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 ====== Attacks ====== ====== Attacks ======
 +The four face buttons activate your attacks. Each attack button has ~5 attack variations:
 +  * Attack button by itself.
 +  * Press "​Up"​ on the stick at the same time that you press the attack button.
 +  * Press "​Down"​ on the stick at the same time that you press the attack button.
 +  * Press "​Toward"​ on the stick at the same time that you press the attack button. (This is either left or right, depending on which side of the screen your opponent is standing.)
 +  * Press "​Away"​ on teh stick at the same time that you press the attack button.
 +So for Komododon'​s CHAIN attack button, the attacks are as follows:
 +  * **Chain Baisc** : Claw swipes
 +  * **Chain + Up** : Overhead slam
 +  * **Chain + Down** : Uppercut
 +  * **Chain + Toward** : Uncrosing Swipes
 +  * **Chain + Away** : Thrust Kick
 +Generally so long as your direction press and your attack button register within 3 frames of one another (1/20th of a second) you should get the proper attack. This is the first skill you should practice - learning to use the proper attack exactly when you mean to is key to success in battle!
 +POWER has a slightly more complex basic attack - the "​primary weapon"​ for each character. Your primary weapon uses a build-up phase, and becomes more powerful the longer you hold the button down. This will be explained in more detail in the next section.
 +====== Energy Management ======
 +All characters have an energy bar, which can be 0-6 cells. Using POWER attacks will cost you 1 or more energy cells. (If you use a POWER attack and hear a buzz sound, that means you had insufficient energy to use that particular attack.) All attacks use a specific number of energy cells - certain characters are more or less dependent upon energy.
 +Each character in CKC regains & uses energy in one of several ways. In Kaijuland Battles, all four characters use the basic "​Stamina"​ energy system, in which energy builds up slowly over time.
 +Weapons often use a "​Build-Up"​ system, which works as follows:
 +  * 1 cell of energy is spent the moment the button is pressed. (If you are interrupted later, you will have lost only this one cell.)
 +  * If you release the POWER button before your have Built-Up half way, you will get a minor weapon blast. This does very little damage, but can be useful for interrupting opponents. (Especially opponents about to Charge!)
 +  * Minor blasts cost 1 additional energy cell. (A total of 2)
 +  * If you Build-Up at least half way, you will get a "​normal"​ weapon when you release the Power button. If you Build-Up all the way, you get the "​strong"​ version of your weapon. Strong weapons deal massive damage!
 +  * Normal blasts cost 2 additional energy cells (total of 3), and strong blasts cost 3 additional energy cells.
 +  * If you do not have enough energy to use a strong or normal blast, you will use the strongest version of the weapon that you can afford.
 +====== Charging ======
 +====== Grappling ======
 +====== Defense ======
 +====== Knockdown, Prone, and Getup Attacks ======
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