NO-Earth DracoTyrannus Story Pitch Synopsis

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    During the War of Atlantis, Mages and Dragons created several biological weapons to aid their allies during the war; however, the experiments broke loose and began wreaking havoc over the continent. They terrorized survivors of the great destruction, nearly causing the extinction of what would eventually become the races of man. After the Ice Age and during the Great Suppression, these monsters fell into hibernation, unable to function with a lack of magic, and embedded themselves deep within mountains and caverns. Their legacy would only be remembered through stories, passed down by the ancient races.

    South Padre Island, TX

    An oil company, owned by a wealthy man named Phillip Hawkins, is manipulated by a mysterious business partner known only as Zed, to pay for the construction of an oil rig just off the shore of the island. During the construction of this oil rig, Philip’s daughter, Darlene begins to have strange dreams at least one week before the company awakens an ancient Atlantean creature that bursts loose of the earth and ravages across Central Texas, leaving death and ruin in its wake. In the chaos, Zed tries to gain control of the beast but, he finds out that Darlene is the only one who can fully control the creature. Zed, forced to reveal his true intentions, finds himself at war with the Texas Army when they also learn about Darlene’s connection to the monster...

    Please be sure to check out and learn about the shared universe and collaborative company, NO-Earth Comics:
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