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CKC is very heavily influenced by the Pipeworks/Atari Godzilla video games, especially Godzilla: Save the Earth. If you have played any of those games, you should have no trouble picking up CKC.

We'll be using lots of specific button names on this page - please refer to our official CKC Control Diagram to understand how these buttons are meant to be mapped.

Game Basics

In Colossal Kaiju Combat (CKC), each player plays as one kaiju - or giant monster. Your overall goal is to KO your opponents. You reduce their health with a variety of attacks, while simultaneously trying to avoid their attacks. Matches have a time limit - if no winner has been determined when time runs out, the kaiju with the most health remaining is the winner.

Each character in CKC has a number of unique strengths & weaknesses - skilled players will adjust their approach to each opponent. What works well against Magnarok may fail miserably against Gigashark!


CKC is a fully 3D game, which necessitates a few complexities in our default movement system. It might take a game or two to pick up.

  • Stepping is relative to your opponent. You take small, slow, deliberate steps while facing your opponent at all times and keeping your guard up. Stepping is the default movement type when you are close to an opponent, because it allows for precise positioning - letting you get in slightly closer or back up just enough for an attack to miss you.
  • Running is relative to the camera. Your kaiju turns to face any direction you press the stick or D-Pad, and runs at full speed in that direction. Press and hold the Run/Duck button to force your kaiju to run, even when close to an opponent. When you are not near any opponent, running is the default movement type. Jumping during a run will cover a lot of distance!
  • Duck is what happens when you hold the Run/Duck button without touching the stick or D-Pad. Your monster crouches down (dropping to all fours if it is a quadraped) and cannot be hit by high attacks.
  • Jumping is as simple as pressing the Jump button. Your kaiju leaps into the air, and comes straight back down. Most kaiju have a limited ability to turn or move while airborne - use this to position your landing. Kaiju may also use attacks from the air by pressing any attack button. Attacks from the air often (but not always) bring you back down to the ground faster than allowing yourself to land normally.
  • Flight / Hover is a skill that several kaiju possess. In most cases it can be activated by simply holding the Jump button, or by releasing and pressing the Jump button again while in the air.
  • Dodging is an essential skill to master for close-quarters combat. You must be stepping (not running!) to dodge. Simply tap the Jump button while tapping or holding the stick away from your opponent, or to either side of your monster. A successful dodge not only moves you quickly, but it also prevents opponents from locking onto your position.


The four face buttons activate your attacks. Each attack button has ~5 attack variations:

  • Attack button by itself.
  • Press “Up” on the stick at the same time that you press the attack button.
  • Press “Down” on the stick at the same time that you press the attack button.
  • Press “Toward” on the stick at the same time that you press the attack button. (This is either left or right, depending on which side of the screen your opponent is standing.)
  • Press “Away” on teh stick at the same time that you press the attack button.

So for Komododon's CHAIN attack button, the attacks are as follows:

  • Chain Baisc : Claw swipes
  • Chain + Up : Overhead slam
  • Chain + Down : Uppercut
  • Chain + Toward : Uncrosing Swipes
  • Chain + Away : Thrust Kick

Generally so long as your direction press and your attack button register within 3 frames of one another (1/20th of a second) you should get the proper attack. This is the first skill you should practice - learning to use the proper attack exactly when you mean to is key to success in battle!

POWER has a slightly more complex basic attack - the “primary weapon” for each character. Your primary weapon uses a build-up phase, and becomes more powerful the longer you hold the button down. This will be explained in more detail in the next section.

Energy Management

All characters have an energy bar, which can be 0-6 cells. Using POWER attacks will cost you 1 or more energy cells. (If you use a POWER attack and hear a buzz sound, that means you had insufficient energy to use that particular attack.) All attacks use a specific number of energy cells - certain characters are more or less dependent upon energy.

Each character in CKC regains & uses energy in one of several ways. In Kaijuland Battles, all four characters use the basic “Stamina” energy system, in which energy builds up slowly over time.

Weapons often use a “Build-Up” system, which works as follows:

  • 1 cell of energy is spent the moment the button is pressed. (If you are interrupted later, you will have lost only this one cell.)
  • If you release the POWER button before your have Built-Up half way, you will get a minor weapon blast. This does very little damage, but can be useful for interrupting opponents. (Especially opponents about to Charge!)
  • Minor blasts cost 1 additional energy cell. (A total of 2)
  • If you Build-Up at least half way, you will get a “normal” weapon when you release the Power button. If you Build-Up all the way, you get the “strong” version of your weapon. Strong weapons deal massive damage!
  • Normal blasts cost 2 additional energy cells (total of 3), and strong blasts cost 3 additional energy cells.
  • If you do not have enough energy to use a strong or normal blast, you will use the strongest version of the weapon that you can afford.




Knockdown, Prone, and Getup Attacks

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