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What is it?

Colossal Kaiju Combat is an offline and online multiplayer brawling engine featuring 1-4 giant monsters (“kaiju”) fighting in destructible environments. If you've played any of the Godzilla fighting games developed by Pipeworks/Atari in the last decade, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

How does it work?

Colossal Kaiju Combat is built on the spigot engine developed by Pipeworks Software, which powers the games Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, Godzilla: Save the Earth, Rampage: Total Destruction, Godzilla: Unleashed, Deadliest Warrior and many more. Sunstone Games has struck an exclusive licensing deal to use this engine.

Who is behind Colossal Kaiju Combat?

Colossal Kaiju Combat is being developed by Sunstone Games, (which includes most of the key creative staff from Pipeworks) using a “radical transparency” method of design, financing, and development. Check out the design forums to participate in the conversations and get involved!

What makes Colossal Kaiju Combat special?

One of the most unique and most-anticipated elements of Colossal Kaiju Combat is its Multi-Release Vision. CKC is intended to be a brand of fighting games - not just one game. This concept also powers the modular content production (the “LEGO” feature).

The other key ingredient in CKC is the fact that our fans participate in the development process to a ridiculous degree. Fans vote on game mechanics, roster choices, major expenditures, audio options… And of course our fans provide us with the character concepts you see here!

Will Colossal Kaiju Combat be available on PC / Mac / Linux?

Our initial release will be on PC. The Spigot engine does not support Mac or Linux platforms at this time, so those ports will have to remain a wishlist item for now.

What consoles will Kaiju Combat be released on?

The Spigot engine DOES support every major console, as Pipeworks has already used it to publish games on the PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, Wii-U, and so forth. Unfortunately, publishing on console requires a significant amount of money up-front, and requires that we share roughly two-thirds of the profits from console sales with other companies. As an independent company Sunstone Games simply cannot afford to take on this amount of debt. Once we have established the brand and have a better estimate of our sales numbers and cash flow, we will revisit the issue of a console release. Our gut feeling is that a console release is fairly likely about 12 months after our initial launch on PC.

Will Kaiju Combat be available on Steam?

Yes! We have been greenlit, and our active development is being done through the Steam client. Kaijuland Battles (Our first CKC game) is available now via Early Access.

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