Final Fantasy: Miracle (CKC partially related)

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    Hi, guys!! Sunny Leung is here again to write a new doujin novel!!
    Last time, I failed writing my doujin novel War of Multiverse because of a number of reasons...:cry
    That will not be continued anymore because it is now really difficult for me to continue...
    So now I decided to write a new one. Here we have Final Fantasy: Miracle!!
    This one again is about different dimension so there will be different anime series joining in the story.
    As you see the name, this doujin is actually related to one of the series of Final Fantasy.
    And the related series is Final Fantasy: Unlimited (FFU), which is an anime series that did not end completely at the end... (Although I know there is a manga for the ending, I never find it so I decided to write it myself...)
    Besides FFU, there are more series decided to be in. Here are the lists for confirmed series:
    1. Tokyo Ghoul
    2. Sword Art Online
    3. Aldnoah Zero
    4. Owari no Seraph
    You may try to find out what they are about first!
    Also, there is a game series to be in which is confirmed. And it is Mortal Kombat!!
    Alright, here are the special things about this doujin novel:
    1. It is CKC related. In the story, the main characters will fight Yokai, and also Yokaiju at the beginning. To deal with the Yokaiju, we will have some CKC Kaijus to fight them. If you have watched FFU, you will know that there is a Magun that can summon different creature so CKC Kaijus will be summoned using the Magun.
    2. Besides fighting Yokai, the protagonists will also go to different dimensions (include their own world) to deal with their own or different enemies. But of course, there will be new cross-over inside that. So I suggest you guys to check out those anime series first.
    3. This point may be a little bit disturbing but this is my dream to do so... As said in Deiyit's secrets and facts post, I am actually a fudanshi. Therefore, I will make the male protagonists into several couples. But I can give you reassurance that there will not be sex part. There may be a little part of kissing but I won't put that everywhere since love is not the mainpoint of this novel. I hope you will still read this doujin after reading this point.:dead
    Alright, the first chapter will be coming in few days. If I haven't updated for a chapter for too long. Please remind me to update. (or punch me to warn me to update...:punch I don't want this to end up like War of Multiverse again...:dead)

    Table of content:

    Volume 1 - The Beginning

    Chapter 1 - Magun ------------------------------ #4
    Chapter 2 - Kaze and Kumo ------------------- #7
    Chapter 3 - Family ------------------------------#16
    Chapter 4 - Strategy ----------------------------#20
    Chapter 5 - Asuramaru ------------------------ #27
    Chapter 6 - The New Power ------------------- #30
    Chapter 7 - Kaneki VS Yuichiro --------------- #33
    Chapter 8 - Miracle ----------------------------- #36
    Chapter 9 - Seraph of the Past I --------------- #39
    Chapter 10 - Seraph of the Past II ------------- #42
    Chapter 11 - The Past Zero I -------------------- #44
    Chapter 12 - The Past Zero II ------------------- #47
    Chapter 13 - The Cursed Virtual Reality ------- #53
    Chapter 14 - Sasaki Haise ----------------------- #57
    Chapter 15 - Rebirth ----------------------------- #60
    Chapter 16 - The Beginning --------------------- #64
    Chapter 17 - Surprise ----------------------------- #73
    Chapter 18 - The Two-color Ninjas ------------- #76
    Chapter 19 - Before the Awakening ------------- #80
    Chapter 20 - The Awakening of the Seraph----- #83
    Chapter 21 - The King of Salt --------------------- #86
    Chapter 22 - The Truth --------------------------- #89
    Chapter 23 - The Arrival of the Progenitors----- #93
    Chapter 24 - Battle of Sanguinem I---------------#97
    Chapter 25 - Battle of Sanguinem II--------------#100
    Chapter 26 - The Unfortunate Return-----------#105
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    Reserved for Table of content
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    Reserved for Table of content
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    Spoiler warning: this novel may spoil the story of the animes. Please consider before you read.

    Volume 1 – The Beginning

    Chapter 1 – Magun

    [Normal world, Kaneki’s team’s recording room – 1st Jan, 2016 14:05]

    “Hello, everyone! My name is Kaneki! Welcome back to…”

    A white haired and masked young boy was recording a gameplay video for uploading to YouTube. His name was Kaneki Ken, the tragic boy who was the protagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul world. But now, he was in the normal world as a YouTuber.

    His channel was called Kaneki’s Gaming, which was about playing video games with his new friends from other dimensions. Since his channel was about some anime characters playing games, many anime fans were attracted to subscribe. Although Kaneki has honestly told his fans that they were real, most people did not trust it.

    [Normal world, Kaneki’s team’s recording room – 1st Jan, 2016 14:42]

    “… I think it’s now time to end this episode. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you in the next video! Good bye!” Kaneki turned off the recorder and then started editing.

    “Kaneki!” There was a mechanical cute voice come from the back. Kaneki turned around and saw a small and round robot in front of him.

    “Ah, Haro! You’re here. What’s up?” Kaneki took down his mask.

    “Yeah, you have been a Youtuber for a month. How do you feel?” Haro replied.

    “It’s fun. Playing games with new friends makes me almost forget the pain and tragedy I had before. But… I still worried about them… in the Tokyo Ghoul world.” Kaneki was worrying about people in his own world, including the Quinx Squad in CCG and also his ghoul friends from :re coffee shop.

    “Don’t worry! We can always go back to your home world in the next second there. So nothing will happen when we are here!”

    “Haha! I forgot about that.” Kaneki said. “That’s really mind-blowing concept.”

    “Well, where are Kirito, and others?” Then Kaneki continued to ask.

    “Your wife and others are now in the supermarket.” Haro answered. “Inaho said he wanted to make a hearty dinner for all of us tonight so he called everyone to help him.”

    “That sounds great! But I’m afraid I couldn’t enjoy it…” As Kaneki was a half ghoul, he could only consume human meat, or coffee.

    “That’s no problem! An excellent coffee will be prepared for you, plus the special sugar made by the amazing Haro army!”

    “That’s really amazing!” Kaneki smiled.

    Kaneki thought about the tragedy and pain he faced before. But now he could live happily with his new friends. He felt a little bit of unreal.

    “By the way, I am actually here to tell you that your weapon has been completely repaired.” Haro said.

    “The repair has completed? Great, I can hunt those Yokai again.”

    “Would you mind to check out the weapon now?”

    “Sure! I am so excited!”
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    [Normal world, Haro army’s Magic Workshop – 1st Jan, 2016 15:01]

    Kaneki and Haro arrived in the magic workshop. It was the place that the Haro’s army researching on magic. And there was a purple Haro waiting for them.

    “OK, Kaneki, here’re your guns.” The purple Haro gave Kaneki a red gun and also a large golden cylindrical thing. “The red gun can shoot infinite bullets and does not need any recharge. But it cannot deal a lot of damages if the opponent is way more strong.”

    Then purple Haro extends its right hand and point its finger to the golden cylinder. “The golden one is the Magun. Now, it is frozen. You can activate it when you need it. Then it will become a three barreled golden gun.”

    Purple Haro took out a black cloak and a belt which had different colors of soil bullets on it, to Kaneki. Kaneki wore them. “We have all the soil bullets on this belt. When you use your Magun, choose three most suitable soil bullets and use them to summon creature to deal with the situaton you face. Have you remembered all the formulas?” Haro said.

    “Remembered. But why each time I use the bullets, I need to shout out the formulas?” Kaneki asked.

    “Those formulas are like spells which are to activate the magic of the soil charge triad. If you don’t say them, you can’t summon any creature.” Purple Haro answered.

    Kaneki took out a bullet and said. “That’s strange. This is just like when you’re fighting, you need to shout out the move name. It makes me look like I am having ‘Chunibyo’…”

    “You can think it’s a way of style change. Couldn’t it be a sign for you to start to break the tragedy?” Haro said.

    “Yeah… You’re right.” Kaneki turned around and looked at Green Haro. “Green Haro. Could you please help me edit and upload the video?”

    “You want to go out and try your weapon now?”


    “Alright, but please come back home early.”

    [Normal world, street – 1st Jan, 2016 16:00]

    Kaneki was on the street for about an hour but still can’t find any trace of Yokai. Then suddenly, he heard a female scream come out from an alley. Kaneki immediately ran into it to check what happened. There were three Yokai capturing a girl. They were ghouls, but different from Kaneki, they were Yokai living in this world.

    “Another human? Our dinner will become abundant.” One of the ghoul said.

    “Wait, he is not a human. His smell is different. I can sense he has the same aura as us. It tells me he also wants to consume on human meat.” Another ghoul said.

    Then Kaneki immediately took out the red gun and shot at those ghouls. Two of them were killed but one of them was fast enough to avoid the attacks.

    “Don’t compare me with you. Yokai!” Kaneki said. Then he continued to shoot at the remained ghoul but still could not hit it.

    “Originally, I was thinking about sharing some meats with you. However, it looks like you just want to kill me. Unfortunately, you can’t beat me! Hahahaha!” The ghoul said.

    Kaneki knew that only using the red gun cannot defeat that ghoul. So he looked at the Magun. The emerald on it started glowing. “It has moved!” Kaneki started to shout out. “Soil, it’s my power!”

    A drill came out from the golden cylinder. Then a screw was produced and started to spin. White energy storm was produced. A three barreled golden gun was gradually forming, with a beating black heart at its core. “The Magun has thawed!” The Magun completed forming.

    “Ha! You thought this toy could kill me? Haha! Try shooting at me! I am not afraid at it!” The ghoul said.

    Then Kaneki pointed his finger to the ghoul. “The soil charge triad to use on you has been decided!”

    Kaneki took out a black soil bullet from his belt. “The origin of all things, mother black!” He just bounced his finger and the black bullet was inserted into one of the barrels.

    “A heat that will scorch all creation, fire red!” A red bullet inserted.

    “And finally, the critical point of everything, burning gold!” Kaneki bounced the final gold bullet to the air, and the bullet was just inserted into the final barrel. Then the black heart beat faster and the drill started to spin.

    “Burn up! I summon you! Phoenix!” The Magun shot out a black, a red and a golden light. The three lights gathered and flew towards the ghoul.

    The ghoul quickly dodged it. Then the lights changed direction quickly and straightly hit it. However, it looked like those lights did not have any effect on the ghoul.

    “What’s that? This is all you got?” After the ghoul said that, its body suddenly generated a lot of heat, and started to expand.

    “Ahhhhhh… Why would this happen?!” Just after a few seconds, the ghoul exploded because of too much expansion. A Phoenix came out from that, and flew towards the boundary of the sky.

    Then the Magun turned back into its cylindrical form. The girl who had been captured by the ghouls has restored her consciousness and started to look at Kaneki. She then stood up and walked towards him.

    “Thank you for saving me!” The girl said.

    “You’re welcomed.” Kaneki turned around and tried to walk away, but the girl just stopped him.

    “Are… are you Kaneki?” The girl asked.

    “Yes, I am.” Kaneki turned around and looked at the girl.

    “Ah! Kaneki-senpai! I am your big fan!”

    “Thank you for being my fan. But you will forget everything happened today later. If you want to say something, tell me in the comment section on YouTube. I need to go back home now to enjoy my hearty coffee. Good bye!” After Kaneki said that, he turned around again and so walked away.

    Then in the next day, the girl really forgot everything happened. That was because Yokai was actually a form of magic. When they died, their existence and the evidence of existence would also disappear. So unless someone got mental damage from Yokai, no one would remember what has happened.

    So now Kaneki arrived in a new world and got his new weapon, Magun! How will his future change in his new journey?

    To be continued…
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    Kaneki – the male protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul. A tragic boy originally was a human but then became a ghoul. This character was totally tragic. Her first lover, Rize was actually a ghoul so she attacked Kaneki as she wanted to eat him but then she was killed by mystical conspiracy. And Rize’s organs were then transplanted to Kaneki so he became a ghoul. Moreover, at the beginning, Kaneki was actually black haired. But because of Yamori from Aogiri (largest organization of ghoul in Tokyo) torturing him horrifyingly, Kaneki was then became white haired (and also a badass :p)… Kaneki was really tragic. That’s too much to talk about so I will not tell everything here… BTW, if you have read the newest manga of Tokyo Ghoul: RE, you will know the difference between this story and the manga. So something has changed to him. What was happened?
    Haro – the mascot of the Gundam series (although this novel is nothing about Gundam). Looks like there was an army of them in this story and all of them could do nearly everything, even researching on magic…


    Normal world – the world that we live. In this story, there are so many Yokais in this world…

    Kaneki’s Gaming – the Youtube channel that Kaneki plays game with his new friend. And everyone agreed Kaneki was the protagonist of this channel…

    Quinx Squad – the team when Kaneki is Sasaki Haise and in CCG after defeated by Arima Kisho. At that time, he was brainwashed and acted as a mentor of that team…

    CCG – Commission of Counter Ghoul. The organization which deals with ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul world

    :re Coffee Shop – the new coffee shop opened by Kirishima Touka, etc. who are Kaneki’s ghoul friends. When he was Sasaki Haise, he did not realize who were them because of no memory

    Haro army’s magic workshop – the place for Haro army researching on magic. Magun was repaired there…

    Magun – the gun that can summon creature used Kuroi Kaze from Final Fantasy Unlimited. In this story, the Magun was actually an imitation of the original one. Since it is repaired, Kaneki can use whenever he wants.

    Here is the video for showing Magun in FFU:

    Yokai – the magical creature in this story. Most of them are evil to humans. When they die, if they cannot damage human mentally, they will be forgotten since their existence will disappear when they die. Looks like Kaneki’s team will not forget like others because of some reasons…

    Ghoul – two difference way in this story. One is living being from Tokyo Ghoul which can only consume human and coffee. One is Yokai that will eat humans. Some of them is stronger than others.
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    Before we have Chapter 2, let's have our opening!!

    (Mystery voice: You just want to advertise your Youtube channel, right?
    Me: Emm....:wacky)

    Chapter 2 – Kaze and Kumo

    [Normal world, Kaneki’s team’s recording room – 3rd Jan, 2016 13:20]

    “… So it’s time to end this episode here. Thank you all so much for watching! We will see you in the next video! Bye bye!” Kaneki, and a black haired and black dressing boy said. That boy was Kirito, also known as Kirigaya Kazuto. He was the male protagonist of Sword Art Online.

    “This game is pretty awesome, isn’t it?” Kaneki turned off the recorder, then took off his mask, and said.

    “Yeah. Compared to other RPG game, this one has a very unique system, and the story is also amazing. But compared to ALO…” Kirito showed a sad face. It looked like something has happened in his own world.

    “Don’t be sad.” Kaneki said. “I have promised you to revenge together, right?”

    “Yes.” Smile was back on Kirito’s face. “But before doing so, we should train more to raise our prowess.”

    “Absolutely! However, Haro still hasn’t finished the training machine…“

    “Then let’s go to see the progress!!”

    “Good idea!”

    Then a cute voice came from the back. “Papa! Mama!” A cute white and black haired little boy ran towards Kaneki and Kirito.

    “Ah, Haise!” Kirito picked up that little boy. “Come, kiss mama!” Haise kissed Kirito’s cheek.

    “Papa also wants a kiss!” Kaneki said. Then Haise turned his head and kissed Kaneki’s cheek.

    “Good boy!” Kaneki touched Haise’s head.

    “Papa! Mama! Let’s play video game together!”

    “But your Papa and Mama needed to do something else…”

    “Can’t play video game together?” Haise said disappointedly.

    “Well, although we can’t play video game now, we are actually going to Haro Lab. Haise, let’s go there to see if there’re some interesting new products!”

    “Yeah! Haro Lab!”

    “Then let’s go!” Kirito and Kaneki gave all editing and uploading work to green Haro. They both held up Haise’s hands, and three people together set off to the Haro Lab.

    [Normal world, Haro Lab – 3rd Jan, 2016 14:00]

    Kirito, Kaneki and Haise together arrived in the Haro Lab. Haro Lab were a place that researching on technology and science, and also the way to combine them with magic. There was a lot of Haro working in front of the computers or experimental equipment. Inaho and Slaine, the two male protagonists of Aldnoah Zero, were also working there.

    “So these physical properties should be inside this class, right?” Slaine asked Inaho.

    “I think so. But remember you should also add this one.” Inaho answered.

    “Hello! How is the progress?” Kirito walked towards them and said, followed by Kaneki and Haise.

    “Ah! Kirito, Kaneki and also Haise-chan! You all are here.” Slaine said.

    Then Inaho looked towards them. “You mean the progress of the development of the training machine, right? Unfortunately, still 0%...”

    “How could that still be 0%? We are here for more than 3 weeks now.” Kaneki doubtfully asked.

    “Because we are still in the process of developing Magicode. Our system needs magic to run. But if we use common magic to produce that, it will be difficult to combine them together. Therefore, we need a better system.”

    “What is Magicode?” Haise asked, with a cute voice.

    “Good question, Haise-chan. Magicode is a programming language that tells a computer how to perform magic. Magic is related to the miracle and is able to modify our world. As our world includes a lot of physical and chemical properties, different magic can alter or simulate those properties. However, as there are too much magic and properties there, it is very difficult to combine them into a system. Therefore, we are creating a magic language that can be typed in a computer to make it easier to produce our training system.” Slaine explained.

    “That’s interesting. If we finished the magic language, could we make magic game?” Kirito asked.

    “Sure. That’s how our training system will be.” Inaho answered.

    Haise was interested very much. Slaine picked him up to let him see the screen.

    “Haise-chan. Want to see some simulation?”

    “Yeah!” Haise said excitedly.

    Then Inaho and Slaine brought everyone to a room. Almost all sides were covered by walls there. Only a door and a window could be seen on one of the walls. Behind that window, there was a confined space, and a table inside it. Inaho took out a laptop and connected it with a special device.

    “What is that device?” Kirito asked.

    “This is the magic battery. If we want to perform magic, oblation is needed. In this world, the oblation required is human blood, so this device is actually a container with human blood inside it.”

    “But… where did the blood come from?” Kaneki asked in surprise.

    “Produced by stem cell technology. The Haro army just finished it.”

    Then Inaho input some codes to the laptop. After hitting the proceed button, a large metal cube was produced on the table in the other side.

    “We now successfully produced Francium in the other room.” Inaho said.

    “Francium? Is that the element which only has a short half-life?”

    “Yes. But I just extended its half-life to about several thousand years by Magicode, so we can do whatever experiment on it. Now let’s continue by producing some water.” Inaho input more codes into the computer. A cube of still water is created, and it is covering the Francium cube. Then the Francium cube suddenly reacted with water and exploded.

    “Great. Francium is really less reactive than Cesium and even potassium. The quantum effect is right.”

    “That’s awesome!” Haise excitedly said.

    Kaneki and Kirito were surprised by the experiment. It was unbelievable that magic and science could combine to perform this.

    “So Magicode can really do everything?”

    “Yes, but it depends on the capacity of the battery, a.k.a. the amount of oblations.”

    “Then our mysteries could also be solved…”

    “You mean the mystery why only one of your swords exists in our world?”

    “Yes. Only my Elucidator exists in this world. I missed my Dark Repulser and Excalibur.”

    “Also my Kagune. I can’t use it here.”

    “Haro also wanted to solve these mysteries. However, more mysteries were found while investigation. So when we finish the Magicode, we will investigate on that.”


    “So for now, the training machine is still not yet in development. We will try to complete it as soon as possible. We estimate the system will be done after three weeks. Maybe you two could have Yokai hunt for training at this time being.”

    “Ah, as we talk about Yokai hunting, in this morning, our sensor has detected an abnormal magic power source in an abandoned factory. You two can go there to investigate it.”

    “But then who takes care of Haise?”

    “We are busy on development now… But you may ask Yuu and Mika to take care of Haise. They should be free now.”

    “Haise, would you like to play with Mika and Yuu now?” Haise nodded his head.

    “Good enough! I can finally wield my sword again.”
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    [Normal world, abandoned factory – 3rd Jan, 2016 15:22]

    Kirito and Kaneki arrived in the abandoned factory. “It should be here…” Kirito said.
    The two people walked inside the building. In front of them was a pile of human bones.

    “These many human bones… This place must be the nest of Yokai.” Kaneki said.

    Then they heard some creepy laughter coming out. “Hehehehe. Stupid humans! It’s unbelievable that you come here to become our dinner! As a prize, we will ‘treat you well’!”

    A lot of Yokai swooped out to attack Kirito and Kaneki. They were actually ghouls which have appeared before. Kaneki took out his red gun and started to shoot. Kirito also took out his Elucidator to cut them. They successfully killed many of them but there were more coming.

    “It’s not good. There’s too much of them!”

    “No problem!” Kirito took out a bottle of potion. He threw it into air and then cut it in half by his Elucidator. “Embraced by the magical tune played by mist. Now sleep! Black Etude!” The black potion summoned a black Sword Dragon. It charged towards those ghouls and killed every single one of them.

    “I am not Black Swordsman anymore. I am now the Black Makenshi. Please call me ‘Kuroki Kumo’.”

    “If you are the ‘Kuroki Kumo’, then should I be the ‘Shiroi Kaze’?”

    After Kaneki said that, there was suddenly an earthquake. The building started to collapse. Kirito and Kaneki ran out of the factory. A giant creature came out from the ground. “Damn you humans! How dare you kill all my children? You all must die!” The king of Ghoul with height of 80m has appeared in front of the two people.

    “The boss monster is finally here. But he is too big. I am afraid my Elucidator and Black Etude can’t damage him much…”

    Then Kaneki looked at his Magun. The emerald on it started to glow. “It has moved!”

    “So now it’s your turn.” Kirito said.

    “Soil is my power!” A drill came out from the golden cylinder. Then a screw was produced and started to spin. White energy storm was produced. A three barreled golden gun was gradually formed, with a beating black heart at its core. “The Magun has thawed!” The Magun completed forming.

    “So you are the one who killed three of my children before? But your Phoenix summon won’t work for me as I’m not afraid of fire!” King of Ghoul arrogantly said.

    Then Kaneki pointed his finger to the King of Ghoul. “The soil charge triad to use on you has been decided!”

    Kaneki took out a gray bullet from his belt. “Grinding and devouring rocks, Shark Gray!” He just bounced his finger and the gray bullet was inserted into one of the barrels.

    “The moment that dictates the time of extinction, Steel Gray!” Another gray bullet was inserted.

    “And finally, the spirit that drops into infinite darkness, Silent Black!” Kaneki bounced the final black bullet to the air, and the bullet was just inserted into the final barrel. Then the black heart beat faster and the drill started to spin.

    “Swallow! I summon you! Macrosaurus!” The Magun shot out two different gray and a black light. The three lights gathered and became a giant Kaiju. It was a blue and abnormally fat T-Rex, Macrosaurus.

    The King of Ghoul roared and ran towards Macrosaurus. Macrosaurus released his Putrid Cloud and impeded King of Ghoul. Then quickly, Macrosaurus bit off King of Ghoul’s head. Within a short time, King of Ghoul was just got eaten completely.

    After the King of Ghoul has been completely swallowed, Macrosaurus roared towards the sky and disappeared. Magun has also turned back to the golden cylinder. The two people started to celebrate for their victory.

    “No one could beat down the strongest man and wife combination, right? Shiroi Kaze?” Kirito said.

    Hearing from Kirito, Kaneki started to smile.“That goes without saying. Kuroki Kumo!” Kaneki answered.

    “Let’s go back home! Haise is waiting for us.” The two people has gone back home. After the fight, Haro army turned the collapsed factory back to normal. Still no one knew that someone was behind to eliminate Yokai for everyone. But, the most important thing is, the new Kaze and Kumo has born!

    To be continued…
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    Kirito/Kirigaya Kazuto – the male protagonist of Sword Art Online. He was one of the players who has been trapped in an online game called Sword Art Online. But in the game, he was very strong, and defeated many bosses and evil-doers, etc. and saved nearly everyone in SAO. He also defeated the villains in ALO and GGO. Normally, they should be playing ALO with his lover, Asuna and his friends. But now he was with his new lover, Kaneki, and his son, Haisse, and his new friends together to become a Youtuber and a gamer. I can ensure Kirito did not betray Asuna and his friends. However, what is happening to him? Also, in his own world, in the reality he did not have the prowess like in the virtual world. But in this world, he does have the power and one of his swords in the reality. What is the mystery behind this?

    Kaizuka Inaho – the male protagonist of Aldnoah Zero. A robot pilot with excellent controlling skills and strategies. But normally he is not good in expressing himself and relating with others. So most of the time, he was actually emotionless. He is also good at programming so he is now worked as a programmer in the Haro Lab and joined the construction of Magicode.

    Slaine Troyard – another male protagonist of Aldnoah Zero. At first, he was the servant of Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia in Vers Empire on Mars. At that time, his position was not important to the Empire because he came from the Earth. But then he knew the secrets of Count Saazbaum which was his plan on assassination of the princess. However, Saazbaum treated him well and let him be his son. After Saazbaum died, Slaine became the leader of Saazbaum and made use of another princess to mock as Princess Asseylum to start the war with Earth. In the final fight, Inaho defeated Slaine and ended the war. Slaine was then prisoned by the Earth and Inaho usually visited him because of Asseylum’s will. But now he was in this world and working in the Haro Lab. What’s happened to Inaho and Slaine after Slaine was prisoned?

    (Yes, this is the chibi version of Sasaki Haisse. But he's a kid, what do you expect?:p)
    Kaneki Haisse – it’s not Sasaki Haisse. It’s Kaneki Haisse. He is the son of Kaneki and Kirito. But in Tokyo :RE, he was actually a teenager that was an investigator in CCG who seemed to be Kaneki who lost his memory. So what actually has happened?
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    ALO – ALfheim Online. One of the online game in Sword Art Online. In this VRMMORPG, you can act as a fairy to fight different races of fairies or bosses. There are also features inherited from SAO.

    Haro Lab – the place that Haro Army researching on the relationship between science, technology and magic. Inaho and Slaine were working there for the construction of Magicode. BTW, all computers there were actually quantum computers. The technology there was more advanced than anywhere. However, even the governments over the world didn’t know about that…

    Magicode – the programming language that could make the computers able to perform magic. Still in construction process. But with this language, any impossible thing can be done by the computers. It needs magic battery, which filled with human blood for the oblation. To use this coding, a software called Magic Coder which was made by Haro is needed. BTW, this will not be opened for common people because it will be too dangerous that everyone could alter the world.

    Elucidator – One of the swords used by Kirito. It is a totally black sword and also the very first sword used by Kirito. BTW, Kirito also has other swords like Dark Repulser but can’t exist in this world. The reason why is still a mystery.

    Kagune – organ that only a ghoul has. It was constructed by RC cells inside a ghoul body. It can be used in fighting and it can be produced when only it’s needed. Kaneki’s Kagune was a number of red tentacles coming out from his back around the waist, which actually came from Rize. There were also different shape of Kagune Kaneki had but I will not talk about it here…

    Sword Dragon – the summon that Kirito made. Originally, it was actually summoned by Makenshi by cutting off a mist bottle using Maken (the sword). BTW, Kirito’s version was black but the original version was white.

    Kuroki Kumo and Shiroi Kaze – it means black cloud and white wind. It was originally Kuroki Kaze and Shiroi Kumo who were Kaze and Makenshi from Final Fantasy: Unlimited. Because the color was reversed, it became like that…
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    :hilarious Well, that was unexpected. Didn't expect Macrosaurus to appear out of the blue....and quickly finish of the King of Ghoul. Awesome!! :thumbsup
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    Macrosaurus is the blue and fat dino, right? And the King of Ghoul is actually the weakest one so he is easily killed by Macrosaurus...
    BTW, I am glad that you like it.
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    You're welcome :) . What I meant with the phrase 'out of the blue' was that Macro appeared from out of nowhere and unexpectedly (as in, I wouldn't have guessed that Macro was going to be summoned, as the clues weren't that revealing). Looking back, it just seems logical that you would use Macro since you used elements from his origin. For creating suspense as to what would be summoned, and then surprising us with a twist, I'd say you did a great job! :thumbsup
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    I see. Actually, it's quite hard to choose the suitable soil bullet for the CKC summons. (sometimes I may need to create a new bullet...) I am glad that the soil charge triad is actually fit.
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    Chapter 3 – Family

    [Normal world, Kaneki’s team recording room – 9th Jan, 2016 13:15]

    “Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh……..” From the recording room, a large scream was coming out. A black haired and green eyed boy and, a blond haired and red eyed boy were recording and playing horror game. They were Hyakuya Yuichiro and Hyakuya Mikaela, the male protagonists of Owari no Seraph.

    “I… I am not even scared… This… this game won’t scare me…” Yuu said with trembling.

    “But Yuu-chan, you just ‘arghhhhhhhhhhhhh’ed loudly at the last jumpscare.” Mika said.

    “Shut up! Mika! I am not afraid…” Then suddenly another jumpscare appeared. “Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh……” Yuu just screamed again.

    After 30 minutes of playing, Yuu and Mika said goodbye to their fans. Then Mika turned off the recorder.

    “Sigh… Why are we still doing this? Shinoa, Guren and others are still in danger.” Yuu said.

    “Now it’s actually quite good since no more humans will use Yuu-chan in the experiment of Owari no Seraph. We can have stable life here…”

    Then Yuu’s face showed a little angry on it. “How could you say something like that?! They are also our family! We must rescue them!”

    “OK! I know! I know!”

    “Haro!” A mechanical cute voice came from the back. “That couple is quarreling again!” It was green Haro.

    “Just a little argues. My Yuu-chan and I were getting along well.”

    “Mika, why the heck did you add ‘My’ in front of ‘Yuu-chan’?”

    “Of course, I am adding ‘My’. Isn’t everyone on the Internet calling us as the best couple in Owari no Seraph? We are canon, right?”

    “Everyone on the Internet? Mika, aren’t you not trusting others?”

    “Haven’t I promised to trust a little bit? Also, this world doesn’t have the Owari no Seraph.”

    “I absolutely admit you two are the best couple from Owari no Seraph world. Then when is the planned date for the wedding ceremony?” Haro said.

    “Ah! Wedding ceremony? We haven’t planned that yet. But I think that day will come soon.”

    “What wedding ceremony? Don’t say something strange!” Yuu blushed and said in more surprise.

    Then Mika turned his head to look at Yuu. “Yuu-chan, don’t you love me?”

    “I never said I don’t… but…” Yuu suddenly changed the topic. “Haro, shouldn’t you be busy on the training machine? What are you looking for?”

    “Ah. Since I heard your loud scream from the Haro Lab, I came here to check out what happened.”

    “What?! How can you hear that from that distance?!”

    “Just kidding. I am here for checking your mental quality. But it looks like you are a little upset, Yuu.” Haro said.

    Yuu showed a sad face. “I really want to rescue Gurren, Shinoa, and others…”

    “Please rest assured. Remembered I told you we can always go back in the next second, right? Nothing bad will happen there.” Haro explained. “Also not only you, Kaneki, Kirito, Inaho and Slaine, everyone is also concerned. So please don’t be upset. You are with the new family now.”

    “Thank you, Haro!”

    “And as now, the training system is still not completed. Once again, you two could go to have a Yokai Hunt as the training at this moment”

    “Good idea! Yuu-chan, let’s go kill some Yokai!”

    “Great! Now I have the morale. I will hunt down 100 Yokai today! Let’s go, Mika!”

    [Normal world, street – 9th Jan, 2016 16:00]

    Yuu and Mika have been roaming on street for about 3 hours but still found nothing.

    “It looks like today we couldn’t hunt down 100 Yokai, Yuu-chan!”

    “Yokai-san, where are you? I want to hunt you.”

    “I think no Yokai will response if you say something like that…”

    Then a crying boy walked towards them. “Kid, what happened? Why are you crying?” Yuu walked towards the kid and wanted to pacify him.

    “My daddy and mommy were eaten by a car…”

    “Eaten by a car? How could that be possible?!” Mika said in surprise.

    “Where was the car? Could you bring us there?” Then the kid brought them to the crime scene. However, not only they could not find any car, they could not find a single person there.

    “Are you sure your parents were ‘eaten’? How did that car look like?” The kid nodded and told Mika that the car was red in color.

    “That’s strange. If it’s a traffic accident, there is no reason for no body found, or even a single bloodstain.”

    “What if the car is a Yokai?”

    “It’s possible. But that car is already gone. And we don’t have any device that can trace Yokai. It’s difficult for us to find it…” Mika said. “Maybe we can go to Haro Lab to get a Yokai tracing device.”

    “Kid, what’s your name?” Yuu asked.

    “Wong Sai Hang.”

    “So Sai Hang, I am Yuu, and he is Mika. Will you let us help rescue your parents?” Sai Hang nodded. Then the three people set off to Haro Lab.
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    [Normal world, Haro Lab – 9th Jan, 2016 16:30]

    The three people arrived in Haro Lab. Inaho, Slaine and a lot of Haro were still working there.
    “Ah! It’s Yuu and Mika! And… a kid? Who is he?” Slaine said.

    “He is Sai Hang. We found him crying on street while Yokai Hunt. After asking him, we knew his parents were ‘eaten’ by a car.”

    “’Eaten’ by a car? That’s odd.”

    “Since it’s strange, we guessed that car may be a Yokai.”

    “Could it be a Tsukumogami?” Inaho said.

    “Tsukumogami? What is that?”.

    “Tsukumogami was a kind of Yokai that transformed from object. There is a large variety of them. Common examples are the ones transformed from umbrella, vase, etc. If people treated their things well, those objects will become Tsukumogami and repay people. However, if people treated them badly, they will try to revenge on them.”

    “So that car is a Tsukagami, right? We need to rescue Sai Hang’s parents from it.”

    “It’s Tsukumogami, Yuu-chan.”

    “By the way, how did the car look like?”

    “We only knew that was a red car.”

    Then Inaho took out a small device and connected it to the computer. He input some commands so the device printed out a car model. It was a red antique car. “Did that car look like this?”

    Sai Hang shook his head. Then Inaho input another command to the computer. This time the device printed out several models. “How about these?”

    Sai Hang pointed his finger to a red sports car model.

    “That’s really odd. It shouldn’t be a sports car.”


    “Normally, a Tsukumogami needed a hundred year for the transformation. But this kind of sports car didn’t have hundred year old…”

    “I see… but… Who care what car it is! Let me find it out and beat it, and Sai Hang’s parents can be rescued!”

    “Hum? So you came here isn’t for finding out what type of car it is? Then you actually came here for what?” Slaine asked.

    “I nearly forgot… We are here to get a Yokai tracing device.” Mika answered.

    “A Yokai tracing device? Didn’t you already have one?” Inaho pointed his finger towards the cursed gear on Yuu’s waist. “The Oni inside your body, is called Asuramaru, right? He should be able to sense Yokai.”

    “Huh? Asuramaru can sense Yokai? But he never told me before.”

    “I can sense them, Yuu.” Suddenly, Yuu was inside his own inner world. There was a long and blue haired and feminine clothing boy standing on Yuu’s green katana. He was Asuramaru. “I have actually sensed tracks of Yokai. Those should be from that Tsukumogami.”

    “Asuramaru? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

    “How would I interrupt your dating with Mika?” Asuramaru said playfully.

    “Why everyone said strange thing today…”

    “Just kidding, Yuu.” Asuramaru said. “Although there were tracks, I can’t sense the existence of the Yokai. Maybe it has jumped into another dimension.”

    “If that’s the case, how could we capture it?”

    “That’s why I haven’t told you earlier. I’ve sensed multiple tracks there. Each track had a time difference… I think it’s about 3 hours. That means the Yokai will appear every 3 hours. However, since there’re doubtful points that I couldn’t confirm, and then you just said you wanted to come here…”

    “So that means when we are back at 19:00, that Yokai must be there, right?”

    “That’s it, although there’re still some questionable points.”

    “Thank you, Asuramaru!” Yuu was back in the normal world. “Let’s go back there at 19:00! The Yokai will appear again at that time!”

    “That long? I can just hope Sai Hang’s parents are still alive…”

    [Normal world, street – 9th Jan, 2016 19:00]

    The three people have been back in the same place again.

    “The habit of that Yokai is appearing in every three hours, right? It should be the time.” Mika said. “I hope Sai Hang’s parents are still alive…”

    Then Asuramaru sensed something. “It’s coming, Yuu!” A red sports car without any driver was approaching them.

    Mika drew his sword quickly. “Sword, drinks my blood!” Thorny vines were sprouted and pierced through Mika’s hand. The sword then became crimson in color. Mika ran towards the car and cut the wheels. The red car then overturned.

    “Damn it! Humans! How dare you cut my wheels?!” The underbody of the car was shown in front of everyone. There were no car parts but a lot of snake heads under it.

    “So you are the Tsukahami! Where are Sai Hang’s parents?!”

    “It’s Tsukumogami! And I have a name which is Kurumataro!” The car said. “And you mean that boy’s parents? Ah, they’re in my belly now. Human is just so tasty!”

    “You really… ate them?” Yuu said with anger. Sai Hang started to cry.

    Mika then ran towards Kurumataro and immediately penetrated one of its head with his sword. “Mind me ask a question? Why are you hurting humans?”

    “You asked why? That’s simple question. Those humans are really hateful. I am actually from another dimension. At there, I diligently helped humans to travel to everywhere every day. However, 8 years before, I was abandoned. Then 8 years later, I was even cut in half by the hateful humans. Luckily, I have been rescued by a Yokai scientist and he turned me into a Tsukumogami. I feel so lucky that I can take the chance to revenge on those humans!”

    “Humans are surely hateful…”

    “You agreed? Wait, your smell isn’t like human.” Kurumataro extended one of its snake heads and tried to smell Mika. “You are a vampire? I heard vampires were fighting humans. I have an idea. Let’s cooperate and kill all humans!”

    After Kurumataro finished talking, Mika just cut off some of its heads by his sword. “Although I ain’t human and I really hate them, people here have taught me that I could try to trust.”

    Then Yuu drew his katana and penetrated through Kurumataro quickly. “Although you have faced a lot of misfortune, the people you just hurt were innocents. This… must not be forgiven! Asuramaru!” Yuu sent the cursed power to Kurumataro. Then after its scream, it started to ‘burn away’ and disappear.

    After Kurumataro was completely destroyed, Yuu walked towards Sai Hang and tried to pacify him. “Sorry, I can’t rescue your parents…”

    “So as now, I will take care…” Then Mika put a hand on Yuu’s shoulder and shook his head.

    “I will send you to a new home. You will meet new family there… Please start a new life happily…” Yuu changed his words.

    [Normal world, orphanage – 11th Jan, 2016 10:00]

    Sai Hang was sent to an orphanage to start his new life. Although the psychological trauma caused by Yokai cannot be eliminated, purple Haro used some appeasing magic to let Sai Hang forget about his parents temporarily. So he can start a new life in the orphanage.

    Yuu and Mika were standing outside, seeing Sai Hang playing with other kids.

    “Sai Hang can play with other kids now. I can finally rest assured.” Yuu said.

    “Yup.” Mika answered.

    Then Yuu clenched his fists. “On one day, I promise I will eliminate all tragedy… and disaster!”

    Mika looked at Yuu, and his purposeful stare. “I will always be with you, helping you, and protecting you… forever!”

    To be continued…
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    Hyakuya Yuichiro – the male protagonist of Owari no Seraph. He is one of orphan in Hyakuya Orphanage. After near all adults have been killed by a disease, he, Mika and other orphans were captured by Vampire as livestock. Yuu attached importance to Mika and others as his family. One day, they tried to escape from the Vampire but failed. Almost all orphans were killed, only Yuu could escape and be picked up by Japanese Imperial Demon Army. In the army, Yuu met new friends and joined in the force of Moon Demon Company. So now Yuu should be with his new family to fight the Vampire. However, Yuu was in this world and said his family was still in danger. What actually happened to him?
    Hyakuya Mikaela – another male protagonist of Owari no Seraph. He is also an orphan and family with Yuu. He was nearly killed while in escaping but Krul Tepes, the third progenitor and the queen of vampire in Japan revived him. Now Mika was a Vampire and knew that humans were using him in the experiment of Owari no Seraph so his objective was rescued Yuu from humans and vampires. He met Yuu two times in the battlefield. In the first time, as Yuu went berserk because of Seraph, Mika can’t rescue him. Then in the second time in the Battle in Nagoya, Mika met Yuu but since he didn’t want to drink human blood, he was nearly dead. But then he has drunk Yuu’s blood, he totally became a vampire. His pupil also turned from blue to red. He promised Yuu to help him rescue Shinoa’s team. But then now he and Yuu were here, what was actually happened?
    Asuramaru – the Oni lodged inside Yuu’s katana. He was one of the cursed gear in the strongest Black Demon Series. All Oni was actually a vampire before. It seems he was related to Krul Tepes. Originally, he just wanted to own Yuu’s body but after days of being together, Asuramaru now liked Yuu a little bit.
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    Owari no Seraph – the fallen angel that will destroy the world. There are multiple of them. One is inside Yuu’s body so Mika wants to rescue Yuu from the use of humans on him.

    Tsukumogami – Yokai or Gods that transformed from an object. The transformation normally needs 100 years. There is many type of them, such as umbrella, lantern, etc. Some are good that will repay people as people treated them well. Some are bad that will hurt people if people treated them badly. The Tsukumogami shown in this chapter was a new kind that isn’t recorded, and transformed from a car, and called Kurumataro.
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    Chapter 4 – Strategy

    [Normal world, downtown – 17th Jan, 2016 3:00]

    At 3:00 a.m. morning, when everyone was still asleep, a giant creature which looked like a giant chicken appeared at the downtown. Its name was Basan. The size showed that it was a Yokaiju. After its sudden appearance, the Yokaiju started to breathe fire around. The whole city was now covered by its blue flames.

    The alarms in Kaneki’s team headquarters immediately sounded. Kaneki, Kirito, Yuu and Mika quickly arrived in the downtown to fight with the Yokaiju. In the first stage of the battle, Kirito, Yuu and Mika tried to use their swords to cut, and Kaneki tried to use his red gun to shoot. But since the opponent was a monster that had 100m high and 50,000 tons, their attacks did not have any effect on it.

    “Our normal attacks didn’t work. What should we do?” Yuu said.

    “To deal with a Yokaiju, Magun is the best weapon.” Inaho said through radio. He and Slaine were in the headquarters to analyze information and make strategy.

    “If the enemy uses fire, I will use ice to freeze it!” Kaneki said.

    “It has moved!” He looked at the Magun. The emerald on it started to glow.

    “Soil is my power!” A drill came out from the golden cylinder. Then a screw was produced and started to spin. White energy storm was produced. A three barreled golden gun was gradually forming, with a beating black heart at its core. “The Magun has thawed!” The Magun completed forming.

    Basan has sensed the magic power and so started to look at Kaneki’s team.

    Then Kaneki pointed his finger towards Basan. “The soil charge triad to use on you has been decided!”

    Kaneki took out a green soil bullet from his belt. “The cry of a soul without light, forest green!” He just bounced his finger and the green bullet was inserted into one of the barrels.

    “The soil that forbids the birth of life, maiden white!” A white bullet inserted.

    “And finally, to freeze all things, ice blue!” Kaneki bounced the final blue bullet to the air, and the bullet was just inserted into the final barrel. Then the black heart beat faster and the drill started to spin.

    “Shine! I summon you! Shiva!” The Magun shot out a green, a white and a blue light. The three light gathered and became a creature that looked like an ice shield.

    Shiva flew towards Basan and hit it. Basan was completely frozen.

    “Do we succeed?” Kirito said.

    However, the ice covering on Basan immediately crashed. It looked like it did not take much damage from it. Basan started to counter. It breathed fire towards Kaneki’s team. The whole team jumped up to dodge the attack.

    “It looks like the power was not enough!” Kirito said. “Kaneki, you may need to summon an ice creature of Kaiju level.”

    After Kirito saying that, the Magun suddenly transformed back into its normal form. The whole team was shocked.

    “Everyone, please retreat!” Slaine said through radio.

    “But the Yokaiju was still rampaging the city. How could we retreat?!” Yuu said in surprise.

    “I promise it’ll be alright! Please retreat now! We need a better strategy to beat this Yokaiju!” Inaho said.

    Then everyone retreated to their own base.

    [Normal world, Kaneki’s team’s measures room – 17th Jan, 2016 3:43]

    Kaneki’s team arrived in the measures room. Inaho and Slaine were waiting for them.

    “Inaho!” Yuu yelled. “Why did you make us retreat?! That Yokaiju was still there. There’re still a lot of people suffering and dying!”

    “Please rest assured, Yuu!” Inaho said. “No one is suffering and dying.”

    Yuu was confused. And Inaho was just going to explain.

    “Let me analyze the fire breathed out by the Yokaiju.” Inaho turned on a 3D interface. A photo of Basan’s fire was shown. “The fire was actually a cold fire. That means it has ice power in it. Therefore, summon creature of ice element was useless against it.”

    “So we should summon creature that has fire power, right?” Mika said.

    “Yes.” Slaine said. “However, the problem was another property of this fire.”

    “Let me explain.” Inaho said. “Although it was a cold fire, it didn’t burn or freeze anything. The fire will just absorb the magic power in the surrounding. When people are still asleep, the fire will suck the magic power from them without any harming, and making them feel pain. But it’s still dangerous that the fire may dry out them. When the time comes, everyone will die. So we need to think of a better strategy before they’re killed.”

    After listening to this, everyone’s doubts were resolved. “So that’s also why my Magun has turned back to normal.” Kaneki said.

    “But then how could we extinguish that fire? Since we couldn’t use the Magun…”

    “I have a plan.” Inaho said. “The Magic Workshop was now making a potion that can extinguish that fire. So we need to…” Inaho explained his plan. “So this time, Slaine and I will also join the operation.”

    “But didn’t your robots also not work at this world?”

    “Our robots are not working.” Slaine said. “But we had other equipment. Haro army has repaired them for us. Let’s go checking out.”
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