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As a PC game, CKC must contend with a wide variety of controller options, including (eventually) keyboard-based controls.

Since CKC is rooted in the classic gameplay of Godzilla: Save the Earth on the Xbox and PS2, our initial game development is 100% controller based. We support Xbox 360 & Xbox One controllers, PS2, PS3, PS4 controllers, as well as a wide variety of third-party gamepads. Unfortunately, we cannot support every possible combination, so if your controller is not behaving well, please write up a bug report and let us know!

Basic Controls

Xbox Name Sony name CKC name Description
A X Chain Chain attacks flow easily into other attacks. They have high DPS, but are easy to counter.
X Square Quick Quick attacks hit fast, but do not combo. They are great for interrupting opponent's Chain attacks.
B Circle Fierce Fierce attacks are slow, but heavy attacks. They are easy to dodge.
Y Triangle Power Power attacks usually consume Energy. Press & Hold to build-up a kaiju's primary weapon.
LB L1 Roar Press Roar again to interrupt yourself and begin a powerful CHARGE attack! Finish the Roar to power-up your attacks!
RB R1 Grab* Grab an opponent or building. Ducking forces a building grab.
LT L2 Duck/Run Ducking makes high attacks miss you. Hold this down while moving to run.
RT R2 Jump If moving sideways or backwards, this makes your kaiju dodge.
Start Start Pause Bring up the menu. In single-player this also pauses the game.

*NOTE: Grabbing is not yet implemented!

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