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    “Is it finished?” Shinoa said.

    “Not yet.” Ferid said. “The true battle has just begun…”

    Several armored car arrived in the airport. Seeing those cars, everyone in the Moon Demon Company noticed they were from the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

    “They are…” Kimizuki said.

    “Japanese Imperial Demon Army!” Mitsuba said.

    “Are we saved?” Yoichi said.

    “No!” Yuu said from the behind. He thus stepped forward toward the Shinoa’s squad.

    “As Ferid said, the true battle was just begun.” Mika was also walking with Yuu.

    “So the Owari no Seraph…” Kirito said.

    “It’s about to awaken…” Kaneki said.

    [Owari no Seraph, Nagoya street – 26th Dec, 2020 17:56]

    Back on the Nagoya street, the fight between Asuramaru and Lest Karr was still carried out in full swing.

    Lest Karr has summoned his skeletal hands and tried to use them to capture Asuramaru.

    But Asuramaru was just fast enough, he teleported out just before the skeletal hands hit him.

    Afterward, Asuramaru tried to punch Lest Karr from behind. Lest Karr quickly used his bare hand to block the assault.

    As his attack was resisted, Asuramaru charged electric energy into his both hands, then trying to punch Lest Karr repeatedly. Lest Karr thus continuously used his bare hands to resist the attacks.

    “That’s so good! I’ve waited for this fight for so long… Ashera Tepes!” Lest Karr said while blocking.

    “Why do you want to fight me that much?” Asuramaru asked.

    “Because I hate you!” Lest Karr said. “You’re always the one beloved by our father! And you…”

    “So you’re jealous?”


    “You’re lying…”

    After Asuramaru said that, he released electric energy dispersedly from his hand toward Lest Karr’s stomach. Lest Karr’s stomach was burnt thus forcing him stepping backward.

    “Damn you!”

    After Lest Karr stood still, Asuramaru stopped his assault, it seemed like he wanted to talk with him.

    “We’re friends from the beginning. Although vampires should not have any emotions, I did know… you aren’t someone that’s evil or jealous. Shinnok’s memory must have corrupted you…”

    “It didn’t. Although my pre-existence is Shinnok, I’m still Lest Karr.”

    “Then could it be… because of our father?” Asuramaru said. “Rigr has been possessed by him. Are you also possessed?”

    “No, I’m not haunted by him.”

    “Then why?! Why did you cooperate with him, and turn us into Oni?!” Asuramaru said agitatedly.

    “Because we need to finish the Owari no Seraph, Oni must be needed!”

    “But why? Why do you need it so much?!”

    Lest Karr hesitated. Then he tried to answer. “I don’t know what our father truly wants, but… I… have a mission!”

    “A mission?!” Asuramaru said in surprise.

    “Yes. To kill everyone in the Earthrealm. That’s my mission!”

    Asuramaru was shocked. This did not make any sense to him.

    If Shinnok’s memory affected him that much, the reason he wanted to kill everyone in Earthrealm would be to conquer this place, thus fulfill his own ambition.

    However, it did not sound right, since Asuramaru could feel it, like Lest Karr said, Shinnok’s memory really did not affect him that much, and the Lest Karr he knew would not want to do something like that.

    “Did our father also want that?”

    “I don’t know what he is thinking but… I can be sure that’s not his purpose.”

    “Then why?” Asuramaru said with doubt. “Why do you want to kill everyone?!”

    “You won’t understand, Ashera. That’s my only hope in this world now. I must fulfill this mission!” Lest Karr said. “And the reason why I turned you into an Oni… you… are needed for one of the Seraph. That’s it…”

    “But now, everything should be settled, Ashera…” Lest Karr said. “If we’re still friends, let me kill you and then rest in peace!”

    After Lest Karr completed his words, Asuramaru stood still, and started to look downward.

    “If that’s the case…”


    “I’ll defeat you, Lest Karr!” Asuramaru raised his head and said. “And then, correct you!”

    “You’re the real one that have been deceived, Ashera. You should be the one to be corrected instead… I’ll do so by killing you! And you’ll know the truth!”

    The battle was restarted. Both people posed and was ready for another round. “Raiden Kannon!” Asuramaru also summoned multiple charged katana in the air, prepared for the great fight.

    However, a large and destructive aura came out. It stopped the 2 people to fight.

    “This feeling…” From the emotion Asuramaru had now, everyone should know, the situation has become worse.

    Because, “Seems like the Owari no Seraph has awakened… Hahaha! Ashera, I’ve won!”

    The angel of apocalypse was about to arise.

    To be continued…
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    Elysium – a Martian Kataphrakt piloted by Baron Yacoym. It can produce an entropy dilution field, which can be able to freeze the environment for 1km radius.
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    Chapter 20 – The Awakening of the Seraph

    [Owari no Seraph, Nagoya airport – 26th Dec, 2020 18:00]

    Several armored cars have arrived in the Nagoya airport. Seeing from the insignia on the car, Shinya noticed that they were from the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

    Then the cars stopped. Someone came out from the first car.

    Mitsuba was shocked by the person who first came out. That woman was, Sangu Aoi, the personal assistant of Hiragi Kureto. She was also Mitsuba’s older sister.


    After hearing Mitsuba’s saying, Aoi turned her head around immediately. It seemed like she wanted to show that she had no relation with her younger sister.

    “So they should be reinforcements, right?” Shinoa said. “But…”

    “Yuu and Mika said the true battle is just begun. But what does that mean…?” Yoichi said.

    “Because they’re now our enemies!” Mika said.

    Mika’s words surprised everyone. From what they knew, the Demon Army should be their ally. But…

    “He’s here!” Yuu said.

    After Yuu said that, another person came out from the first car, thus shocked everyone again.

    He was Hiragi Kureto, one of the persons in power in the army.

    By his appearing, it shocked almost everyone in the airport, especially the Shinya’s squad.

    “That’s him! The guy who tortured us!” Yoichi said.

    “Yes, he was Hiragi Kureto.” Kimizuki said.

    “But why do someone like him will come to the front lines?” Mitsuba said.

    Afterward, they turned around and looked at Yuu and Mika. Both people had a very serious expression from their eyes. It looked like they were ready to kill the man in front of them.

    After standing still, Kureto started to announce. “Soldiers! I’m Lieutenant General Hiragi Kureto! One of the rulers of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army!”

    “What the…?!” The Moon Demon Company soldiers said in surprise. “Isn’t Hiragi Kureto supposed to be the heir to the Hiragi family?!”

    “Well done on your successful mission! Thanks to the glorious sacrifices of the Moon Demon Company, humanity will finally achieve complete victory over vampire-kind!” Kureto continued.

    “I shall take over from here. All of you put down your weapons and be at ease!” The final words were a command to everyone in the airport.

    However, “don’t put down your weapons.” Shinoa said. “As Yuu and Mika said, I have a feeling that something terrible is about to happen.”

    “You’re right, Shinoa.” Inaho and Slaine walked toward them and said. “That guy is totally untrustworthy. The true battle is about to happen.”


    “Sorry for not introducing ourselves. I’m Slaine, Slaine Troyard.” Slaine said.

    “Kaizuka Inaho.” Inaho said.

    “I’m Kirito. Full name is Kirigaya Kazuto.” Kirito also came closer, along with…

    “Kaneki Ken! The team leader!”

    The 4 people lined up with Yuu and Mika, thus facing Kureto.

    “You all please step backward! Let us handle Hiragi Kureto!” Yuu said.

    Seeing the Kaneki’s team, Kureto was confused. The only one he knew was Yuu, plus a vampire that was noticeable.

    “Who’re they…?” Kureto said.

    “But how is he our enemy?” Narumi then asked.

    “It’s because the thing inside that armored car. Can’t you feel the aura inside it?” Ferid walked forward and said.

    Then Kureto noticed Ferid, plus two more vampire progenitors in the battlefield. Looking at them, Kureto was even more confused.

    After that, he also noticed something in the sky. The remained Demons were still roaming in the airport.

    “What’re those…?” Kureto said. “Ugh… Whatever…”

    “So what’s in that car actually?” Shinya asked. “What’re you planning for, brothers?!”

    “The Owari no Seraph…” Yuu said.

    After Yuu said that, everyone was shocked once more.

    “You want to carry out the human experiment of Owari no Seraph, right? Hiragi Kureto!” Mika said.

    Mika’s words surprised Kureto. There should not be anyone knowing his plan.

    “How do you know it, vampire?”

    “None of your business, human!”

    “Alright then… forget it…” Kureto said. “So you all are here to stop me, am I right? But do you really think you can?”

    Just a few moment after Kureto said that, Yuu immediately jumped, and swung his katana toward him.

    Yuu’s speed was very fast, fast enough that Kureto almost did not have time to catch up the attack using his cursed gear.

    “Where did your power come from?” Kureto said in surprise. “I don’t remember you’re that strong back in Shinjuku…”

    “Hehe, I’ve been trained!” Yuu said. “And now I have the power to defeat you, Hiragi Kureto!”

    After Yuu said that, suddenly, Yuu’s face has been punched and he was beaten into the air.

    After landed on the ground, what he saw was a Demon in front of him. And then not just one Demon, every Demon remained was blocking their way toward Kureto.

    “Damn it! The Demons are impeding us from attacking Kureto!” Yuu said.

    As Yuu’s assault was stopped, “although I don’t know what happened… Just begin the experiment!”

    After Kureto commanded, large number of giant chains started to extend from the armor car, thus started to attack everyone in the airport.

    “I won’t let this happen!” Shinya wanted to attack the chains and prevent them harming anyone, but then just an instant, he was kicked by a Demon, which stopping him from attacking the chain.

    Because of the obstruction of the Demons, many Moon Demon Company members were pierced by the chains, even the Demons were pierced.

    “They’re also for the sacrifices!”

    The chains started to suck blood from them. A lot of people and Demons were held up on the sky. The living body then turned into corpses slowly, thus produced an unforgettable and horrible scene.

    “Darn it! We still can’t stop this!” Yuu said angrily.

    “But… If this is for the awakening of the Seraph, this shouldn’t be enough!” Inaho said.

    “Yes, it still needs the blood from Oni and vampire…” Slaine said.

    “You need not worry about that!” A voice suddenly came from behind so everyone turned around to see toward that direction. Quan Chi was coming out from a portal behind them.

    “Quan Chi!”

    “For the blood of Oni, the Demons have it.” Quan Chi said. “The Demons have both factors of a human and an Oni. They were originally for the sacrifices for the Owari no Seraph, and you know? Lest Karr’s command was to kill everyone, right? Humans weren’t needed at the beginning!”

    “Then how about vampire’s blood? I don’t think the chain could hurt me, or Ferid, and Krul!” Mika said.

    “Yes, they can’t. However, I already have another plan!”

    After Quan Chi said that, someone came out from the portal. He had white long hair, and a top head. His clothing was like a vampire progenitor, but the only difference was on his eyes. His eyes were completely glowing yellow. He was…

    “Lululu Lalala!” Yuu said.

    “It’s Lucal Wesker! You fool!”

    “But Lucal is here, which means…” Kirito said.

    “Quan Chi, you monster!” Kaneki said.

    “Haha! Reviving dead people is just an easy job for me, and we can have more soldiers. Isn’t that very convenient?”

    Lucal then raised up his right arm, and a chain came over and pierced through it. Blood came out from the arm, and now every conditions were fulfilled.

    “Please suck the blood from humans, Oni and vampires! Owari no Seraph!” Quan Chi shouted.

    “Although I still don’t know who are they, it’s now the chance to finish it!” Kureto said. “Here it comes, Aoi! The divine punishment for humans that have violated the taboo is coming! Control that power!”

    “Don’t let the angel get out of control! Use the restraints!”

    The armor car exploded. A little girl with four wings was hanged up on the sky, with a horn in front of her.

    “Ugly humans, perish…” After the girl said that, the horn was sounded. Immediately, the whole sky became red in color.

    “It’s happening!” Krul said.

    “Yes, it all begins now!” Ferid said.

    Then Kimizuki noticed the girl. “Mi… Mirai?! Why are you here?!” That girl was actually Kimizuki’s younger sister, Kimizuki Mirai.

    Everyone in Shinoa’s team was shocked. No one has expected that the human experiment was carried on Kimizuki’s sister.

    However, “It’s ok! Kimizuki!” Yuu placed his hand on Kimizuki’s shoulder. “Mika, I, and others will bring back your sister. So don’t worry!”

    Yuu was being calm and confident in front of Kimizuki, and he even tried to calm him down.

    “Yuu… How do you…”

    Before Kimizuki could finish his words, Yuu, along with Mika, and the members of Kaneki’s team, stepped forward to face Mirai.

    “Restraints!” As Aoi shouted, several chains came out, and pierced through Mirai’s body. The Demon Army was now gaining control on her.

    “It seems like the experiment is so successful.” Quan Chi said. “How do you feel? Lucal?”

    “Whatever, I don’t have interest about this…” Lucal said. “I do only care about that female vampire, you know?”

    “As now the mission is fulfilled, let’s go back to the Netherrealm, and prepare for the next move!”

    After Lucal finished his words, Quan Chi opened up a portal, and both people entered it, thus leaving the airport.

    Black aura started to grow out from Mirai’s back.

    “It’s… It’s here! The devil of destruction that shall punish humans has appeared from the fifth trumpet!” A member from Kureto’s troop said.

    “Control status?” Kureto asked.

    “Because of the help from those beasts and vampire, the control is so successful! Mankind has finally succeeded in controlling the Owari no Seraph!”

    “Good!” Kureto said. “Then let’s the Devil Abaddon to finish things off!”

    The black aura has formed into a giant insect-like monster. It was the fifth trumpet, beast of destruction, Abaddon.

    “So that’s Abaddon, the beast of destruction?” Slaine said.

    “Yes, and its power is larger than I expected.” Inaho said.

    “So the moment is finally come!” Kirito said.

    “It’s now the time, for us all to face the angel of destruction!” Kaneki said, while cracking his finger.

    “Let’s go, Yuu-chan!” Mika said.

    “Hah, let’s go, Mika, everyone!” Yuu said.

    The battle between Kaneki’s team and the Seraph of the End was about to begin.

    To be continued…
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    Sangu Aoi – Mitsuba’s older sister. She was also personal assistant of Hiragi Kureto. She was loyal to Kureto very much but to Mitsuba, she always showed her disregard.

    Hiragi Kureto – One of the leader in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. He was a manipulative, ruthless and treacherous person. He also had his own ambitions to rule the world. Moreover, he was superior of Ichinose Guren. Cursed gear was Raimeiki.

    Lucal Wesker – Fifteen progenitor of vampire. He was defeated by collaboration between Shinoa’s team and Narumi’s team. But now because of Quan Chi’s sorcery, he has been revived and reappeared in front of everyone again.

    Kimizuki Mirai – Kimizuki’s younger sister. She was suffered from Apocalypse virus but then became a subject in Owari no Seraph experiment. Her Seraph was the fifth trumpet, beast of destruction, Abaddon.
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    Abaddon – The 5th trumpet of Owari no Seraph. It looks like a giant monster with insect-looking. It was also known as the beast of destruction.
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    Chapter 21 – The King of Salt

    [Owari no Seraph, Nagoya airport – 26th Dec, 2020 18:16]

    The fight in the airport was still continuing. And now, it has been moved into the final stage.

    The beast of destruction, Abaddon, along with its host, Kimizuki Mirai, were facing the Kaneki’s team.

    “So you think you could fight Abaddon? How overconfident!” Kureto said. “Aoi!”

    Aoi took out several kunai from a box, thus throwing them toward Abaddon.

    The kunai hit Abaddon. Several blobs then were split out from the hit points. After those blobs dropped on the ground, they became a number of Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    “Kill them all!” Kureto commanded.

    The Horsemen of the Apocalypse started their assault. Every single one was charging toward everyone.

    “Everyone, disperse!” Kaneki shouted, thus the Kaneki’s team started to scatter.

    Yuu took out his katana, and pointing it toward the sky. “Kitenrai!” Several lightning bolts stroke on some of the Horsemen, and killed them.

    “Bloody Wind Edge!” Mika continuously swung his sword and produced several pink crescent waves toward the Horsemen. Just after a few moments, those Horsemen have been cut into pieces.

    “Let’s begin our attack, Slaine!” Inaho and Slaine started to shoot with their every weapons, including machine guns, grenade launchers and missiles. A number of Horsemen were killed by large range of explosions.

    “I won’t lose to you guys!” Kirito took out his dual blades and started to cut the enemies. Several Horsemen were cut into pieces in just a second.

    “Me too!” Kaneki also took out his red gun to shoot. Then the Horsemen were killed one by one.

    After their assaults in just a few seconds, all Horsemen released by Abaddon were eliminated.

    “That’s amazing!” Shinoa said.

    “I have no idea you’re that strong… But then how about this?”

    After Kureto said that, Abaddon started to charge up energy from its mouth, and then shot a large and black destruction beam toward Kaneki’s team.

    Everyone jumped up and avoided the attack. When the beam hit the ground, it produced several enormous cracks there.

    “Phew! That’s one powerful attack!” Yuu said.

    “If it hits us, it’ll be over!” Slaine said.

    After Slaine said that, Yuu showed a confident emotion.

    “If we talk about destructive attacks, we do also have a lot!” Yuu said. “Right, Mika?”

    “Yes!” Mika said. “Let’s go, Yuu-chan!”

    “Asura Kannon!” Yuu summoned several floating and charged katana in the air. He then shot them toward Abaddon. When they came close to the demon, the katana started to surround it, thus began to rotate.

    Green electric shocks were sent toward Abaddon, which limited its movement.

    “Now it’s the chance! Mika!” After Yuu said that, Mika swung his sword toward the ground hard, and produced a shockwave toward Abaddon.

    When the wave arrived under Abaddon, it produced a large pink tornado around it.

    “Kiraibofu!” Yuu and Mika shouted. This ultimate technique was combining the power of Yuu’s cursed thunder and Mika’s bloody wind. When this two overbearing power gathered together, it should be able to destroy everything.

    “But wait, if you two used this technique, wouldn’t Mirai under it also get hurt?” Kirito asked.

    “It’s ok!” Yuu said. “We’re able to control the orientation of the energy flow, so only Abaddon will be damaged!”

    The great energy continued to damage Abaddon. Then after a moment, the energy dispersed.

    “Did we succeed?” Yuu asked.

    Unfortunately, the answer was no. Although the enormous energy did damage Abaddon, their technique was not enough to defeat it.

    “How could this be possible?!” Yuu said.

    “Heh! Of course it didn’t work! The beast of destruction isn’t that easy to kill!” Kureto said. “By the way, if you aren’t that merciful in the beginning and tried to hurt the subject at the same time, you may have won.”

    “We don’t do such thing like you!” Yuu said angrily. “Mirai is Kimizuki’s sister, which is also our family!”

    “Ha! How naïve you are!”

    “But still, we’re able to damage it, isn’t it?” Inaho said.

    “Then let us do the work!” Slaine said. “Let’s use our new weapon, Inaho!”

    Inaho and Slaine both concentrated, and their whole bodies were covered by golden yellow particles.

    “So you can unlock the maximum power of Aldnoah factors safely, without medicine?” Kaneki asked.

    “Yes, because of the training we had, we’re now able to transform whenever we want.”

    “And that’s not the only great thing!”

    The two people started to concentrate again. Just after a few seconds, a large cannon was produced from nothing, and landed on the bare hands of the two people.

    “This is the Aldnoah Cannon, the new weapon that was invented by the Haro army!”

    “That’s awesome!” Yuu said excitedly.

    The cannon started charging. “Fire!” A large beam was shot from the cannon toward Abaddon. The beam hit the beast, thus exploded.

    After the smokes scattered, Abaddon was still there, but it showed that the beam was successfully damaging it.

    “Still not dead yet? Its body is surely hard!”

    “But we still have our trump card!” Kaneki said. “Ifrit!”
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    Ifrit was originally summoned to deal with Scorpion and Sub-Zero before. It still has not yet disappeared.

    “Ha! As we have Ifrit, this fight is a sure win!” Kirito said.

    “’Cause there’s nothing Ifrit can’t burn!” Kaneki said.

    Ifrit generated a large fire ball, and threw it toward Abaddon. The ball hit it, and a large explosion occurred. As Ifrit’s fire ball was very powerful, plus the damages Abaddon had before, blood was coming out from a large wound that was produced on Abaddon’s body. It also forced it to move backward.

    “Yes! We created a large wound on Abaddon!”

    “One more… One more attack and we can defeat it!”

    So Ifrit produced another fire ball, and threw it toward Abaddon once more.

    However, “enough!” With Kureto’s shouting, Abaddon began to counter. It shot a destruction beam quickly toward the fire ball. It hit it, thus destroyed it.

    Not only that, the beam even penetrated through the fire ball, and hit Ifrit. Just in an instant, Ifrit could not bear the energy of the beam and disappeared.

    “Ifrit!” Kaneki shouted. Everyone was shocked.

    “I need to praise you that you could damage Abaddon that much! But now, it’s time to settle down!” Kureto said.

    Abaddon shot another beam toward the Kaneki’s team. Everyone jumped up again but this time, the explosion was big enough that the shockwave was hurting everyone in the air.

    “Damn it!” Kirito said after falling on the ground. “I don’t believe it can kill Ifrit that easily!”

    “Let’s try another super move!” Yuu said.

    “But I don’t think he will let us do so…” Inaho said. “Super move needs time to prepare, but he won’t give us time anymore…”

    “Then what should we do?!” Kirito said.

    After that, Yuu showed a serious face.

    “If that’s the case…”

    From Yuu’s words, Mika knew what Yuu wanted to do.

    “Yuu, you want to…” Mika said worriedly. “Don’t do that! If you do so, you may not be able to come back anymore!”

    “There’s no other way now, Mika.” Yuu said. “There’s no time for another super move, plus it’s useless for us to do any normal physical damage on that beast… That’s the only way now!”

    “Please trust me, Mika! If the another me can do the same thing in the other dimension, like in the manga and anime, I should be able to come back like them in this universe!” Yuu continued.


    Mika showed a sad face in front of Yuu, but Yuu just showed a confident smile to Mika to calm him down.

    Yuu then entered his inner world, where Asuramaru was there before.

    In front of him, there was a trumpet on the ground. Yuu picked it up, and tried to blow it.

    But before that, “are you sure to do so, Yuu?”

    A voice came from behind. When Yuu turned around, what he saw was Asuramaru, but in his chibi form.

    “You want to stop me? Asura-chan.”

    Asura-chan was a division that made by Asuramaru, to possess Yuu and prevent him from going berserk like last time when he faced the Berserk Mushroom.

    “No, I’m not going to stop you. But I just want to ask you if you’re really ready for that.” Asura-chan said. “Like Mika said, you may not be able to come back…”

    “There’s no other way now.” Yuu said. “So… I’m ready!”

    “Then go ahead, and wake up the angel!” Asura-chan said. “I’ll restrict the angel for you. And my main body will help you come back. There’s already a plan B for that!”

    “Then I’m relieved!”

    After Yuu said that, he sounded the horn. Back to the reality, a large fire pillar raised up, and it surrounded Yuu. Others were bounced off by the shockwave it produced.

    From Yuu’s back, black wings started to grow. Yuu was now transforming into his Owari no Seraph form.

    “Yuu-chan…” Mika was still sad about that, since he was still not able to stop this situation from happening.

    “What’s now?!” Kureto said.

    “It… It’s an unknown Owari no Seraph!” A member from the Demon Army said. “Another Seraph is in the process of activating at the center of that fire pillar!”

    “How is that possible?”

    “We don’t know! There may have been some organization besides ours conducting an experiment… or it could simply be a spontaneous occurrence!”

    “Either way, if it is left as it is…” The member continued.

    “Another catastrophe will end the world again.” Kureto said. “God seems determined to smite us. But even if god himself is our enemy…”

    “Humanity will still push forward into the future! Aoi, crushed that Owari no Seraph!”

    “Yes, sir!” Aoi said. “All units concentrate fire on that pillar of fire! Also aim the beast of destruction at it!”

    Abaddon shot a beam toward where Yuu was. However, Yuu quickly moved so dodged the attack.

    “The end has come. Tainted humans who dare reach for the forbidden… may you all become… pillars of salt.” Yuu has completed his transformation.

    Then he just swung his arm, and a wall of pillars of salt was raised up. Abaddon shot another beam toward it. The beam hit the wall, but could not break it.

    “That… That’s the second trumpet, the King of Salt!” A member from the Demon Army said.

    “Can it kill our beast of destruction?!” Aoi asked.

    “We don’t have a choice! Kill the trumpet!”

    After Kureto said that, Yuu generated a spear that made of salt, thus flew toward Abaddon.

    Abaddon shot another beam toward Yuu, and Yuu used the spear to resist it. The two great power collided with each other, thus produced shockwave that broke one of Yuu’s wing.

    However, just after a second, Abaddon’s beam has already been resolved. And Yuu just flew toward Abaddon afterward, thus cut through it vertically by his spear of salt.

    After that, Yuu raised up his spear, and a lightning bolt just struck on Abaddon. Abaddon was then transformed into salt, and then perishing like dust.

    Abaddon was defeated. Mirai also turned back to normal, and fainted on the ground.

    However, “on this day, the cycle of human greed and desire… shall crumble… as naught but pillars of salt in the wind.”

    Yuu was still in his Owari no Seraph form. Now, no one could stop him, except…

    A blue thunder came out from the sky, which struck Yuu, thus making Yuu’s another wing to vanish.

    Then, Asuramaru appeared in front of him, with his body fully charged of electricity. Everyone was shocked by his appearing.

    “Yuu, stop!” Asuramaru said.

    “You are… the ancient Elder God?”

    After Yuu said that, another lightning bolt struck on him.

    “I’m here to stop you, the King of Salt!”

    “Why… why would you still help those sinners?”

    “Not all humans are the same. Your host is one of the example.”

    After Asuramaru said that, Yuu did not say anything, but instead tried to fight Asuramaru. However, since he was weakened, he could not summon his spear of salt anymore, thus took out the curse gear on his waist.

    Seeing him taking out the katana, Asuramaru quickly teleported behind Yuu, and put his hand on Yuu’s hand.

    “Thank you for using that weapon, King of Salt. Now, let’s try to understand each other…” Asuramaru started charging on Yuu’s katana. “But before that, let’s shock yourself!”

    Large amount of electricity was released from the cursed gear. Since it was from Yuu’s katana, the thunder was green in color.

    With the thunder that could break any magic, Yuu turned back into his normal form. However, since both people were contacting each other, both were shocked, thus fainted and started to fall.

    Before hitting on the ground, Yuu was picked up by Mika, and Asuramaru was picked up by Ferid.

    “Are you okay, Ashera?” Ferid said.

    “I’m okay, Jennifer…” Asuramaru woke up and said. “Thank you…”

    Then Krul also came close. “Brother, welcome back!”

    “Thank you, Krul!”

    After their conversation, everyone looked at Yuu.

    “Then how about Yuichiro? Is he ok?”

    “He’s okay.” Asuramaru said. “But since he has transformed, we need to move on to plan B.”

    Mika looked at Yuu that on his both hands. “Yuu-chan…” He was still very worried about him.

    However, “we don’t have the time to talk anymore.” Inaho said. “The Japanese Imperial Demon Army is still there!”

    “Yes, we are!” Kureto said. Everyone from the Demon Army were now holding their curse gear, prepared for capturing everyone on the other side.

    “What should we do now?” Crowley asked.

    “That’s not even a question…” Ferid said. “The answer of course is… retreat!”

    “You think you can run away?!” Kureto said angrily. “Get them!”

    Everyone from the Demon Army began to charge toward them.

    “But where should we go now?” Shinya asked.

    “Let’s head back to Sanguinem! That’s the safest place now!” Krul said.

    Then everyone started to run. However, the Demon Army was about to catch them.

    “They are about to catch us!”

    “Let them taste our new weapon!”

    Slaine threw a grenade toward the Demon Army. The grenade exploded and produced a lot of smoke, thus making the members of Demon Army choking and dropping tears.

    “That’s our new tear gas grenade made by the Haro army. How does that feel?!” Slaine said.

    “Damn it… Cough… Don’t let them… Cough… Run away…” Kureto said painfully.

    Because of the grenade, everyone has opened the distance from the Demon Army, thus escaped the airport successfully.

    As Yuu was awaken as the King of Salt, Kaneki’s team has failed their original plan. Therefore, the war has been moved on to the next step.

    To be continued…
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    Asura-chan – a division that was made by Asuramaru. He does look like Asuramaru, but in his Chibi form. He is produced to prevent Yuu from any kind of going berserk.


    The King of Salt – the second trumpet of Owari no Seraph. Its host was Yuu. The trumpet was able to control salt and turn the enemies into pillars of salt.
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