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What is "SPN4" ?

SPN4 is the serial number for our fourth set of original trading cards. The characters come from the fact that these are sponsorship characters. So the 54 cards in this set are referred to as “SPN4-01” through “SPN4-54.” Serial numbers are on the back of the cards, in the top-right corner.

Where can I get the cards?

Through the Sunstone Games store, of course! SPN4 is primarily available in 9-card packs for $5. Each pack contains a mix of basic kaiju, basic combat cards, and rare cards. The distribution is:

  • 5 basic characters
  • 3 basic combat cards
  • 1 Rare card (EVO character, Team Card, or rare combat card)

In addition, we have full kaiju sets (48 common + 6 EVO) in the store for $40. These have exactly 1 of each kaiju in the set, and are geared towards folks who don't like uncertainty.

Can I preview the SPN4 cards?

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