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Most story elements are open for discussion by Design Team Members only. But as we near each release, we'll post some story elements here.

Kaijuland Battles

Our first release in the CKC universe will be the free game Kaijuland Battles!

  • Release Date: November, 2013.
  • License: All characters are owned by Kaiju Empire's Facebook game: Kaijuland!
  • Includes: 4 characters, 2 environments.
  • Price: Free!

The Fall of Nemesis: Clash of the Kaijujin

Our first commercial release!

  • Release Date: May, 2014.
  • Story Summary: A group of kaiju are forced to battle in the Kaijujin's latest tournament. Their long-standing champion Ikameijin has recently been defeated by Nemesis - their new ruling champion. Who will prevail?
  • License: Nemesis is the property of best selling author Jeremy Robinson, from his amazing kaiju novel PROJECT:NEMESIS. Ikameijin is the property of Monster Attack Team.
  • Includes: 11 playable characters, 4 environments, 1 amazingly epic single-player campaign!
  • Price: ~$20

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