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What are Kaiju Coins?

Kaiju Coins are a reward that Sunstone Games gives out to to the community in exchange for participation in the CKC project. The more involved you become, the more Kaiju Coins you can earn!

IMPORTANT: Kaiju Coins can NOT be purchased for money, and will NEVER be something you can buy for money.

Ways to earn Kaiju Coins

  • Participate on the Forums. You'll earn 50-100 coins a month (or more!) simply by posting messages, getting and giving likes, and being an active member for a good long while.
  • Play CKC online! You earn 10 Coins for your first battle each day, and 1 Coin for each additional battle. Doesn't matter if you win or lose. You must play against a human being online, though.
  • Work for us! Forum moderators, shoutbox jockeys, and other folks who help out with the community earn a modest number (25-50) of Coins each month.
  • Read the update e-mails carefully! Each bi-weekly update e-mail has a secret message or hidden instruction which can earn you 50 Kaiju Coins. Look for secret links, hidden messages, or odd wording / errors in content. If you aren't on the mailing list, use this link to sign up!
  • Golden Tickets! Starting with SPN4, 1 in 5 packs of cards has a Golden Ticket, which can earn you (among other things) a large number of Kaiju Coins.

Ways to spend Kaiju Coins

  • 500 : Sponsorship Tickets. Each February & August we have sponsorships for new kaiju. Sponsorship tickets cost $5 each. Beginning February 2015, folks may also spend 500 Kaiju Coins for a sponsorship.
  • 300 : Buy yourself DTM status! (For yourself only - cannot be spent on others.)
  • 200 : Consultation with Simon Strange and/or Matt Frank. For 200 Kaiju Coins, you can request that Simon Strange or Matt Frank look at your original monster thread, and make a thoughtful comment. This is a new exception to the “we don't comment on original monsters” rule.

If you wish to redeem Kaiju Coins, please send an e-mail to Include your forum name, and what you'd like to receive! It can take a day or two for us to process each request, so please be patient.

We'll add & adjust items on these lists over time. Many people have been asking about using Kaiju Coins for progenitor slots… that's something we want to support, but it has to be done carefully. Our initial plan is to offer slots at 3,000 Kaiju Coins if you are NOT already a progenitor, and 5,000 for those looking to buy a second / third progenitor slot. But those sort of high-priced items might discourage folks from buying other things with their coins - and that would be bad. 3,000 / 5,000 is our “penciled in” plan right now, but it's an open discussion. Our top earner right now is still a bit shy of the 3,000 mark, so it's a moot point for at least another month or two…

It is our hope that an active member who plays CKC online should be able to pretty easily earn 1 sponsorship ticket's worth of Kaiju Coins before every sponsorship. That means playing CKC on 50 different days every 6 months, or about 7 days each month. That seems like a very reasonable goal to us. These sort of currency plans can be very tricky - “power users” sometimes end up earning so much that everyone else becomes a pauper by comparison! We're working hard to create a system which will be really valuable for everyone, and we appreciate your patience & feedback as we implement and tune it slowly.

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