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Despite many complaints about the boundaries in past games, Colossal Kaiju Combat will feature a transparent boundary at the edge of all arenas. This is necessary to keep environments to a manageable size, and contain the combat area. To address past concerns, we will be simplifying the system as much as possible.

  1. All environments will have a single circular boundary, with infinite height. This ensures that all boundaries are uniformly convex, and eliminates the need for any sort of complex boundary editor. This should also, once and for all, fix the “getting outside the boundaries” problem, since every environment will have a clearly defined “in play” and “out of play” boundary which does not require any complex math or ray-casting to identify.
  2. If at any time we detect that a monster is outside the boundary (do a simple if (Mx-Cx)^2 + (My-Cy)^2 > radius^2 check every frame) we simply move the monster toward the center until they are inside.
  3. Monsters who are moved thus (AKA - they come into collision with the boundary) should also trigger a call-back in script, which designers will use to experiment with different collision consequences. In the past this callback would grant an instantaneous velocity and reaction call to monsters - and a different set of values for airborne monsters (since they needed a positive Z velocity as well). It is possible that we may be able to eliminate the animation, or velocity, or both.
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