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UI Flow

Before reaching the Main Menu, players must begin the game via the CKC Loader, where they select which content to load.

  • Local Game
  • Online Game
  • Settings
  • Exit


  • Game Volume
  • Music Volume
  • Back

(fairly self-explanatory. We will want sliders & % numbers for each option. Custom Soundtracks will be loaded here eventually.)

Online Game

  • 1 Local Player
  • 2 Local Players
  • Back

(Either option puts players into the monster select screen. We should NOT show the “press start to join” text once the selected number of controllers are active.) Once monsters are selected - we find the lowest ping game, fill it, and begin. There is no level selection made at this time. We also need to discuss friend-only games, and server browsing options.

Local Game

  • Play Now
  • Play Custom Battle: None
  • Back

(Play Now puts us into our current shell flow. Play Custom Battle allows the player to select a valid file, then allows them to begin. Depending upon the battle parameters, that may move them to the Monster Select, Level Select, or directly into the game.)

Exiting the game returns players to the Online Game menu or the Local Game menu - depending upon the type of game they played. We have in-game options to allow replays.

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