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Who is Sunstone Games?

In May of 2011, a group of veteran console developers decided to leave the world of big-budget development and strike out on their own. They believed that games could become better if they were built around three key beliefs:

  • Players are intelligent
  • Players appreciate quality
  • Players come from every demographic

With these principles, Sunstone Games has laid a foundation to create exceptional games without compromising the integrity of our team or our players.

About Transparent Development

Video games are often made under a veil of secrecy - it is standard practice for people to sign NDAs - (secrecy agreements) before coming into contact with any project, and the information about a game is usually a carefully managed commodity before launch. Sunstone Games wants to buck this trend - by involving our fans in the development process whenever possible. Our finances and expenses are listed publicly, we engage in constant frank discussion about our products, and we are happy to carry on substantive conversations.

This transparency comes at a cost: we trust that people looking to engage with us are taking the time required to educate themselves before jumping into a discussion. It is not always possible to read every word in a forum, or review a thousand pages of documentation - but even without those chores people can still discuss and approach topics in a mature and open-minded fashion. It is our hope that our honesty, openness, and transparency will inspire our fans to behave themselves without supervision.

We use Trello for our task-tracking within the team. You can view the list of Engineering Tasks, and also look at the Character Tasks.

About the Wiki and the Forums

The Sunstone Game Forums are the official place to discuss our projects - past, present, and future. Anyone and everyone is invited to participate and influence our projects.

The Kaiju Combat Wiki is the public design document for Kaiju Combat. As individual forum threads make decisions, those decisions are added to the appropriate section of the Wiki. Comments are enabled in the Wiki, but any substantial discussion should be directed back to the forums.

About Bug Reports and version information

We have an online Bug Database which can be viewed and added to by anyone. You may create an account if you like, but it is not necessary. This is our primary location for receiving direct player feedback. Posts in forums we frequent can be an effective way to reach us - but for best service please use the bug database!

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