Series 1 Submissions Open! (April 30- May 6th)

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  1. Simon Strange

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    It's on! If you have a character you wish to submit for our Series 1 production: "Rise of the Space Knights", you need to post in this thread.

    One post per person only. Any questions or non-submission posts will be deleted. Please read the rules carefully before posting!

    If you wish to submit a monster for Series 1:
    1. Create a thread (if you haven't already) announcing your monster in the Original Monster Submissions forum. The first post in that thread should be updated with all the latest information about your monster, and ideally your best pieces of art. (Artwork is very helpful, but not required.)
    2. Make ONE post in this thread, with your submitted character's name at the top, a short description of your monster, no more than one small image, and (most importantly) a link to your character's thread from part 1 above.
    3. If your character is themed, please indicate that as well. We are accepting both themed and unthemed monster submissions, but the number of unthemed winners will be limited.
    4. There are no contracts, and no money involved, thanks to our amazing sponsors.
    If you wish to sponsor monsters, or get direct feedback from Simon about your monster:
    1. Go to "Account Upgrades" on your profile, and sign up to be a Kaiju Benefactor. This allows you to cast additional votes for up to 5 kaiju. (You can't add additional votes for your own kaiju.)
    If you want to buy the kaiju cards, or the Series 1 starter decks, there are two methods:
    1. Go to "Account Upgrades" on your profile and sign up to be a "Kaiju Card Collector" or "Kaiju Card Gamer." These subscriptions give you copies of the cards, no extra shipping or hassle needed ever.
    2. After the cards & decks are created, you may buy them from the Sunstone Games store.
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  2. sweettooth564

    sweettooth564 ☤ The Forums Crazy Clown ☤ Kaiju Benefactor Theme Team!

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    Vallag: The Scientific Stabilizer
    When social unrest overcame his peaceful planet due to an unknown force, Vallag was forced to act. Loosing his body and those he loved most to save his planet with a suit of armor that has his conciseness loaded into it.
    He is themed
    Side: Space Knight

    Colored Art coming soon!​
  3. Orin The Kaijuborn

    Orin The Kaijuborn The Resident Oreo King and Starco Shipper Kaiju Benefactor

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    Dreamwalker: Shadow of Devastation

    Dreamwalker is an Adversary of the Space Knights (Themed and Villain)

    Dreamwalker is a mysterious cosmic entity from an alternate dimension known as Elsewhere and uses his powers to launch attacks in several areas of the Omniverse. He is a pure Vantablack colored creature with red eyes, slender body, long necks ending with round, humanoid faces, a long whiplike tail and stands on four legs despite being a levitating monster.

    His only goal:
    To bring only fear and chaos to each universe he invades and bring as much destruction with him as he possibly can.

    Click his link for more information if intrigued
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  4. SWEGM

    SWEGM Progenitor and Creator of Ghaspar Kaiju Benefactor

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    SHEZURA, the MARTIAN REVENANT! (Themed Kaiju, Villain)


    Freed from her tomb by an unwitting group of explorers, the once glorious Martian sorceress, Shezura, has returned as a ghastly demon formed from the red sand of her dead planet. She's hell-bent on getting revenge against the Space Knight Order for sealing her away eons ago. But first... she must feed to regain her strength and maybe--just maybe--her elegant and powerful true form! Unfortunately for us, she now knows there's a vibrant and youthful planet full of life just across the solar system from hers, ripe for the picking! Will Earth survive the coming of the Dust Devil?

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  5. HiddenElephant

    HiddenElephant Here For The Story

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    The Silent One

    The Silent One is a wicked alien monster of malign intelligence and of wicked capability. Its lanky body has incredibly powerful senses, including seeing in all known wavelengths of light, a fine sense of smell, taste, and touch, an acute sense of balance, and even mild psionic detection capabilities. Its hearing is as sharp as any of its other senses, but its brain is not successfully organized to handle comprehending sound due to needing to understand all its other senses as well as its own incredible intellect. Sound of any sort confuses and enrages it, driving it to attack quickly and lash out. Even if sound wasn't a factor in its action, it is an evil creature, traveling from world to world and destroying civilizations from the tall shadows of their own heights.

    The Silent One is themed, a Villain and is an Enemy of the Space Knights.
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  6. Chickenman456

    Chickenman456 Design Team Member, Creator of Bubbles & Neko

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    This is Daiaki. He is themed my bois.
    In an alternate future where the US lost the second World War, the Earth is nearing an apocalypse. Shortly after the US brought nuclear weapons into play, the country was struck back with various bombing and attacks. Eventually, multiple participating countries shared nuclear attacks for many years until only few territories strive.
    In the near-future, the war still rages on. Using scraps of older weapons and technology, the fighting countries use the last of their disappearing supply to build large machines to fight and bring a long-deserved end to the war. At least the robots will be rad af.
    As Japan's military and funds decrease, a mech is built as a final result. The mech was given the name of Daiaki. Through the kaijujin... or something the dimensions cross and now he fights in space with space knights and stuff. Now Ebisu (the pilot) must fight other monsters... and THE PROM IS TOMORROW!
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  7. Asura

    Asura Unofficial Updater of the CKC TV Tropes Page

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    Lorica (Themed Kaiju; Space Knight)

    A member of a species of planet-conquering sentient arthropodal aliens, Lorica was captured by the Space Knights as a larva and matured into a Soldier caste. Seeing the Space Knights as her Hive, Lorica nearly sacrificed herself to defend them from a Queen of her species, and was resuscitated as an armoured cyborg using the best technology the Space Knights had to offer, possessing a chelae-shaped plasma cannon and a raptorial limb that can be used as a sword.
  8. Drake213

    Drake213 HAK HAK HAK!

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    Guronnus: Praetor of the Nexus! (Themed: Space Knight)


    Born from the melding of an unstable pulsar with extradimensional energies, Guronnus was at first curious about our universe, exploring it with new (metaphorical) eyes. However, her exploration wasn't as peaceful. The first planet she ever encountered was practically infested with hostile and aggressive kaiju. Inexperienced with interacting with her fellow kaiju, and somewhat larger than most, she was left to wander as she wanted by both kaiju and native. It was during this wandering that she came into contact with the Space Knights. Their valiance inspired her, seeing their dedication and self-sacrifice as the small group was slowly whittled down by the overwhelming numbers of the other kaiju. It was during the final battle that Guronnus eventually showed herself as an ally, but it would be for naught, the Space Knights all falling to their wounds. It was after this battle, having shown herself a truly valiant being, that the leader of the Space Knight group bequeathed a piece of his armor to her, and inducted her as a true Space Knight.
  9. wewewezing

    wewewezing Some Bloke' with a Baseball Bat Trusted User

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    Who has the power to preserve the memory of the fallen?

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  10. HungryZombie

    HungryZombie Perfection

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    A Space Knight whose ideals of order and peace lead him astray, transforming him from protector to tyrant.

    Beware his power: Dredge

    THEMED (in bold, for science!)

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  11. AgentDrako

    AgentDrako The Grand Lord of Thy Ferrets

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    Every good team needs it's supportive healer and she aims to fill that very role.

    Let's meet the Space Knight's local healer, Dollthing!
    She is themed

    Originally created as an aid to her people to free them from the iron-grip of the Gurvilers, Dollthing strives to help others using her methods through the Space Knights as they defend the universe from the threats that will bring harm to the innocent. She relies on her teammates to do most of the damage, her attacks focus more on buffing and debuffing during battle.

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  12. spyro1101

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  13. Bambs

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  14. Brudon

    Brudon Creator of Phascodon Kaiju Benefactor

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    Valinor, Guardian of the Codex
    An aged, but proud warrior, who guards an ancient source of space knight lore.
    THEMED (Space Knight)

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  15. Slither234

    Slither234 Well-Known Member

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  16. Sunny Leung

    Sunny Leung Cuteness is still my power! But no more Kaneki...

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    Lunato (themed)
    Being a hero is always a dream of many people. However, to achieve this goal, you probably need some luck to make it happen. There was once a kid who suffered from end stage cancer was very lucky that he could meet a giant Mech hero on Moon, and became his heir. Lunato, the Mecha hero, was a legendary member in the Space Knights before. And now, with the inheritance of the kid, Lunato has been back, and used his dual sword skills to fight evil Kaiju all over the multiverses.
  17. lvdoomien

    lvdoomien Expert Money Burner

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    Colonel Kernel: The Homegrown Soldier (Not Themed???)
    Colonel Kernel is essentially the national Kaiju of Kansas, who started as a haphazard attempt at creating a kaiju homegrown but was then enlisted in the U.S. Army and whipped into shape.
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  18. evil lampost

    evil lampost Crumpets and Tea Theme Team!

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    Valnu, the Vehicular Space Knight of Oanis 8!
    Themed Submission


    Exiled for the problems he caused in his home system, Valnu now endlessly tries to redeem himself by protecting a new system in peril, along with other exiles of his kind. Gaining the emblem of the Space Knights was a massive step towards atonement, but he still won't be done for a long time...
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  19. cmeyer9542

    cmeyer9542 Well-Known Member Theme Team!

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    Zatreena (themed)
    Overview: A veteran of over a hundred battles, Zatreena is the space knight protector of the planet Xecon. She has been regarded as one of the space knights most honorable and determined fighters. All of this has come at a great cost though, Zatreena has become weak, constant battles have left her badly scared and a shell of her former self, and the world of Xecon still needs her help.
  20. Shashi

    Shashi Well-Known Member

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    Eyemodor (Theme: Space Knight)

    Origin: No one knows where this entity came from, who (or what) created it etc., but what is certain is that all visitors are welcomed with a tremendous sense of hospitality, and any who seek to use it for their own selfish gains are quickly expelled from it and never allowed back in. Seeing that it minds it's own business unless provoked, the Space Knights managed to earn its' trust and have made great strides in protecting the galaxy with it's assistance. In short, it's a living planet (big enough for the Space Knights to call it a planet anyways, much like the Green Lanterns call Mogo a planet :D) that doubles as a fortress, training grounds and futuristic hospital.
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