Series 1 Submissions Open! (April 30- May 6th)

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  1. devin89

    devin89 Well-Known Member

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    Kimo Raydo
    The nuclear power "plant"
    Non themed
    Origin: Hundreds of years ago, a small plant/tree like elf creature named Kimo and his kind were hunted down by humanity, as they fear the possibility these creature provoked onto mankind. In a act of desperation as his body was succumbing to the wounds that were inflicted upon him, Kimo planted a seed of himself and his corpse grew in the very same spot as a tree, shielding the seed from harm. Jump cut to the modern age, the forest that his kind was wiped out in is barren as a nuclear power plant resides on it. An accident occurs and the plant goes into meltdown as nuclear waste seeps into the land.

    The seed that holds Kimos rebirth mutates and surrounds the reactor, growing tenfold. Kimo awakens to find his land in ruin and discovers he can not interact with his beloved forests he once called home fearing he will destroy them. Kimo now is forced into barren patches of land or cities for his fear to destroy the home he loves.
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  2. maoyurui

    maoyurui Keeper of the Void -Rise of the Myths-

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    In a war between 2 opposing forces in a far away galaxy. Where Kaiju's are used by an evil empire as weapons to wage war on planets to gain power. A counter measure was created to battle these dangerous Behemoths. This counter measure is called the S.O.L.D.A.D.O. Units. Created from both technology and alchemy these weapons, although only numbering in 12 have turned the tide of battle from a losing end to a Stand Still. Piloted by individuals who are accepted by these units as worthy because of their Honor and Goodness, these people are bestowed the rank of Knight Riders and are the only few who can actually operate these units.

    One of this Unit who just happened to follow a Tyrant type Kaiju during the late cretaceous era. The discovery of Earth and it's vast resource of Mana due to the violent Battle between the Soldado Unit and the Tyrant Kaiju resulted for the Soldado unit to remain on earth to protect it while recovering when the threat of the empire finally reaches the planet. But as time goes by and earth evolve the Soldado unit has at times assisted the dominant species of the planet called "Humans" against threats that are from outside from earth or inside. As time goes by the Soldado unit has been given many names but his mostly known as: Daimao-Oh.

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  3. Paul M. AKA Kyotita

    Paul M. AKA Kyotita DesignTeamMember Bagan/Kyotita spokesman

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    HACHIGA The Light Bringer! (In Theme Hero: Old Defender of the Cosmos and member of the Space Knights)

    A giant moth like being that appears to be mixed with a hornet or bee with command of many mystical powers. Once the intelligent and kind protector of the cosmos (the actual cosmos=all universes) and friend to all life before retiring to our solar system. She eventually was requested to join the space knights and through her speaker humbly accepted since she was already defending the cosmos and could use some allies who shared her purpose. It communicates its will through its speaker and has defended the billions of "Sentient" species across the cosmos. It currently has found its way to earth as it was the closest planet with healthy plantlife since its last brutal battle with a destroyer class entity in order to rest and regain its strength from the planting and eating of its food source.
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  4. Fyre Wyrm

    Fyre Wyrm Well-Known Member

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    Organoid: Devourer of Civilizations
    Themed: Space Knight Adversary
    A cyborg kaiju initially designed to preserve the knowledge and history of his creator race, he had become infected by an alien parasite which has taken over. Organoid has only a hand full of goal, Collect unique organic matter, collect new technology, store information, and erase that which serves no purpose.
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  5. Will li

    Will li Well-Known Member

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    BCS (Not Themed)
    Top secret document
    According to the report of the eighth expedition team
    1 Unknown creatures from the universe
    2The whole body is estimated to be quite large
    3 There is a major head extending from a substance similar to a black hole referred to as BCS-01
    4 There are other substances like black holes that stretch out of the body as if it were a body called BCS-02
    5 It is not possible to determine whether BCS-02 is part of the BCS-01, but they can be judged by the color of the observation
    6 The 325 explorers died after contact with them
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  6. desro'saur 3300

    desro'saur 3300 The True Chimera King and Creator of Aggredora Kaiju Benefactor Theme Team!

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    Desolous avatar of destruction(Themed villain)
    Desolous is the avatar of destruction and first born spawn of azathoth and yog sothoth. His goal is to return the universe to it underpopulated state and release his makers in the process. To do this he uses his abilities to incite violence and create negative energy via making civilizations collapse and out right destruction of entire worlds. Very few can stand against this monstrous creature and along with his fellow avatars and minions hes well on his way to reaching his goals.
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  7. AbyssalRuler

    AbyssalRuler -.-/-/...././-.-./-./..-/-..-/--..////

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    The Comet of 1,000 Souls

    Parsidaegon is a cosmic kaiju that is mainly comprised of comets, asteroids, planetesimals, and various other space debris . . . and also the many long since damned extraterrestrial souls. His combat style comprises of punches with it’s large wrists, tackles, and orbital comet explosions.

    Submission is Themed; Adversary of the Space Knights
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  8. Godzilla1954

    Godzilla1954 Well-Known Member

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    K'narl Kingu:
    Overview: K'narl Kingu is a cruel, heartless ancient alien god, sealed away in a giant meteor for a thousand years and now roams free ounce again. He resembles a squid(the tentacles, with some elements of of a dragon(the wings). K'narl loves one thing, performing deadly slashes, gashes, jabbing and stabbing to his oppopent. Nothing gives K'narl great plesure then hearing his opponent scream in pained suffering. K'narl has the ability to fly and swim. K'narl Kingu has 4 tentacles, ending in dagger-like tips. His tail ends in a claw-like apendage, separated into 4 spikes. A big one on top and 3 thinner ones beneath the big one(Think of the Graboids beak from Tremors).

    Full bio here:
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  9. Supergeon

    Supergeon Design Team Member

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  10. spyro1101

    spyro1101 Well-Known Member

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    I would like to thank everyone for voting for this guy to win it means a lot to me thank you all
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