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Trading Cards

What are the Trading Cards?

The official Trading Cards are a way for us to incorporate a much higher volume of original characters into the CKC universe, without the time and expense of creating playable characters. Our Trading Cards are high-quality custom-printed 2.5“ x 3.5” cards printed in large batches & randomized into packs at the factory.

How are monsters selected for the Trading Cards?

In brief, you create a thread on our forums about your original monster, and then submit the character for one of our twice-annually sponsorships. Check out our original monster submission FAQ for all the gritty details.

Are the Trading Cards a game like Pokemon or Magic?

NO. If you have purchased the Combat Deck, then you may use Trading Cards as additional characters for that game. But the Trading Cards on their own do not provide a playable game.

Buying the Cards

Right now, the best way to buy card is via the Sunstone Games Store. SPN1-SPN3 have a wide variety of characters, while SPN4 is a mixture of characters, Team Cards, and kaiju. There are also various trading threads on the forums, for those of you willing to put in the effort.

List of Trading Card Releases

4 - SPN1 5 - SPN2 6 - SPN3
7 - SPN4 8 - SPN5 9 - SPN6

Simon has put together a few youtube videos demonstrating how to play the game:

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