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Major game features of CKC

Periodically people hear about some feature or other and ask “Why didn't I know about this sooner?” - so here is our big bullet-list of features, and when they will be available:

Existing Features

  • 2 - 4 player fighting - online or offline.
  • Controller input required. (you cannot play the game without a controller!)
  • Multiple Weapons.
  • Unique Rage Attacks for each character.
  • Powerups in levels
  • Team Battles
  • In-game voice chat support.
  • Audio Options for SFX and Music.
  • private games or public lobbies for online play.

Customization Features

  • Custom character skins
  • Custom battle music
  • Custom fight parameters
  • Custom story modes
  • Custom loading screens
  • “Director Mode” allows an extra controller to fly the camera around, turn HUD elements on/off, & freeze time. The intent is to enable machinema / awesome screenshot collection.
    • To activate director mode, you must have an extra controller plugged in. Simply press a button on that controller to take control of the camera. Joysticks move / aim camera, triggers move up and down. In addition, some keyboard commands can modify features.
    • P - pause game
    • C - hide the HUD
    • H - lock camera to human perspective (2m off the ground)

Future Features

  • Environmental destruction
  • Monster Grappling
  • AI opponents
  • Custom music support
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