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Discussion in 'Official CKC Characters' started by Shnurbinator, Aug 21, 2013.

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    I'm presuming that if you sell it via iBooks or another ebook retailer, there wouldn't be any printing costs. Then again, I could be completely wrong, but if there are printing costs for ebooks then it wouldn't make any sense to me since the books are electronic.
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    why have an e-book when you can just come here and the wiki? ;)
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    Wasn't that something Simon brought up before? How the sketches have been posted by the users and the final art is up on the wiki so what will the point be in having a book
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  4. Simon Strange

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    As others have pointed out, if you can read an e-book, you can also just check out the wiki! Or media gallery!

    I don't mean to shoot things down - I love opportunities to expand our reach. But I don't see how an art book does that, at this time.
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  5. Woodzilla

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    so we cant see kinkuto sketch or just don't worry about it?
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  6. wewewezing

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    It is entirely up to Ladyweavile
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