Kyotita

    Paul M. AKA Kyotita DesignTeamMember Bagan/Kyotita spokesman

    Glad that you can actually post your opinion! I hope we will get even more input as time goes on :D
  3. JKorra

    JKorra Design Team MONSTER Forum Moderator

    everyone can post anywhere now to get their opinions and suggestions out there, but i think the design team members get to vote on decisions when the time comes :)
  4. gettothechoppa

    gettothechoppa Design team Choppa and progenitor for Enslaver

    They should be in the game because they are more ubscure monsters in the Godzilla universe, which is what this game should have to introduce and to make them more known.
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  5. Nightmare2

    Nightmare2 New Member

    I think Bagan would be an awsome addition. He hasn't had the rep he deserves, he is definitely one of Godzilla's strongest foe ever. I would love to play as him.
  6. gameragodzilla

    gameragodzilla Design Team Kaiju

    Bagan, yes. I figure it's about time Bagan makes a comeback, especially since his only appearance was in the craptastic Super Godzilla game.
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  7. nifanatic

    nifanatic Orokana.

    I was considering putting these in their own topic, some kind of "Bagan/SuperG Discussion" or something, but then I got lazy. :p
    Not sure if these have been posted anywhere before, so pardon if this is old news or misinformative... but from what I can gather, all the pictures here are concept art pieces for Bagan:


    I believe all these were made for the Bagan VS. Mothra film that was scrapped. The design that was most frequently posted in concepts was the white-and-green fuzzy ugly Bagan design; personally, I really like the one up in the corner. Of course, nothing beats the Super Godzilla red design, or that wicked-looking Toho Studio design.

    Speaking of which, for those who haven't seen, here're two really neat videos showing sculpting of the movie concept version and the video game version:

    Ah... and random Super Godzilla concept art.
    Here's a rough translation, courtesy of someone I know~:

    The picture was on a page showing off Space Godzilla art, so in other words, "Super Godzilla's design inspired the design for SpaceG."
  8. Paul M. AKA Kyotita

    Paul M. AKA Kyotita DesignTeamMember Bagan/Kyotita spokesman

    interesting post Nifantic! (I still prefer the Toho studio's white design at the moment though to all the concepts)
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  9. Godzillashadow75

    Godzillashadow75 Design Team Shapeshifter Shoutbox Jockey

    godzilla vs bagan was replaced with godzilla vs destroyah
  10. Godzillashadow75

    Godzillashadow75 Design Team Shapeshifter Shoutbox Jockey

    in unleashed destroyah was WAY too overpowered make him less overpowered
  11. Paul M. AKA Kyotita

    Paul M. AKA Kyotita DesignTeamMember Bagan/Kyotita spokesman

    This really isn't the forum to bring up overpowered Destroyah......especially since you didn't vote here but simply went off topic....please make the discussion about Destroyah who is already in the games a different post since bringing it up here will throw this forum far too off topic.
  12. Black Lion

    Black Lion New Member

    Bagan has always been interesting to me, but Super Godzilla seems like he would be better off as a skin for Space Godzilla since that's what the design ended up becoming.

    And another vote for Zilla from me. Specifically the animated version, since I like his design better (smaller, differently shaped head and more muscular body). He could have some great burrowing attacks and sprint around the stages.
  13. Kyle Anderson

    Kyle Anderson New Member

    Bagan is a needed character he deserves to be in a Godzilla game :)

  14. Paul M. AKA Kyotita

    Paul M. AKA Kyotita DesignTeamMember Bagan/Kyotita spokesman

    I admit i'm more driven to get Bagan in the game rather then Super G (although I still would love him to be in the game) so I have discussing more about Bagan on this thread than Super G. Well Ive been thinking and I have decided that if we DO get Super-Godzilla it should be the "NON CRESTED" Super Godzilla from the American game since the crest is too obvious as pieces of the design were implemented into Space Godzilla and the American version had a more unique feel to it due to these various small quirks in the sprite. As for color scheme obviously we should use the Super Godzilla color scheme since it gives Super G a color that separates it even more clearly from Space G. I can see Super G and Bagan both being slower monsters due to their large bulk but at the same time making up for it in power/damage. If people can handle Macrosaurus than i'm sure they have no qualms about the bulk of these creatures.

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  15. ShadyInversion

    ShadyInversion Design Team Member

    I never got to see Super G Vs Bagan. Super G's looks and sounds like Orga probably would have had he evolved all the way. I don't really see why they changed Godzilla so much though...

    Bagan seems like a cross between a Minotaur and Destroyah. If he has the white coloring he would still look and play different enough for him to be in the game.

    In short:
    Super Godzilla I don't feel should be in the game. Not with so many Godzilla alternatives to choose from. If there was a completed Orga clone, that could work and use Super G's roar.
    Bagan definitely deserves a shot. He's been long overdue, and is different enough to warrant a spot. Most importantly he isn't a variant of Godzilla. There are far too many to choose from as it is.
  16. nifanatic

    nifanatic Orokana.

    *spoilers* for a 20 year old game... Can't believe it's been that long.

    Super G transformation @ 1:16:00 (1hr 16min 00sec)
    Super G VS. Bagan @ 1:23:09 (1hr 23min 09sec)
    (Pause the video, click the time location, then click Play if YT is being unreasonable.)

    I'll probably do an English playthrough just so we know what they're saying... lol
    But, there's the Japanese run I recorded pretty recently; I waited for Bagan to use his 3 signature moves before going to town on him. It also shows the infamous crest on Super G's head. I could live without it being there, but having it feels so much more natural when it is. Perhaps instead of mimicking SpaceG's face entirely (the irony), it could get a slight facelift, like the SuperG variant that Matt Frank made? I'm sure Toho would allow for some creativity on SuperG's part, what with him being out of commission for so long.
    As far as his voice goes, he'd probably use the same roars as G90s, since that's the Godzilla it transformed from. It would save a little bit of time if it did, just sharing voice files instead of having its own, haha. But whatever works. :)

    Red or grey Bagan works totally fine for me; Bagan's grey design feels more like a complete costume, but the red design simply feels more nostalgic and evil.
  17. Mincecraft

    Mincecraft Design Team Member

    I prefer the orangish Bagan. Also I hope we can use that music when he shows himself! There's a certain bit in there that Iwould love to hear in rock and roll (the part just after Bagan comes out, drum beats, weird synthesizer).
  18. Paul M. AKA Kyotita

    Paul M. AKA Kyotita DesignTeamMember Bagan/Kyotita spokesman

    of course! you can't have Bagan without his trademark bad a@@ theme music!
  19. nifanatic

    nifanatic Orokana.

    I agree. While in the Super Godzilla game they could move very swiftly (Bagan in particular), it was more of a "final boss showdown" thing, to make the action more intense. Even Biollante could dash really quickly, and she's one of the slowest kaiju around... I don't think Battra himself moved that fast in the game! Pretty odd.

    Bagan would likely be one of (if not, the) slowest kaiju, but compensates by having massive amounts of Weapons and Defensive powers, as well as being extremely heavy. Super Godzilla on the other hand, despite his bulky size, would be somewhat more agile and specialize more in the Attack department (so not to mimic Space Godzilla's existing stats of high Weapons). It'd be neat to see a kind of Yin-Yang thing going on between the two, where one monster is better in 2 stats over the other.

    Attack: [] [] [] [] [] []
    Defense: [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
    Speed: []
    Weapons: [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

    Attack: [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
    Defense: [] [] [] [] []
    Speed: [] [] [] [] [] []
    Weapons: [] [] [] [] [] []

    *Give or take one off of Bagan's Defense & Speed, and give or take one off of Super Godzilla's Weapons & Defense.*

    Both of them would clearly be tanks in their own ways, but both would suffer greatly from very frame-heavy moves compared to all other monsters, like Destoroyah and Space Godzilla in GStE (oh, the irony~). A little bit of charging time, and a little bit of cooldown. But if the attacks land, they'll leave a mark. They'd probably be the least combo-worthy monsters, preferring to tear kaiju apart in chunks rather than tactically soften them patiently.

    But either way, it'd be a grand old time.
  20. Paul M. AKA Kyotita

    Paul M. AKA Kyotita DesignTeamMember Bagan/Kyotita spokesman

    I don't think Bagan would move SLOWER then Biollante seeing Biollante is hooked to the ground for the most part with roots so I would give Bagan at least a 2 or three speed as opposed to one seeing that he CAN be fast and he has jointed moveable legs just like other bipedial monsters where as Biollante pulled itself with roots.

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