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Welcome to Colossal Kaiju Combat!

This wiki is the official location for all information regarding the Colossal Kaiju Combat project. CKC began as a successful Kickstarter Campaign, raising money to produce a new online monster fighting game in the vein of Godzilla: Save the Earth. Since then the project has expanded dramatically as the community has grown - necessitating some sort of central data location (this wiki!) to answer questions and make sense of everything.

There is a lot to read & digest here. But to get started right away, there are a few key entry points:

  • You can grab Kaijuland Battles right now on Steam!
  • If you want to meet folks, sign up for a free account at the official Sunstone Games Forums.
  • To keep up to date, you should join our mailing list? Updates mailed every other Thursday.
  • If you want to pre-order CKC or buy our Trading Cards, you may do so at our store page
  • Checkout our new Calendar if you have any questions about what is happening when!
  • If you want to jump right into our official character concepts, please feel free!

Official CKC Trading Cards

One of the most successful and most-discussed product that has come out of CKC is our ongoing series of Kaiju Trading Cards. These are an ongoing project, with three new releases coming out each year. Each set introduces 2 new starter decks, and original kaiju from our community.

Update : Anyone can now play CKC online by using the free Lackey software. Our forums have detailed instructions for getting started with Lackey.

CKC Video Games

When the CKC project began back in July of 2012, our focus was on finding a way to produce a series of video games. We began development on CKC software in February of 2013, entered alpha in July of 2014, and became available on Early Access in August. Our first commercial release (The Fall of Nemesis) is currently on track to enter alpha this July, with a release at the end of 2015.

Development is closely tied to community input, so we want to be as transparent as possible. We use a public bug tracking system, which accepts bugs from anonymous users. We also have an online Engineering task list and Character task list, which helps folks see what we are working on day-to-day.


CKC Community

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