Trademark Infringement case against Kaiju Combat

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Simon Strange, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Simon Strange

    Simon Strange Sunstone Games Staff

    Kaiju Coins:
    Well, any of you who backed the Kickstarter project may have received an e-mail telling you that the Kaiju Combat project is in legal dispute.

    Wizards of the Coast asked Kickstarter to shut down the pages, as part of their claim that Kaiju Combat infringes on their trademark of the word "KAIJUDO" - which is a card game / cartoon they own, for which they have also secured video game rights.

    My lawyer responded to them this past December, taking the following legal stance:

    1 - "Kaiju" is an ordinary word, being used in its ordinary context. The copyright of "KAIJUDO" cannot extend to the word "Kaiju."

    I'll be following up this latest turn of events ASAP. Please don't fret.


    On June 10th, WotC suggested a compromise. On June 14th we formally accepted. This matter is now resolved!

    For the resolution, check HERE.

    For our new logo, check HERE.
  2. CmdrBlitzkrieg

    CmdrBlitzkrieg Design Team Member

    Kaiju Coins:
    That's a REALLY dumb thing to sue over. That's like Kentucky Fried Chicken suing Popeye's Chicken over the use of the word chicken.
  3. Metalsaur

    Metalsaur Design Team Member

    Kaiju Coins:
    Kaijudo is really dumb in the first place, and secondly they're morons who obviously don't know what kaiju really are.
  4. Wolfheart

    Wolfheart Design Team Member

    Kaiju Coins:
    That is just ridiculous. They don't own the word kaiju. I don't know what their problem is.
  5. gameragodzilla

    gameragodzilla Design Team Kaiju

    Kaiju Coins:
    Wow... This situation is a lot dumber than I anticipated.

    What's next? A lawsuit over the word "combat" by Netherealms Studios?
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  6. Piranhatron3000

    Piranhatron3000 Digsen Taem Mebmer

    Kaiju Coins:
    I'm glad it was them. Because at least it is something stupid that they can't really defend. Also, I get to post this video again:

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  7. Ryan B

    Ryan B Retired

    Kaiju Coins:
    The KC trading cards probably aren't helping the situation, Simon.

    In any case, I thought this was taken care of.
  8. Bambu

    Bambu Community King Shoutbox Jockey

    Kaiju Coins:
    Lets not bash on kaijudo too hard, they're just a victim of our carelessness and those time travelling Pokemons and Yu-gi-ohs totally stealing their super original idea of a monster fighting card game. :rolleyes:
  9. wewewezing

    wewewezing Forum Ghost

    Kaiju Coins:
    Kaiju is a liscensed word, you can't copyright a word, you are in no fault
  10. Invincibleirys

    Invincibleirys Design Team Member

    Kaiju Coins:
    Pfft, stupid Kaijudo. Dont you know nobody likes you.
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  11. mr_crowley

    mr_crowley Design Team Member

    Kaiju Coins:
    What's even stupider is that I'll bet if they came to you guys and asked nicely to insert their monsters into the releases to promote their product you'd have been happy to do so, in the same way as you included the Kaijuland characters. So, when faced with the possibility of getting Kaijudo out there with a very successful product that had excellent word of mouth publicity, or sending forth their fiercest lawyers...they went with the lawyers.
    Nice job breaking it, WotC.
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  12. Michael kalker

    Michael kalker Design Team Member

    Kaiju Coins:
    Money- driven pricks. (sorry for the language)
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  13. IZORx10

    IZORx10 A member of the Team of Design

    Kaiju Coins:
    They are just jealous and upset because they realize Kaiju Combat is a much more superior product and will overshadow the monster fighting industry. They have no case. Kaijudo is a made up word that uses the real word Kaiju. They don't have a leg to stand on. No worries, they are just making themselves look bad.
  14. Tyrannodrone475

    Tyrannodrone475 Well-Known Member

    Kaiju Coins:
    Maybe we shouldn't bash Kaijudo so much, one of them might come on here (a Kaijudo maker/producer) and get ''harassment'' or something claims...
  15. RaptorGear

    RaptorGear WinterGaia

    Kaiju Coins:
    I can only see this ending bad for those guys who owns kaijudo. Kaiju is a real word while kaijudo is not LOL

    Then he is technically invading our rights to free speech.
  16. HaloFighter92

    HaloFighter92 Design Team Member

    Kaiju Coins:
    Don't be surprised if they win the dispute. Remember the thing with Notch and his "Scrolls" card game? Bethesda's lawyers sued over it due to sounding like "The Elder Scrolls." Yup, just the word by itself, Scrolls, is enough to sue over, and win. IT's not that bad of a situation we have here, at most, the name of the game would have to be changed. That's it. No cease and desist like the Mane6 team got for their Fighting is Magic.
  17. Piranhatron3000

    Piranhatron3000 Digsen Taem Mebmer

    Kaiju Coins:
    It isn't harassment unless we go to them. Maybe they could get libel or something though.
  18. Wolfheart

    Wolfheart Design Team Member

    Kaiju Coins:
    I wouldn't mind a name change, as long as the game is actually released. That's the important thing.
  19. wewewezing

    wewewezing Forum Ghost

    Kaiju Coins:
    this post has been censored by me
  20. Piranhatron3000

    Piranhatron3000 Digsen Taem Mebmer

    Kaiju Coins:
    You guys need to relax. Despite the ridiculousness of the situation, there's no reason to start name calling and thumb biting. Especially in public internet writing. ...

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