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When players initiate Colossal Kaiju Combat they are presented with a small fixed screen which asks them to select which content they wish to use locally. This takes the form of a series of mouse-clickable checkboxes on the left, and a large “launch Colossal Kaiju Combat” button on the right. The Loader Screen defaults to whatever selections were present the last time the game was successfully run.

All of the content from all selected releases is present in the game selection screens - including monsters to play as, environments to play in, and game modes to select.

There may, in the future, be certain “illegal” content combinations dictated by legal / licensing / contractual concerns. These will be detected at the loading screen level. Support for detecting such combinations need not be built into this screen until such a combination actually exists.

To streamline the loading process, we allow players to skip the Loader Screen by simply running the individual .exe associate with each release - this simply acts as if they had selected that release ONLY from the Loader Screen.

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