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What is "SPN1" ?

SPN1 is the serial number for our first set of original trading cards. The characters come from the fact that these were our first batch of sponsorship characters. So the 50 cards in this set are referred to as “SPN1-01” through “SPN1-50.” Serial numbers are on the back of the cards, in the top-right corner.

Where can I get the cards?

Through the Sunstone Games store, of course! Cards are sold in packs of 8 random cards, for $4 per pack. We did an initial print run of 6,250 sets, and when those are all sold there will be no more!

Can I preview the SPN1 cards?

You can! Rodan's Roost has a lovely preview gallery of all the cards.

SPN1 Checklist

Serial# Name Title Creator Affiliations
SPN1-01 Adam Scourge of Humanity Takeshi Furious Dino Cyborg
SPN1-02 Akioni The Red Devil of Tokyo Pickled Genius Primitive Demon Follower
SPN1-03 Apep Egyptian God of Chaos JeffreyTrudeo Ancient Unstable Invader
SPN1-04 Ash Jaw Champion of the Wastes Komodo Transformed Human Ally Champion
SPN1-05 Bear Tank Giant Bear + Giant Tank! Alx223 Cyborg Giant Animal Follower
SPN1-06 Bogma The Giant Snail QuietOne Primitive Irradiated Giant Animal
SPN1-07 Brontopteryx Radioactive Pterosaur Kaijuduke Mutant Dino Hunter
SPN1-08 Calypto Electrical Chameleon Engrall Transformed Mineral Mutant
SPN1-09 Chaos Dementor Wild Manifestation of Chaos Nidd Unstable Solitary Demon
SPN1-10 Cogugin Undersea Terror Cameron Feral Primitive Aquatic
SPN1-11 Colonel Ausum Colossal Combat Expert Hero-dude Transformed Follower Human Ally
SPN1-12 Cthura Vengeful Guardian of Ikalu Amazingkaiju Primitive Aquatic Defender
SPN1-13 Destroyer X Patchwork Elemental Beast sonicandtales2 Unstable Dino Follower
SPN1-14 Digamma Spawn of the Bloodstone Star alienhulk2099 Solitary Alien Champion
SPN1-15 Enenra The Nuclear Demon Kimarous Ancient Irradiated Demon
SPN1-16 Fierodon Disgraced Flame Guardian AlmightyRayzilla Solitary Alien Champion
SPN1-17 Giga Raptor Orbital Defense Kaiju RaptorGear Human Ally Space Mech
SPN1-18 Grog Displaced Subterranean Denizen evilcake576 Primitive Subterranean Defender
SPN1-19 H-Bomb Genetic Titan Dansaka 10453 Solitary Unstable Cyborg
SPN1-20 Ichran Isopod Defender SagaciousMonkey Mutant Giant Animal Defender
SPN1-21 Kraser Kaiju Repulse and Super Eradicating Robot Advent Falls Human Ally Mech KILL
SPN1-22 Kyotita Demon Serpent of the Earth Paul M. AKA Kyotita Unstable Feral Tyrant
SPN1-23 Megido The Fallen Yamato Ricardo Nunez Transformed Alien Tyrant
SPN1-24 Megoki Queen of Cockroaches Vagrant-Verse Peaceful Giant Animal Monarch
SPN1-25 Mogilos Guardian of the Kodai Mike A. Roberge Peaceful Aquatic Human Ally
SPN1-26 Morpheus The King of Dreams Bane of Pain Dream Monarch Invader
SPN1-27 Nexuloc King of the Ancient City CmdrBlitzkrieg Mineral Monarch Defender
SPN1-28 Nirathoc Earth-Moving Golem Jay13x Feral Mineral Hunter
SPN1-29 Orzoul Deep Sea God HungryZombie Solitary Aquatic Defender
SPN1-30 Project SWARM Voracious Insect Omnivore Commando Kahn Feral Irradiated Giant Animal
SPN1-31 Quinn Extensible Alien Pest Alkora Feral Alien Follower
SPN1-32 Rasputin Unkillable Warrior Armor DragonTech Solitary Mineral Tyrant
SPN1-33 Sarcosteus Hypercarnivorous Apex Predator X-SOLDIER Captive Mutant Gladiator
SPN1-34 Sizemosaur Stupendous Sauropod Spotted Alien Transformed Human Ally Dino
SPN1-35 Spinotor Malicious Thermal Aggressor Godzillashadow75 Furious Feral Dino
SPN1-36 Strophus Deadly Anachronism SpanishBulldog Mutant Dino Follower
SPN1-37 Tak'Umb'Riel Siren of the Void Brojira Space Hunter
SPN1-38 Tankocide Baron Piloted Kaiju Response Vehicle The Chessboard Defender Mech Human Ally
SPN1-39 The Quacken Lost Overseas Legend IngoLingo Ancient Aquatic Champion
SPN1-40 The Weaver Mysterious Bringer of Form Quinn Red Solitary Peaceful Demon
SPN1-41 Thornathax Rampaging Extraterrestrial Beast Embea Feral Alien Invader
SPN1-42 Triassic Rex Flexible Amalgamation Metalsaur Unstable Mutant Dino
SPN1-43 Turtarus Noble Disciple of Truth Dan_GCN Alien Defender Human Ally
SPN1-44 Tyrantasaur Unstoppable Force Spera01 Furious Dino Captive
SPN1-45 Vampirius Marauding Parasite wildvine47 Primitive Giant Animal Parasite
SPN1-46 Vermiss Queen of the Plague GodofPH Mutant Giant Animal Monarch
SPN1-47 Whaleman Overgrowth Refugee TheBothersomeOne Solitary Aquatic Giant Animal
SPN1-48 X-I God of the Monsters xeraimus Solitary Monarch
SPN1-49 Zarolagon Trophy-Wearing Dinosaur kaijukiller Primitive Dino
SPN1-50 Zoiaksaulo Diyu empowered Demon Sunny Leung Captive Demon Champion

Are there any misprints, or card erratta?

Unfortunately, several misprints have been caught. Fortunately, none of them impact game balance for using these characters with the Combat Deck.

  1. Bear Tank's subtitle has an extra “t”.
  2. Destroyer X misspells the word “destroys” in his bio.
  3. Enenra should have used Nuclear & Mystic damage types.
  4. Kyotita lists the height, weight, gender, attacks, and weapons of Kraser.

Character ability clarifications

  1. A canceled WEAPON does not resolve, for the purposes of Apep's ability.
  2. Yes, Brontopteryx's ability affects himself!
  3. Grog may play CHARGE attacks which require more than 3 Ferocity or Agility, since he plays them for free!
  4. H-Bomb's powerup bonuses last 2 rounds, just like collecting a powerup. The bonus is applied after you pay for all attack cards.
  5. Morpheus need not cause the KNOCKDOWN in order to deal the extra damage should one happen.
  6. Orzoul's bonus applies to the first card played - if you miss with that card, too bad!
  7. Spinotor's penalty should not apply to WEAPON cards.
  8. The Quacken gains his +1 stats after regeneration.
  9. The Weaver's super knockdowns (like all knockdowns) only count for the current round. So you need to KNOCKDOWN with your first attack to get the full benefit of the ability!
  10. X-I may play his two cards during any two attacks - it doesn't have to be the first two!
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