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What is "SPN2" ?

SPN2 is the serial number for our second set of trading cards featuring original characters designed by the community. So the 57 cards in this set are referred to as “SPN2-01” through “SPN2-57.” Serial numbers are on the back of the cards, in the top-right corner.

Where can I get the cards?

You can buy them through the Sunstone Games store, of course. SPN2 cards are sold in packs of 8 random cards, featuring 7 random “basic” characters and 1 random “evolved” character.

Can I preview the SPN2 cards?

What's the difference between basic and evolved characters?

SPN2 has 42 basic characters - which are just like the character cards produced in SPN1. The community took a vote to select 15 characters from SPN1 who would return in SPN2 in new, more powerful, forms. These “evolved” characters will have a different visual style to their art (done by a different artist), and will be generally stronger than their basic forms. Evolved characters are balanced against other evolved characters, not against basic characters.

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