Vultuga, Guardian of Galapagos

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    Appearance: Galapagos Tortoise but its body skin and texture is like Obsidius from G:U. Most notable is the cannon-like volcano on his shell. What I mean is that the volcano can be aimed in different directions but the standard position is vertical. He also has a long tail that's similar to that of a glyptodont.

    Name: Vultuga
    Height: 100 meters( top of volcano)
    Weight: 72,000 tons
    Gender: Male
    Combat Style: Ranged
    Primary Attacks: Darwin's Bite
    Secondary Attacks: Lava Club
    Primary Weapon: Magma Bombs, Magma Mines
    Secondary Weapon: Pummeling Pumice, Pyre Breath
    Energy Style: Hunger (Magma)

    Overview: Much like Tornaq of the Frozen North and Tursacra of Ireland, Vultuga is the guardian of something a bit minor: the evolutionary lab that is the Galapagos Islands. He uses his volcano on his back for his main way of attacking. If he has to attack at close range....that's something else.

    Origin: When Charles Darwin landed at the Galapagos Islands, he discovered a variety of animals. However, the most numerous was the massive amount of giant tortoises that inhabited the islands. And much like any scientist, a fair amount were killed to be studied. But as always with humans, things can go bad fast.

    So, the spirit of the volcanic islands decided to take action and create a deity to protect the islands from further destruction. He took the form of giant tortoise and slept within a forming volcanic island, effectively absorbing the volcanic energy to the point a giant volcano formed on his shell. Soon, Vultuga will rise and when he does.... his home will be safe.

    Energy System: While Vultuga can regain energy, he does it at a slow rate. Instead, he mainly eats magma and other volcanic attributes to regain energy. Should his energy regain need to increase he can consume the magma that his steps leave behind, churning his volcanic insides into increased production.

    Ranged Combat: Vultuga is best at ranged combat. His main way of doing so is by firing bombs of magma from the volcano on his shell. They deal both explosive and impact damage as well as heat damage. The other projectile that he fires from his volcano is a bombardment of pumice boulders which he mainly does against prone opponents.

    With each of his slow steps, Voltuga's colossal feet leave small pools of Magma, which entraps foes who stumble into them and leaves them open for further ranged bombardment.

    And his most deadly- at the cost of 80% of his full energy- is his Pyre Breath, a huge pyroclastic flow concentrated into a beam fired from his mouth and the end result is far too scary to tell!

    Grappling: Now since Vultuga is a quadruped, grappling is not his best, although a kaiju that finds themselves under his girth are unlikely to be able to escape his weight!

    Melee Combat: Despite ranged combat being his bread & butter, he can attack at close range. His snapping bites are not only bone-breaking, they deal both heat and toxic damage; heat from the volcano and toxic due to the sulfur he exhales. His clubbed tail is mainly used for attacks from behind since its full range prevents him from it being an effective weapon.

    Weaknesses: Much like any tortoise, Vultuga has nothing going for him in terms of speed. Another factor is that despite his high body temperature, high pressure water can get pass that and easily cool him down, the lava inside him will harden and he'll faint until his body temperature reaches to a level high enough for him to move.

    This giant volcanic tortoise is a collab between me and wewewezing. If you want to know any additional info, ask me or wewewezing.
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    This sounds interesting, and strangely parallels the volcanic tortoise concept from the Kong: Skull Island lore (at least not the one that got into the movie).

    Artwork of this kaiju are in order, so when you're ready, please do so :)
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    and regarding the volcanic tortoise from skull island. i made vultuga before i found out about that animal.

    yeah i suck at art. i asked woodzilla to draw me one. he says he's almost done.
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    This is really interesting! I like it! That and the qualities and weaknesses of a turtle, it’s really cool! Although I’m interested Woodzilla does on the art, he’s really good at it so I’m sure it’ll turn out great!
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