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What is "SPN1" ?

SPN1 is the serial number for our first set of original trading cards. The characters come from the fact that these were our first batch of sponsorship characters. So the 50 cards in this set are referred to as “SPN1-01” through “SPN1-50.” Serial numbers are on the back of the cards, in the top-right corner.

Where can I get the cards?

Through the Sunstone Games store, of course! Cards are sold in packs of 8 random cards, for $4 per pack. We did an initial print run of 6,250 sets, and when those are all sold there will be no more!

Can I preview the SPN1 cards?

You can! Rodan's Roost has a lovely preview gallery of all the cards.

Are there any misprints, or card erratta?

Unfortunately, several misprints have been caught. Fortunately, none of them impact game balance for using these characters with the Combat Deck.

  1. Bear Tank's subtitle has an extra “t”.
  2. Destroyer X misspells the word “destroys” in his bio.
  3. Enenra should have used Nuclear & Mystic damage types.
  4. Kyotita lists the height, weight, gender, attacks, and weapons of Kraser.

Character ability clarifications

  1. A canceled WEAPON does not resolve, for the purposes of Apep's ability.
  2. Yes, Brontopteryx's ability affects himself!
  3. Grog may play CHARGE attacks which require more than 3 Ferocity or Agility, since he plays them for free!
  4. H-Bomb's powerup bonuses last 2 rounds, just like collecting a powerup. The bonus is applied after you pay for all attack cards.
  5. Morpheus need not cause the KNOCKDOWN in order to deal the extra damage should one happen.
  6. Orzoul's bonus applies to the first card played - if you miss with that card, too bad!
  7. Spinotor's penalty should not apply to WEAPON cards.
  8. The Quacken gains his +1 stats after regeneration.
  9. The Weaver's super knockdowns (like all knockdowns) only count for the current round. So you need to KNOCKDOWN with your first attack to get the full benefit of the ability!
  10. X-I may play his two cards during any two attacks - it doesn't have to be the first two!
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