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What is the Combat Deck?

It's an original card game Simon designed to support our CKC Trading Cards, which simulates a brawl between kaiju. It makes heavy use of the terms & concepts (and color-associations!) we've established for Colossal Kaiju Combat, such as:

  • Quick, Chain, & Fierce attack cards.
  • Blue, Green, & Red attack colors.
  • Tethered character movement.
  • Powerups.

Is the Combat Deck something I should get?

As of 2015, we VERY MUCH suggest you buy the new trading card CCG (SPN4 and future sets) rather than the Combat Deck. We no longer support the Combat Deck - future characters and abilities are designed to support the new CCG instead.

Where can I get the Combat Deck?

These are printed on-demand through The Game Crafter Original Combat Deck, Combat Deck v2. Being print on-demand is really awesome - because it means that Sunstone Games doesn't have to spend a bunch of money up-front to manufacture & warehouse the cards - you order one, they print it and ship it to you direct!

What does this have to do with the Trading Cards?

Both versions of the Combat Deck allows you to fight Trading Card kaiju against one another - buying some Trading Cards gives you a lot of characters to choose from!

So I need Trading Cards in order to play?

NO! The Combat Deck is a complete game by itself. Each version contains 4 characters you can use - 6 different matchups! But each pack of Trading Cards gives you 8 additional characters - increasing that number to 66!

What is the difference between Version 1 and Version 2?

Version 1 is a straight-up brawl between 2 kaiju. 3 turns of 3 rounds each, then you compare life totals to decide a winner. Version 2 is a team-based game, where each player controls 2+ kaiju, and there is a neutral building on the board which may be attacked for victory as well. Those games are much more dynamic, but can run 15-20 minutes each. Version 2 also supports 3 or 4 players, if you shuffle 2 decks together!

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