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Discussion in 'The Worldship (unreleased board game)' started by Simon Strange, Jun 19, 2017.

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    Version 1.5 came back from the printers a few weeks ago, and I've been putting it through its playtest paces.

    Here's the "patch notes" on everything that's different:

    * New 6-fold board. This really allows the movement to wind clearly through the planets & moons, plus it just looks a ton better than the 4-year-old board I've had up until now.
    * Gravity wells now have fuel costs inside them. This clarifies how to bypass them.
    * Two outposts. We actually used to have 2 outposts, so this is a reversion.
    * Bonus mass for 3rd & 4th teams. To give them a small advantage in balance.
    * New turn sequence: Move, Gather, Action, Draw. Much simpler!
    * Moons now give +1 upgrade to all ships on the team that discovers them.
    * New ship & cargo hold layout, with better information display.
    * Worldship card replaced with a new Worldship deck, with disaster events & many new optional sub-systems to repair.
    * Game is now shorter - 3 times around the board instead of 5. The old 5 times around game is now the "long game"
    * All actions are now on cards. So players do not need to learn the actions ahead of time.
    * Research cards now have a research value, expressed in mass.

    Here's the new board art. Note that this is scaled to just 20% of full quality!

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    that looks like it'd be a fun time, nicely done Mr. Strange

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