Valinor, Guardian of the Codex

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    By the generous wewezing
    Name: Valinor

    Height: 101 metres

    Weight: 27,000 tonnes


    Combat Style: Melee

    Primary Attacks: Spear Thrust, Golden Swipe

    Secondary Attacks: Golden Edge

    Primary Weapon: Sun Slash

    Secondary Weapon: Ground Burst, Ancestor's Strength

    Energy Style: Stamina

    Overview: Valinor is the oldest member of the space-knights, a kind and sage warrior who wields his elongated energy spear with accuracy and power. The knight’s armour, however, belies his true age. Over the years, the old knight has fought in countless conflicts, brought peace to innumerable worlds, and saved trillions of lives. But this has taken a toll in the warrior. He was without purpose until he rediscovered the Codex Solaris, an ancient space knight artifact. Guided by the ancient voices locked within the artifact, he ventured forth in search of one to guard the artifact for ages to come.

    Origin: Valinor joined the legion of interstellar warriors known as the Space Knights aeons ago. His wisdom and nobility showed early in his training. In within just a few short years, he was ordained and given a weapon – a sapphire spear gleaming with amber energy. This weapon he wielded with poise and grace – it was said by those that saw Valinor fight that he seemed nought but a blur of azure steel, a golden streak slicing through those that threatened the peace and prosperity that the space knights sought.

    After thousands of years of service, however, Valinor began to crumble. His body could be replaced easily – but his mind could not. The senile knight’s mind lost its deadly edge, and this sapped his will to fight. The old warrior wandered purposeless through the star systems, his mind devoid of any real cause.

    Perhaps then it was fate, taking pity on the old knight, that his ship crash-landed on a dusty red rock – a dwarf planet floating in a binary system. On this planet, the night found a temple – and within that temple he discovered a glowing cylinder inscribed with the rune of the Space Knights. He recognised it as the Codex Solaris, an ancient Space Knight artifact that had been lost for aeons.

    As soon as Valinor touched the codex, his mind connected to a vast neural network filled with the early history of the space knights - knowledge long since lost to the ravages of time. His understanding of the universe itself was broadened. This information coalesced in the form of six ancient voices calling out to Valinor - knights whose bodies had long corroded to dust, but whose minds lived on in the codex.

    The knights called out to Valinor with divine purpose - urging him to seek out one strong enough and valiant enough to defend the codex for ages to come. For the information sealed within was deadly - any foe who possessed it would have an intimate knowledge of the space knights and their tactics - and so an insight into any weaknesses.

    And so Valinor set out in search of one with the strength to guard the codex. He has travelled for thousands of years in his search, all the time blind to the possibility that the codex has already found a worthy protector.

    Energy: Like all Space Knights, Valinor absorbs energy from close stars, gaining energy slowly over time. His energy regeneration is briefly interrupted whenever he charges his spear, and he uses all his energy for his Ancestor’s Strength ability.

    Ranged Combat: Valinor is a space knight, and as such prefers melee combat. His only ranged ability to speak of is the Sun Slash, an arc of golden energy he can conjure with his spear when it is charged. Outside of that he has no ranged ability to speak of.

    Melee Combat: Valinor excels in melee range. His spear has excellent reach to make up for his lack of ranged attacks, allowing him to keep enemies at bay. Valinor has excellent damage output, but a small tolerance for heavy damage, due to his weakened armour. The Ground Blast projects energy downwards, knocking away and damaging nearby enemies. He can also use the Golden Edge to expend 50% of his current energy, charging up his spear to inflict bonus damage for a short amount of time, and also giving him access to his ranged ability.

    Grappling: Valinor’s grappling ability is rather weak. His most powerful grappling move is to impale his enemy with his spear before leveraging them within range of his melee attacks.

    Special: When Valinor has 100% energy, he can call on the Ancestor’s Strength ability to replicate the powers of a particular ancient warrior for a few seconds, imbuing him with that warrior’s abilities for the rest of the match. This ability can only be used once every game. The possible choices are:

    Weaknesses: Valinor’s particular weakness is against enemies with a slew of ranged attacks – he can struggle to get up close. On the other hand, is also weak to enemies who can get in close and deal damage quickly. His low fortitude means he is an easy target for this type of character.

    When he draws on his ancestors Valinor has varying weaknesses depending on the ancestor invoked.
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    New art by wewezing is up!
    Feedback would be much appreciated, especially on his special move.
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    Something about Valinor just screams 'badass' in all caps and bold, which is amplified by his Dark Souls-y look and how he's just naturally protecting the Space Knights' lifeblood within the Codex without even realising it (which shows how loyal he is to them, and how modest he is by not even considering he would be worthy of being the Codex's guardian himself). He's also incredibly light for a kaiju of his size compared to most, considering he is wearing metal armour and such (this is in no way a bad thing, I just wanted to point it out ;)).

    The way he also gains the abilities of the ancient warriors randomly is also an interesting aspect of his combat style too, although since it does come down to the roll of a die what strengths/weaknesses he gets from it, I'd suggest they don't hinder his strategy too much if he doesn't get the abilities that best fit the situation (like if he wants Eldeor to fight against a Ranged opponent but he gets Bardion, which has very little options versus those kinds of opponents). Just a suggestion though :p

    All in all, I like Valinor a lot. I reckon he'd kick ass in the CCG if he made it :thumbsup
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    I like this one, and the 'switch'em up' moveset system is bound to confuse both the opponent and the player itself :p

    As evil lampost said in the above post, making the 'switch'em up' not so punishing would be good for elite players to get used to Valinor. I would probably steer clear of the special moves myself unless I'm backed into a corner and desperate :biggrin
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    Thanks for the feedback! As for reducing the possible drawback of his special, I'm considering either a) making it so if he builds 100% energy he can use the ability again, or b) reducing the drawback of each knight.
    Ultimately I like the randomness of the ability, as it's designed as a big risk, where you can get immense power at the risk of transforming into an unfavourable form. Skilled Valinor players will have familiarised themselves with the strengths and weaknesses of all his forms and be prepared to play with what they're given, regardless of the cost.
    So by that reasoning, I think toning down the random factor or allowing him to 're-roll' would impact his playstyle in a negative way.
    Either way, thanks for the feedback (I better leave some myself now).

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