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    [Owari no Seraph, Sanguinem entrance D – 29th December, 2020 10:55]

    The battle between Krul and Ky Luc was still in progress. However, unlike the fight between Inaho, Slaine and Nix, the situation was totally different.

    The both vampires were in the air. One was continuously punching and kicking the other, while the other one has kept getting punched and kicked, and could not even counter.

    A few moment later, the one who got hit so many times, was finally fallen on the ground.

    “Hahaha… I really… can’t beat you…” Ky Luc, the one on the ground, said.

    The other one also landed. But the place she landed on was not ground. She was landed on the stomach of Ky Luc, which causing more damages on him.

    “I think it’s time for you to surrender, Ky Luc!” Krul, the one who beat Ky Luc, said.

    “I really can’t! If I surrender, I will be in trouble!” Ky Luc said while smiling.

    “Still don’t want to surrender, huh? Could it be you love being tortured?”

    “Of course not…” Ky Luc said. “I just can’t…”

    “Then let me keep hitting you until you give up!”

    After Krul said that, she just continued to punch Ky Luc’s stomach with her fastest speed. Blood has been vomited out from Ky Luc’s mouth continuously.

    “Why don’t you surrender?!”

    “I… can’t…”

    The punching still kept on going, but the difference was, the hit position was gradually transferred toward the head.

    When the head was hit, Krul just paid more effort, and finally, broke Ky Luc’s neck.

    Krul stopped. She stood up and looked at the mess she created.

    “It’s enough!” Krul said. “If you really don’t want to say ‘I give up’, I will just tie you up then.”

    Looking at the fallen vampire, Krul still did not understand why he would insist on not giving up.

    However, what she did not know, was something about to change.

    A few moment later, Ky Luc suddenly stood up, twisted his neck and acted like everything was normal.

    “You still can stand?” Krul said in surprise.

    “Yes, I am.” Ky Luc said. “And I won’t be tied up by you, Krul-sama.”

    Ky Luc’s saying has surprised Krul a lot.

    “How come you said that? Was our difference in strength not enough to convince you that you aren’t able to resist me?”

    “I know we have the difference in strength.” Ky Luc said. “But the truth is…”

    Before he finished his words, a grappling hook suddenly appeared and was threw toward Krul.

    Krul quickly reacted to it, but the hook was just too fast that it scratched Krul’s face and created a wound on her.

    After that, the hook returned to Ky Luc’s hand, and an abnormally evil smile just appeared on his face. “I… am stronger than you!”

    “Where… where was that come from?” Krul was totally shocked.

    “These are my real weapons, a pair of grappling hooks. Besides that, I also have a pair of hookswords…”

    “These are not normal vampire’s weapons…” Krul said. “Thinking of the speed of your last attack, and the weapons, could… it be… you have…”

    “I have my memory of preexistence, just like Asuramaru and Lest Karr!”

    Krul was even more surprised. It was unbelievable that besides Asuramaru, Lest Karr and Ferid, there was fourth person that had the memory.

    “But then… how come…?”

    “How come I don’t use my true power earlier? Because I have to act. This is the mission given by my boss.” Ky Luc said. “And now I just lost my patience to bear the pains from your every hit, so I use my power…”

    “…” Krul could not respond, since the situation has suddenly changed badly. She may not be able to fight Ky Luc now because of his preexistence’s memory.

    “No need to be nervous! I have told you I am not allowed to use my power, right? If I continue fighting, my boss will kill me! So you can be assured.”

    After Ky Luc said that, he then turned around, and prepared to leave.

    “For now on, I’ll leave the war between you and Lest Karr, since it’s just all a boring puppet show. But Krul Tepes, we will meet each other again. When that time happens, I promise you I will pay you tenfold for the pain, and give you a horrible death!”

    The conversation ended, thus Ky Luc disappeared. His speed while leaving was just too fast that even Krul’s eyes could not trace it.

    As he left, Krul just knelt down. “Tsk!” At the time being, Krul was totally annoyed, and angry, since she has been played for the whole time.

    [Owari no Seraph, Kyoto Vampire Progenitor Coalition temporary base – 29th December, 2020 10:55]

    On the other side of the vampire progenitor army base, Ferid, and Urd, were in a 1-on-1 battle.

    Ferid was one of the 7th progenitors, and Urd was the 2nd progenitor. Normally, the strength, speed and power of Ferid should be weaker than Urd, which the difference was shown by the difference in ranking.

    However, what was happening in the battlefield now, was that Ferid had an even fight with Urd.

    “Where did your strength come from, Ferid Bathory?!” Urd said in surprise, while fighting.

    “I actually don’t have the strength like yours, but… could you figure it out that I have some technique~~, Urd-sama~~?”

    After Ferid said that, Urd quickly stepped backward, and started to observe Ferid.

    “Your posture… martial arts?”

    “Yeah, you figured it out! As I expected, Urd-sama!”

    “But where did you learn the technique from?”

    “I learnt them from an old sensei. Urd-sama, you actually knew him!”

    Then Urd tried to recall his memory. After a few seconds, he thought of something, thus showed a shocked emotion on his face.


    “Yes, he’s my sensei.”

    After Ferid answered, Urd started to think again.

    “That old man, I nearly forgot about him…” Urd said. “But still, it’s unexpected you still remembered the martial arts he taught you.”

    “Of course, I remembered.” Ferid said. “He’s my mentor. Also, he was the one who took care of Ashera, Krul and Nix, right?”

    “You remind me about that… The memory is coming back.”

    “Yeah, and life at that time was a lot of fun!” Ferid said. “Until… the first progenitor took Ashera away!”

    Ferid’s words recalled Urd’s memory again. It has reminded Urd, how much he hated his father.

    “The first progenitor… Nix and I couldn’t forgive him, and Rigr Stafford!”

    “And also Lest Karr!”

    Urd was shocked again. “You still think Lest Karr was suspicious?”

    “Actually, we have the evidences now. We have even fought him for a few times…”

    Urd’s face showed even more surprised. “So Lest Karr… are truly the one…”

    “Yes.” Ferid said. “He was one of the masterminds, and the one who desired for the Seraph of the End, even more than us.”

    “Why would him…?”

    “I’m sure you’ll know the reason later on!”

    Then Urd began to think again.

    “So that’s why these all things happened…”

    “And now, since you know the truth, please help us, Urd-sama.” Ferid said.

    “…” Urd hesitated a little bit. “How can I help you?”

    “You and Nix could gather information for us, and please act like you don’t know anything in front of Lest Karr.”

    “That’s easy job!”

    “Also, may you command the coalition to retreat? We could prepare the next plan after that.”

    “Is that it?”


    “Alright!” Urd then turned around, and looked at some vampire soldiers who were witnessing their battle.

    “Inform other unit! We’re now retreat!” Urd commanded.

    As the command was out, the vampire soldiers left the place and began to spread the order to other units.

    “Thank you very much, Urd-sama! You really help us a lot.”

    “No need to thank me. All of these were for Ashera, in case of we could save him!”

    “Ah, talking about Ashera, I have a good news for you!”

    “Good news?”

    “Ashera was back. He was now fighting somewhere in Sanguinem!”

    Urd was totally surprised once more. “Is that… true?”

    “Yes, totally true~~!”

    After Ferid said that, smile appeared on Urd’s face. “Ha, I see.” After completing his words, Urd turned around, along with the smile, and began the preparation for retreat.
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    [Owari no Seraph, Sanguinem entrance C – 29th December, 2020 11:04]

    The armored demon was attacking Inaho and Slaine. They both used their blades to block the demon’s fatal scythe.

    “The demon… was even stronger than I thought!” Slaine said.

    They both put more effort and pushed the scythe away, thus stepped backward to create a distance between them and the demon.

    “It’s even stronger than the data we have! It seems like it has been strengthened with the time passed…” Inaho said.

    “Then… what should we do?!” Slaine said.

    Inaho started to think. “As the demon is the one attacking us now, if we just aim for the demon…” Inaho said. “That could actually be our advantage!”

    Then Inaho whispered what he thought to Slaine. “Nilokeras!” Inaho said.

    “Huh?” Nix said. It seemed like he could hear what they said but could not understand it.

    “Can that work?” Slaine said in surprise.

    “Yup!” Inaho said confidently.

    Because of the confidence Inaho showed, “Then let’s go!” Slaine has also been cheered up.

    The demon has started its assault again. It charged toward the two people, and quickly swung its scythe toward them.

    “I won’t let you hurt us!” Reacting to the demon’s assault, Slaine quickly jumped up, and tried to ram toward the demon.

    “You’re committing suicide!” Nix said in surprise.

    “No, I’m not!”

    The scythe hit Slaine. But instead of him getting damaged, the scythe was suddenly disintegrated.

    “How could…?!” Nix was shocked.

    Then Slaine quickly hugged the demon. For the parts Slaine contacted with the demon, those parts began to decompose in a rapid way. Thus within a few seconds, the demon was totally vanished.

    This disintegration power was from a Martian Kataphrakt, Nilokeras, which could generate a dimensional barrier that could absorb any physical matter and energy, thus created a visual effect that looked like the enemy was decomposed.

    “No! The demon…!” Nix yelled.

    “Now, Slaine!”

    As Inaho shouted, Slaine quickly generated two giant rocket fists, and shot them toward Nix.

    Those fists quickly flew toward Nix and grabbed his body, thus pushing him forward toward a wall.

    The fists were the power from a Martian Kataphrakt, named Hellas.

    Then after a moment, the fists finally hit the wall. Cracks were made on top of it, thus fixed Nix there.

    “Such power… I can’t move…!” Nix said.

    “If grappling hooks cannot seal your movement, we could use a more powerful weapon to do so!” Inaho said. “And now, you should have no choice but to use your power!”

    “Darn it!” Nix quickly dropped his sword, and used his telekinesis power to move his sword toward the 2 people.

    The speed of the sword was very high, since he wanted to take down the 2 people before they could do something, as he already knew, they were planning on something.

    However, “And now it’s our chance! Slaine!”

    Inaho and Slaine both put their fingers on their forehead quickly. A high-energy electronic wave was created from their equipment, thus interfering with the telekinesis power Nix released to control the sword.

    “This is… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…!” Nix screamed painfully, thus lost control on his sword, which made his sword dropped on the ground.

    “And now, the battle is finished.” Inaho and Slaine stopped releasing the wave, thus Nix stopped screaming. “You shouldn’t be able to move now.”

    Then after a few moment, “How do you know… I have such kind of weakness…? And plan for… all of these?” Nix said slowly, and weakly.

    “As we know, you are a telekinesis user. From the research we have done on a Mortal Kombantant, we knew there was a wave with a specific wavelength could interfere it, thus weakening the user.” Inaho explained. “Therefore, we are waiting for you to use your telekinesis, so we can activate the interference wave.”

    “But the problem was, it seems like you’re not willing to use that, so we have to pay more efforts to force you into a situation that you can only choose to use telekinesis.” Slaine said.

    “Heh… you’re right... I knew what you’re waiting for…” Nix said. “Although you said it quietly… I’m blind… my ears were good enough to hear your conversation…”

    “I see.” Inaho said. “That’s a mistake I made. I didn’t expect you have such a good pair of ears.”

    Then Inaho and Slaine walked toward Nix.

    “Now I’ve lost… Kill me…” Nix said.

    “Sorry, but we won’t do that…”

    After Inaho said that, the two fists suddenly disappeared. Nix then fell down but was caught by Slaine. Slaine has released him.

    “Why… did you?”

    “Nix Parthe, we are not your enemies.” Inaho said. “Although from your manner, it seems like you hate humans. However, what we are doing is helping your friends, Ferid and Krul, and also Ashera.”

    Nix was shocked as Inaho talked about Ashera.

    “And we also know why you came here. You wanted to investigate on how Ferid and Krul were convicted, right?” Slaine said.

    Hearing from that, Nix was even more shocked. His mind has been read by the two humans.

    “… Yes…” Nix admitted.

    “Then let us explain what happened, and what the truth is…”

    Inaho started to explain the whole situation to Nix. Nix was surprised about the preexistence, and the origin of this world related to Mortal Kombat, and Owari no Seraph.

    “So Lest Karr, which was Shinnok, was the mastermind?” Nix said.


    “And Ashera… was back?”


    After hearing the answer, “…” Nix could not say anything. His mask just felt off, thus showed his both eyes.

    His eyes were completely white, without any pupil, or iris on them.

    Tears started to come out from his eyes. With the smile on his face, it seemed like he has brought back the treasure he lost a long time ago.

    “I’m so glad…! Ashera… you’re back!”

    Nix tried to wipe out his tears, but they just kept coming out.

    Then after a few minutes, Nix just calmed down, so the conversation continued.

    “So, Nix, now you know the truth. Would you like to be our companion?”

    “Of course, since you are trusted by Ashera, I am happy to be your companion!”

    “Then could you help us to do something?”

    Inaho started to explain to Nix, what they wanted him to do.

    “So you want me to act like I know nothing, and then try to monitor Lest Karr?”


    “No problem! Leave it to me!”


    As Nix promised, he began to prepare to leave, but before that, “Before I leave, what’re your names again?”

    “I am Inaho, Kaizuka Inaho!”

    “And I’m Slaine, Slaine Troyard!”

    “Inaho and Slaine… Your names, I will not forget!”

    After Nix finished his words, a vampire soldier arrived. It looked like he was a soldier from the vampire progenitor coalition.

    “Nix-sama! Urd-sama has commanded everyone to retreat!”

    After the soldier said that, Nix suddenly jumped backward, and kept a distance from Inaho and Slaine.

    “Huh! Today’s your lucky day! Next time you see me, you’ll be dead!”

    With the acting finished, Nix turned around, and followed the soldier to leave entrance C.

    “Ah, wait! I forgot to tell him his preexistence’s name…” Slaine said.

    “No need. Soon he will find out himself. So don’t mind it.” Inaho said.

    “Right, Takahashi Kenshi?”
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    [Owari no Seraph, Kyoto Vampire Progenitor Coalition temporary base – 29th December, 2020 11:06]

    “Damn you! Damn you!”

    Lest Karr was still in a bitter fight with holograms of Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

    Since he could not use his power in front of everyone, his vampire’s strength could only put him into an even battle with the two images.

    But then suddenly, a vampire soldier arrived near them.

    “Lest Karr-sama! Urd-sama has ordered everyone to retreat!”

    Hearing this, Lest Karr was totally shocked.

    “Retreat already?!”

    “Haha! Looks like our plan is totally successful!”

    After Red Haro said that, the visual images of both ninja suddenly disappeared. “There was no need to fight anymore, right, Lest Karr?”

    “You’re right! Damn it! I don’t even expect it will end this soon! Good for you this time!”

    Lest Karr turned around, and prepared to retreat.

    “Such a boring war! It only lasted less than 2 hours! And it has ended!” Lest Karr said discontentedly.

    “Or… is it?” For all of a sudden, Lest Karr turned his face sideway, and showed his evil smile.

    And then he turned back, and walked out of the battlefield.

    Red Haro did not chase him, since his mission was only to stop him, and now as the war was ended, there was no advantage for it to keep fighting.

    [Owari no Seraph, Sanguinem entrance E – 29th December, 2020 11:06]

    The battle between Asuramaru and Triborg was now in full swing.

    Asuramaru’s charged punch was colliding with Triborg Sektor’s rocket-powered punch.

    The speed was so fast that even water under them was rolled up, thus spray was everywhere.

    As the close combat was even for both sides, they all tried to step backward and choose a different strategy.

    “Try my new technique! Raiden Kannon!” Asuramaru summoned several charged katana in the air, and was prepared to begin his new assault.

    “Impressive! Then how about this?”

    Triborg tried to do something, but then suddenly, he stopped.

    “Our battle has ended…” Sektor said.

    “Why did you stop?!” Asuramaru said in surprise.

    “Urd-sama has ordered everyone to retreat! The war ended!” Sektor said. “You all have done a really good job…”

    “Ha! That means Jennifer succeeded! Great!” Asuramaru said. “But then now, you’re going to retreat?”

    “Yes, since keep fighting will make me suspicious toward other vampires, retreat is the best choice.” Sektor said. “Also, there’s no difference if I am not here!”

    “It’s still the end of all of you today! Do you really think there is no ‘more’?” Sektor continued.

    “Oh, what do you mean? Urd already commanded all of you to retreat!”

    “Heheh! You really think the war will end like this? Then I would like to surprise you. The army from the Netherrealm will be ambushing you today! And you don’t even know where they come from!”

    “Oh, so you’re talking about that. Then I’m going to disappoint you! Do you know why there is no trace of Yuu, Mika, Kaneki and Kirito in this war?”

    “What?! They are… Could it be… you even knew about this already?!” Sektor said in surprise.

    “Sorry to surprise and disappoint you~~!”

    [Owari no Seraph, Sanguinem south garden – 29th December, 2020 11:10]

    At the south of Sanguinem, there was a garden hidden there.

    Suddenly, a large portal opened up. The Netherrealm army was about to proceed.

    However, there were 4 people waiting for them. They were Kaneki, Kirito, Yuu and Mika.

    The true battle of the Sanguinem was about to begin.

    To be continued…
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    Magic Hologram Projector – a new device made by the Haro army. It can produce a physical image of anything, which could interact with anything in the real world. It can also create image of a fighter, but it can only reproduce 20% power of the original one.

    Argyre – a Martian Kataphrakt that was piloted by Sir Vlad. It has a two Beam Katana that produce extreme heat.

    Nilokeras – a Martian Kataphrakt that was piloted by Baron Trillram. It can create a dimensional barrier on its body, and the barrier could absorb any forms of energy and matters.

    Hellas – a Martian Kataphrakt that was piloted by Countess Femianne. It has 6 rocket-propelled fists that can be shot out to attack or grab the enemies.
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    Chapter 26 – The Unfortunate Return

    [Owari no Seraph, Sanguinem south garden – 29th December, 2020 11:11]

    A portal has been opened in a garden at the south of Sanguinem. The ambush attack was about to begin by the Netherrealm army.

    However, because of purple Haro’s divination, Kaneki’s team already knew they were coming. Therefore, Yuu, Mika, Kaneki and Kirito were guarding there.

    “Just like the divination said, they’re attacking here! Everyone, prepare to fight!” Kaneki said.

    Everyone took out their weapons and prepared a battle posture.

    After a few seconds, someone came out from the portal.

    He was a man with black hair and a black business suit. Seeing him coming, Yuu and Mika were shocked.

    “You’re…” Yuu said in surprise.

    “Saito-san…” Mika said, also in surprise.

    The man in the black suit was named Saito. Yuu and Mika already knew him when they were young while in Hyakuya Orphanage.

    However, seeing Yuu and Mika here, Saito was also surprised.

    “Oh… Yuichiro and Mikaela? You two are here?” Saito said. “Ah… My action should be a secret… How do you know we will be attacking here?”

    “We got someone that knows divination! So we knew the Netherrealm army will be ambushing here!” Yuu said. “But… Your appearance is really a surprise to us…”

    “Oh, divination! That’s convenient!” Saito said. “By the way, that’s long time no see! Yuichiro and Mikaela! Do you miss me?”

    “No!” Mika said. “We knew what you are already, Saito! You can’t trick us again!”

    “Oh, really?” Saito said. “You have been another dimension, right? Sure you have gathered a lot of information about me there, but…”

    “Do you know my true identity? My preexistence?”

    After Saito finished his words, he suddenly transformed into smoke, and teleported behind the 4 people.

    They quickly realized that and so turned around, and stepped backward to keep a distance from him.

    “How could he?!” Kirito said in surprise.

    “Now do you know who I am?” Saito asked.

    “You are…” Kaneki said. “Human Smoke?”

    “You’re correct, Kaneki!” Saito said. “But there is one more correct answer… I’m Enenra!”

    This situation was totally unexpected. From purple Haro’s divination, they were told that the garden would be invaded by a large army of demons and Four horsemen of John. But now instead, an enemy that had preexistence’s memory was here. This made the whole situation worse.

    “Damn it! We don’t think you’ll be here!” Yuu said. “But where’s your demon army?! Summon them and let the fight begin!”

    “Demon army? What are you talking about?” Saito said. “I haven’t brought any demon here. But well, I do have brought some helpers. They should have been arrived… Ah, here they are!”

    Then everyone turned around and looked at the portal. There were 3 people coming out.

    One was a girl that had orange-brownish hair with a white and red uniform. She has also equipped a rapier.

    On the other side, the one on her left was a girl that had pale blue hair and a desert-colored military jacket. She was also holding a sniper on her hands.

    Finally, for the one at the right, he was a bulky man that wore a white suit and a mask that looked like Jason Voorhees’ one.

    However, there was one common point between the 3 people, which their eyes were all glowing yellow. This was the evidence that they were revived from death by the sorcery of Quan Chi.

    Seeing these 3 people coming out, Kaneki and Kirito were totally surprised.

    “It seems like your old friends are here, Kaneki and Kirito! What a coincidence!” Saito said playfully.

    Looking at the two girls, not only shock was on Kirito’s face, but also sadness and anger.

    “Asuna… and Sinon… You two…” Kirito said, with tears coming out from his eyes.

    “Saito… You monster!” Kirito turned around and stared at Saito angrily.

    “Ahaha, sorry, but I’m not the one who revived them. Quan Chi did that, and I think you should blame him about that.”

    Then Kirito turned around again and looked at the two girls. Asuna stepped forward toward him.

    “Kirito, you heartbreaker! While I’m dead, you’re in love with someone else instead of me?! Just use your life to make it up to me!” Asuna said.

    “Prepare to die, Kirito!” Sinon said.

    “Asuna… Sinon… Quan Chi has controlled you… I’ll save you from him!”

    While there was a standoff between Kirito, Asuna and Sinon, the one who wore the Jason Voorhees’ mask also stepped forward.

    “Yamori…” Kaneki said. The bulky man in front of him was Yamori, a ghoul that has tortured him before.

    “How wonderful is today? I could meet you again!” Yamori said. “This time, I’ll make sure to torture you even harder than before, to pay you for what you have done to me! And I’ll swallow your whole body afterward!”

    “Oh… You really think you can do so? Do you forget how you were defeated by me last time?”

    “Of course I remember! And I’ve been much stronger compared to last time! So this time I’ll absolutely kill you!”

    “Ha, really?” Kaneki cracked his index finger. “Then show me your new strength!”

    In the current situation, the Kaneki’s team was surrounded by the enemies, while Saito was at the back, and Asuna, Sinon and Yamori were at the front.

    “Kaneki, what should we do now?” Mika asked.

    “It looks like the enemies have arranged this situation for us deliberately. It’s like they know we’ll be here…” Kaneki said. “But still, each of us should take on the enemies who are related to our past, to prevent the situation becoming a mess. So…”

    “I will fight Yamori. Yuu and Mika fight Saito. And…” Kaneki continued. Then he turned his head toward Kirito.

    “Kirito, can you take on Asuna and Sinon? There’re two of them…”

    “I can… and I have to!”

    From the words said by Kirito, the sadness and anger were already gone. Now what inside his mind, was the determination to save the ones he loved.

    Seeing his determination showed on his face, Kaneki just smiled.

    “Alright, let’s do this!” After Kaneki said that, everyone just charged toward their own opponents.

    The enemies also prepared their battle postures, to response to Kaneki’s team’s offensive.

    Looking at Yuu and Mika, they were charging toward Saito, holding their weapons, and was about to swing them toward their foe.

    However, Saito did not move, and let the blades cut through him straightly.

    This shocked Yuu and Mika, as they did not think he would just choose to stand there.

    “Haha, have I surprised you?”

    After Saito said that, from the wounds that Yuu and Mika cut on, smoke started to come out.

    Without a second, Saito has transformed into smoke once again. Then quickly, Yuu and Mika were pushed hard at the back, thus falling down on the ground.

    “Another surprise!” Saito has already teleported behind them.

    “Damn it! How can I hit him?!” Yuu said while standing up.

    “Maybe we should use our elemental attack!” Mika said.

    “Elemental attack? You learnt something like that? Interesting!” Saito said. “But you know what? I also learnt some. Want to see some cool tricks?”

    After Saito finished his words, Yuu and Mika’s face suddenly got punched, thus making them to fall down again.

    After waking up, they saw a person just looked like Saito in front of them. However, its whole body just looked as dark as a shadow.

    This shocked Yuu and Mika once again, since this ability was not come from Human Smoke, but Noob Saibot instead.

    “Where did this power come from… Saito?!” Yuu said.

    “You should already know it, right? It’s from Noob Saibot.” Saito said.

    “But aren’t you Smoke? Why do you have Noob Saibot’s power?!” Mika asked.

    “As Enenra, I have devoured Noob Saibot and gained all his power! Now, I’m the combination of both Smoke and Noob Saibot!”

    “Moreover…” Chains suddenly came out from Saito’s right sleeve. “I also have some power from the first progenitor, so… you have no way to beat me!”

    “Well, it seems like it is going to be a bitter fight…”

    While Yuu and Mika were fighting Saito, Kaneki and Yamori were in a chasing battle.

    “Kaneki! Kaneki! I’ll break you! And then I’ll kill you!”

    Yamori was in his incomplete Kakuja form, and continuously tried to use his Kakuja arm to beat down Kaneki.

    On the other hand, while being chased by Yamori, Kaneki just kept jumping backward to dodge Yamori’s assault.

    “You’ve sure been stronger, Yamori… But it’s disappointing that you’re still in this form.”

    After Kaneki said that, he quickly took out his red gun, and started shooting.

    Several bullets were shot toward Yamori in the speed of sound. However, Yamori was fast enough to react, and swung his Kakuja arm to bounce off all bullets.

    After Yamori cleared all projectiles, just within a second, Kaneki suddenly appeared in front of him and swept his Kagune toward his face.

    Yamori’s face was hit, thus pushing him to face backward.

    Afterward, Kaneki continued to kick his face repeatedly in the air. The continuous attack made his head to turn left and right again and again.

    Then suddenly, Yamori grabbed Kaneki’s right leg with his left hand, thus stopped Kaneki’s movement.

    “Got… got you… again!”

    Seeing this, “Really?” Kaneki aimed his gun, and straightly shot it toward Yamori’s face. An explosion was produced on the spot that Kaneki shot on.

    By shooting at him several times, Yamori was forced to release Kaneki, thus letting him to jump back, and keep a distance between the two fighters.

    “Sorry, I won’t bend my leg this time!” Kaneki said.

    Because of the straight attack, Yamori was now more mad. “Kaneki! Kaneki!” The part that was damaged started to heal, and made him more urgent for the second assault.

    However, “It seems like I am too strong for you, Yamori!” Kaneki said. “I guess there’s no need for me to use too much effort to take you down…”

    Then he looked at where Kirito was fighting. “Wait for me, Kirito! I’m going to help you!”
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    Compared to the fight between Kaneki and Yamori, the fight between Kirito and, Asuna and Sinon, was instead a total disadvantage for him.

    “Die! Kirito, you heartbreaker! Just go to hell with us now!” Asuna kept thrusting her rapier. Kirito tried to use his swords to block Asuna’s assault. But Asuna’s violent attack made him barely able to do so.

    Also, it was not the only thing that Kirito had to pay attention to.

    Suddenly, a gunshot came out. It forced Kirito’s head to bend backward.

    A bullet flew through the air in front of him and cut one of his hair. Then he looked at the direction that the bullet came from. It was Sinon sniping him.

    While looking at her, Sinon shot another bullet again. This time Kirito quickly swung his sword to deflect the attack. However, just at the same time, Asuna also charged toward him and began her another assault. It forced Kirito to swing his another sword to resist her attack.

    “Asuna, please wake up!” Kirito shouted.

    “I’m already awaken!” Asuna just continued her fierce attacks.

    While being pincer attacked by both sides, it made Kirito being too busy to react to them, thus making him difficult to counter and in a big disadvantage.

    Back to the fight between Yuu and Mika, and Saito, “Got you!” Mika was hit by Saito’s chain, thus getting tied up by it.

    “Mika!” Yuu shouted worriedly.

    “I… I can’t move!” Mika said.

    “Well… What should I do next?” Saito said playfully. “Ah, let’s do this!”

    Saito quickly sank into the ground, and transformed into shadow and dived toward the bottom where Mika was.

    After that, Saito’s shadow quickly dived onto Mika’s body, and started to cover the shadow onto him.

    “Let me surround you, and then crushed all of your bones!” Saito said inside the shadow.

    Seeing this, “I won’t let you do that!” Yuu charged toward them, and stabbed his katana into the shadow.

    “Cursed thunder!” The green electricity began to flow from Yuu’s katana to Saito’s shadow. It shocked both Mika and Saito, and completely stopped Saito’s movement.

    Then after a few second, the chains vanished, and Saito was forced to release Mika and dive away from him.

    “Mika, sorry to shock you! Are… are you okay?” Yuu said worriedly.

    “I am okay… Yuu-chan.” Mika said.

    Then Saito just floated up from the shadow.

    “Wow, what’s that power you have? It hurt me while I was diving in the shadow.” Saito said.

    “It’s my cursed thunder! It can completely break any magic! It’s used to take down someone like you!” Yuu said.

    “Oh, that’s impressive!”

    After Saito said that, Mika and Yuu knelt down, and made their heads close to each other.

    “Yuu-chan, although we’ve escaped last fatal attack, if that continued…” Mika said.

    “We’ll sure be beaten!” Yuu said. “We have to think of another way!”

    “Aha, are you discussing on how to beat me? That’s useless! By the combination of both my smoke and shadow power, you have no way to beat me!” Saito said.

    “But I guess I’ll let you discuss, since I’m a good person!” Saito continued.

    “Damn, he’s totally playing us!” Mika said.

    “Wait…” Suddenly Yuu thought of something. “Maybe we can do this!”

    Yuu started to whispered in Mika’s ear.

    After Yuu finished, Mika quickly turned his head to look at Yuu. “That… that may work!”

    “Yes!” Yuu then nodded.

    Then both people stood up and looked at Saito.

    “Saito, we finally found a way to beat you!” Yuu said.

    “Really? Then show me what you have come up with!”

    Yuu put his katana on Mika’s sword, and both of them pointed their weapon toward the air.

    “Hehe! It’s going to be a big surprise!”

    Both weapon started to charge up. Pink wind and green thunder began to cover around them. The energy was big enough that there was a hurricane blowing on the whole area.

    “Ah, I see. You’re going to use wind and light to fight my smoke and shadow. Clever!”

    The large energy also drew attention of other people in the garden. Because of that, everyone stopped fighting, and started to fall back to prevent being affected.

    “This amount of energy… Are they trying to kill everyone?!” Kaneki said while stepping back.

    Then after a few seconds, Yuu and Mika hit the ground hard with their charged weapons. “Kiraikyoufu!”

    With the weapons hitting the ground, the whole area was suddenly covered by pink tornadoes and green lightning.

    Everywhere was being attacked. Fortunately, Kaneki and Kirito, and also the enemies, have already been outside of the attack range, so the attack could not affect them.

    After the storm stopped, the whole garden was completely destroyed. Only a ruin remained there.

    Kaneki and Kirito then ran toward where Yuu and Mika were.

    “You two, are you trying to kill us?!” Kirito said.

    “I’m sorry…” Mika said. “But that’s the only thing we can come up with to fight Saito…”

    “Also, we trusted you two can escape from the attack. And now you two didn’t get any damage. This proved us right!” Yuu said.

    Then Kirito hit Yuu’s head hard. “You should tell us earlier next time!” Kirito said.

    “Ouch…” Yuu said. “I’m sorry!”

    Then everyone started to look at the area. Asuna, Sinon and Yamori were still there. However, the only one missing now was Saito.

    It looked like he did not fall back while Yuu and Mika was charging. By observing the whole area, they could not find where he was.

    “Have… have we disintegrated him?”

    After Yuu asked that, immediately, some shadowy texts appeared on the ground under them.

    The text read “I know you’re going to use a large area attack so I decided to quit. Do you really think I will be the idiot to stand there and let the attack hit me? : P Haha! See you next time!”

    “He’s escaped…” Mika said discontentedly.

    “God damn it! He’s still playing us!” Yuu said, also unsatisfied.

    Then they turned around and looked at the remained enemies.

    “Now, let’s settle this fight! Kaneki and Kirito, allow us to help you!” Yuu said.

    “There’s no need to fight anymore.” Asuna said. “Now Saito is back to the Netherrealm, our mission here is done. We’re now retreat.”

    “You’re going to run away?!” Mika said.

    “Tsk, it’s just our mission is done! I just don’t want to impede the plan to proceed!”

    Then Asuna turned around, and opened up a portal.

    “But still…” Asuna said. “Next time, Kirito, I will kill you by my own hands, promised!”

    “You too, Kaneki!” Yamori then said.

    After the conversation finished, the three people entered the portal and left the ruined garden. The battle has finally ended.

    Afterward, Yuu and Mika knelt down again, since their last attacks had actually used up a lot of their energy.

    “It’s finished…” Mika said.

    Kaneki then looked toward Kirito. He was just standing there and doing nothing.

    Seeing this, Kaneki came close toward him and put his hand on Kirito’s shoulder.

    “Kirito, are you…”

    Before Kaneki could finish his words, Kirito turned his head toward Kaneki, and showed Kaneki his current face.

    Kirito’s face now was full of sadness and tears. This shocked Kaneki a little bit.

    After that, he hugged Kaneki, and wailed loudly while locked in an embrace.

    “Asuna… is here… And I couldn’t save her… once again! Why?! Why?!”

    “It’s ok… Kirito… I’m here for you!” Kaneki said.

    Then Yuu and Mika also came close, and put their hands on Kirito’s another shoulder.

    “We’re also here!” Yuu said. “Let’s save them together next time! We’re your family, right?”

    As Yuu said that, Kirito raised his head and looked at Yuu. “Yes!” And he nodded.

    Then Kirito released Kaneki. “Thank you, everyone! Thank you, Kaneki! If you aren’t here to support me, I won’t be able to live that long!” Kirito said.

    “No need to thank us! Kirito, again, we’re your family, right? Of course we will support you!” Yuu said.

    “And I’m your husband, right? I will always be at your side! So everything will be fine!” Kaneki said.

    “Yes!” Kirito said touchingly.

    “But then there’s going to be a problem.” Mika said.

    “Huh, what problem?” Yuu said.

    “Since Kaneki and Kirito are now husband and wife, if Asuna is back, what should she be?”

    Then everyone started to think.

    “That’s… really a big problem.” Yuu said.

    “But I think we can solve it later.” Kaneki said. “When she’s back, we can actually discuss together. And we can find a good way to solve it, isn’t it?”

    “That’s right!” Kirito said.

    “Well, maybe that will work… I guess…” Mika said.

    “Alright then, let’s go back to the conference room!”
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    The 4 people were about to set off. But then suddenly, Inaho, Slaine, Ferid, Crowley, Krul, Asuramaru and red Haro arrived in the ruined garden. “Are you guys okay?” It seemed like they have been running toward here very urgently.

    “We saw a large explosion far away… so we come here to help…” Slaine said. “But… where’re the enemies?”

    “Oh… Um… Thank you for coming to save us… but… the enemies have already retreated…”

    “Huh?!” Everyone was shocked.

    Then Kaneki started to explain what exactly happened, as the whole situation was completely different from purple Haro’s divination.

    “Quan Chi, you despicable monster! You’re still using dead people to work for you!” Asuramaru said.

    “That’s really unexpected!” Yuu said. “They even used Kirito’s friends to fight for them… Damn you, Quan Chi!”

    “But still, that’s fine! We should thank him for doing that, because he gives me a chance to revive them!”

    “Ah! I nearly forgot! Asuramaru, your preexistence, Raiden, has revived those who have been controlled by Quan Chi once!”

    “Yes, and I can do the same thing again!”

    “That’s awesome!”

    “But then there’s one problem!” Slaine said.

    “Purple Haro’s divination was… inaccurate?!” Mika said.

    “Could it be just purple Haro made some errors while performing the divination?” Yuu asked.

    “I don’t think so. Because we’ve actually tested it so many times. Purple Haro’s divination was 100% accurate.” Inaho said.

    “Then how could that happen…?”

    Inaho began to think. “The only thing I can think of… is the result was manipulated by someone else…”

    Hearing this, everyone was shocked. “Who could… actually do that?!”

    “Purple Haro’s divination is a very secured magic. Only a genius magician or sorcerer can interfere it…” Inaho said. “The only one can do that in the enemy side… is…”

    “Quan Chi!” Ferid said.

    “Bingo! You’re right!”

    Suddenly, a portal opened behind everyone. Quan Chi came out with an evil smile on his face.

    “My magic interfered your divination! Isn’t that impressive?” Quan Chi said.

    “Darn it! Does that mean the whole war is actually Quan Chi’s trap?!” Yuu said.

    “You’re totally right, Yuichiro!” Quan Chi said. “The whole war is just a little show I prepared for you. Isn’t it fun?”

    “Damn it!”

    “But why… you need to arrange this ‘show’ for us?” Slaine said. “If you can interfere our divination, why don’t you just arrange troops that can destroy us? Or… you actually had another plan?”

    “You’re really clever, Slaine!” Quan Chi said. “You’re right! I had another plan!”

    “Come here! Kids! Come here to see your big brothers Yuichiro and Mikaela!”

    After Quan Chi shouted, several kids came out from the portal, and their appearance shocked the whole Kaneki’s team, especially Yuu and Mika, and also Ferid very much.

    “How could you…?!” Ferid said.

    “No… no way!” Mika said.

    “How… how dare you…?! QUAN CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” Yuu shouted angrily.

    “Wow, that’s a wonderful reaction from you, Yuichiro! Hahahahaha!” Quan Chi said playfully.

    The kids that appeared in front of them, were the ones who have lived with Yuu and Mika when they were in Hyakuya Orphanage, and the ones who have been killed by Ferid. They were Hyakuya Chihiro, Hyakuya Kota, Hyakuya Ako, Hyakuya Fumie, Hyakuya Taichi, and also… Hyakuya Akane.

    They were still in their kid form, but the main difference was that, their eyes were also glowing yellow, same as those who were revived by Quan Chi.

    Afterward, Akane stepped forward. “Miss me? Yuu and Mika.”

    “Akane…” Mika said sadly.

    “Why… why do you do that? Quan Chi!” Yuu said painfully.

    “Because I’m here to haunt you, Yuu! You’re the only one who has escaped, and the only one who have abandoned us!” Akane said.

    Listening to this, Yuu and Mika both showed an angry face toward Quan Chi. “Quan Chi! You monster!”

    “Hehe! Seeing your reactions is really funny!” Quan Chi said. “But seriously, I revived them not because I wanted to see you collapse, but because I needed Akane to help us!”

    “Help you? Why?!” Slaine said.

    “Oh, you don’t know? Don’t you remember where these children are from?”

    Everyone began to think, but then without a second, they were all shocked.

    “Hyakuya Orphanage! That means…” Kirito said.

    “They were the subjects of Owari no Seraph experiment!” Kaneki said.

    “Yes! You’re correct, Kaneki!” Quan Chi said.

    “And the girl here was one of the best subjects in the experiment!” Quan Chi continued while patting Akane’s head. “I can use my sorcery on her and she should be able to be awoken into Seraph of the End immediately!”

    “Damn you!”

    “But wait… So you are saying you arranged this war was because you wanted to distract us so you can revive them? But that doesn’t make sense… Why did you need to arrange this war to distract us? Wouldn’t it be just an easy job for you to revive them in the Netherrealm?” Slaine asked.

    “You’re so clever, Slaine!” Quan Chi said. “Well, for this one, you have to blame Ferid for the trouble. Ferid, how cruel are you? After you killed all of them, you just stored their bodies in your mansion and let their souls trapped inside their corpses, and they weren’t able to rest in peace because of you. Haha, how cruel are you?”

    Quan Chi’s words surprised everyone, thus leading them to look at Ferid simultaneously.

    “It seems like I can’t hide it anymore… Originally, I was planning to tell you all later… but now…”

    Before Ferid had finished his words, he suddenly turned his head toward Quan Chi.

    “So you have been my mansion in Osaka… Have you seen Fuola Honte there?”

    “Oh, you mean that 10th progenitor? Yes, I have. And he also wanted to stop me! But he’s just too weak to do so, so I turned him into my pet demon’s food! Haha, seeing his face while him being eaten was just funny!”

    “I see… Fair enough, I have originally planned to end him anyway…”

    “Haha, alright then. Now my job is done! It’s time to be back to the Netherrealm! Everyone, see you later!” Quan Chi and the kids tried to turn around and leave.

    But, “Don’t try to run from me! Quan Chi!” Yuu just jumped toward Quan Chi and wanted to attack him.

    However, Akane quickly stepped forward, and blocked his way toward Quan Chi.

    “Akane… Why?!” Yuu said in surprise.

    “I won’t let you hurt him, Yuu!”

    Since Akane was blocking his way, Yuu could not approach Quan Chi and had to stop there.

    “Good girl, Akane-chan! Haha, Yuichiro, see you next time! Hahahaha!” Quan Chi opened up another portal, and left the ruined garden along with the kids.

    After they left, Yuu quickly knelt down again. His mind was now full of sadness and anger.

    “DAMN IT! DAMNNNNNNNNNN ITTTTTTTTT!” Yuu has finally collapsed.

    Along with Yuu’s scream, the battle of Sanguinem has finally ended, with the sadness, anger, and unsatisfactory remaining.

    To be continued…
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    Yamori – an executive of Aogiri Tree and the founding leader of the White Suits from the 13th ward. He was also known as the 13th Ward’s Jason because of his mask. He was a brutal ghoul that liked to torture his victim. He was defeated by Kaneki while Aogiri Arc and later was made into a quinque. Now, he was revived by Quan Chi to proceed his evil plan.

    Hyakuya Akane – one of the orphans that lived with Yuu and Mika while they were in Hyakuya Orphanage. She was a child that can manage to smile and maintain a cheerful disposition. In the group, she did the motherly duties for the orphans. She was later killed by Ferid while escaping Sanguinem. Now she was revived by Quan Chi to awake one of the Seraph of the End.

    Hyakuya Chihiro, Kota, Ako, Fumie, Taichi – orphans that lived with Yuu and Mika while they were in Hyakuya Orphanage. They were later all killed by Ferid while escaping Sanguinem. Revived by Quan Chi along with Hyakuya Akane.


    Kiraikyoufu – The combination technique that was used by Yuu and Mika. Kanji is “鬼雷狂風”. It was a technique that combined both cursed thunder and blood wind to produce a large area attack. It can disintegrate everything inside the attack range.
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