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What is a "Golden Ticket?"

Golden Tickets are special reward items that we put into certain products sold in the Sunstone store. Each Golden Ticket has a special code on it, which should be e-mailed to so that you can claim your prizes!

Golden Tickets are meant to be a incentive for people to make certain purchases sooner rather than later - as each batch of Golden Tickets is quite limited. 100 Golden Tickets are randomly put into the first five hundred printed packs of each card set. Each batch of 100 Golden Tickets has ONE “Grand Prize” ticket. (A $500 value!)

What can you win with a Golden Ticket?

Golden Tickets come in three varieties:

  • KAIJU LOOT - turn this in for one of the following three options:
    • 50 Kaiju Coins
    • free sponsorship
    • $4 store credit
  • KAIJU MAKER - turn this in for one of the following options:
    • Forum Consult
    • B&W character sketch
    • 20 minute skype chat
    • 2x prizes from the KAIJU LOOT list.
  • GRAND PRIZE! - only one of these is printed for each card release!
    • Join our queue of progenitors!

What are the limits for Golden Tickets?

Each Golden Ticket may be redeemed only ONE TIME. Furthermore, Golden Tickets expire one year after their print date.

How Do I get Golden Tickets?

By purchasing packs of our Trading Cards! 20% of our packs have a Golden Ticket inside.

You can buy SPN3, SPN4, SPN5, OR SPN6 - all of them have the same ticket chance! Also note that every 3 packs of the same type you buy earns you a bonus pack for free… further increasing your chances to win!

Our first two sets of character cards - SPN1 and SPN2, do NOT contain Golden Tickets. However, those older sets are only $2 a pack…

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