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Announcer Voice

Monster Name Audio

Plays when a monster begins playing their intro anim & cam.

Versus & And

When a monster's name has been said, we then play either “Versus” or “And”, depending upon whether the next monster is a team-mate or an opponent.

Monsters, Fight!

When we cut away from intro anims, play “Monsters, Fight!” - ideally the audio should begin BEFORE the “fight” text - and end at the same time as that text begins to fade out.

Knockout & Victorious

When a KO blow is delivered, play “Knockout” if victory has not been achieved yet, or “victorious” if it has been. (In point matches, for example, Knockouts don't win the match. Similarly in 3-4 player games.)


So in a 2-on-2 team battle the announcer flow should be:

  • P1
  • and
  • P2
  • Versus
  • P3
  • and
  • P4
  • Monsters, Fight!
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