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Each pack of SPN4 contains 9 random cards, with the following distribution:

  • 5 Basic Kaiju
  • 2 Common combat cards
  • 1 Uncommon combat card
  • 1 Rare card (EVO kaiju, Team Card, or rare combat card)

SPN4 Checklist

Basic kaiju

Serial# Name Title Creator Affiliations
SPN4-01 Armadar Holy Celestial Monstrosity Rhuen Spirit Guardian Follower
SPN4-02 Atelis Awakened Hibernator Sonicandtails2 Unstable Transformed Giant Animal
SPN4-03 Blastn Kraken Space Pirate white_box_ninja Solitary Mech Invader
SPN4-04 Brang King of the Trolls James Louderback Furious Primitive Monarch
SPN4-05 Brunnhilde German Android Superweapon NovaHyperion Human Ally Cyborg Hunter
SPN4-06 Bubbles Goldfish Terrorist Chickenman456 Furious Captive Giant Animal Mech
SPN4-07 Buzzkill Nuclear Wasp Xolta Irradiated Giant Animal Wasp
SPN4-08 Cacocetus Basilsaurus & Alien hybrid The WingedSerpent Solitary Aquatic Mutant
SPN4-09 Caldera Geothermal infused Mother Sephiros-TH Unstable Dino Defender
SPN4-10 Carnodox Triple-Threat from Beyond Time Ravage Feral Transformed Dino
SPN4-11 Destructidon Bio-weapon for the Drakon G&G-Fan Alien Invader Follower
SPN4-12 Embros Liquid Metal Parasite HungryZombie Furious Mineral Parasite
SPN4-13 Fuchou Dragon Spirit of Vengance Ryan Ross Blankenship Furious Primitive Dragonkin
SPN4-14 Garoa Quick-Regenerating Terror A&P Aquatic Mutant Giant Animal
SPN4-15 Gemini The Dead Star of Earth Supergeon Mineral Space Defender
SPN4-16 Gevuriel Cosmic Kaiju Judge Blazbaros Solitary Alien Judge
SPN4-17 Gorean Simian Lab Experiment Bubbablack8 Furious Transformed Giant Animal
SPN4-18 Gravitor Absorber of Worlds IronEye Ancient Space Invader
SPN4-19 Kafira Tortured human Captive MonsterGirl Transformed Feral Captive
SPN4-20 KOMA Kaiju Obliterating Mobile Armor AdventFalls Human Ally Mech Defender
SPN4-21 Kumak Hybrid Monstrosity Jako_m Giant Animal Mutant Vegetable
SPN4-22 Mallan-gong Warrior of the Dreamtime Nox Spirit Guardian Dream Defender
SPN4-23 Mijin Undersea Leviathan Titano75 Irradiated Aquatic Dino
SPN4-24 MucFace Discarded Military Hybrid CDR-Rage Solitary Mineral Mutant
SPN4-25 Mykitas The Fungal Herald Sciopius Irradiated Vegetable Parasite
SPN4-26 Nautilon Multi-Stage Monstrosity GlacusTS Transformed Aquatic Giant Animal
SPN4-27 Nuocerious Unwitting Traveler ThunderWyvern Primitive Solitary Dragonkin
SPN4-28 Paineater Trophy of Salos InsanityClaw Furious Feral Captive
SPN4-29 Permios Toxic Child of Extinction CreatureClay Ancient Solitary Peaceful
SPN4-30 Plantanium Mutant Plant Kaiju AgentBubster Primitive Irradiated Vegetable
SPN4-31 Prag V Dinosaur + Mech fusion blackmx20 Unstable Mech Dino
SPN4-32 Reiki-oh Demon Emperor of Aokigahara Bambu Primitive Demon Monarch
SPN4-33 Sapphirah Crystal Calamity Woodzilla Mineral Dragonkin Defender
SPN4-34 Shamble The Walking Hunger Drake213 Irradiated Giant Animal Parasite
SPN4-35 Slamicus Jamicus Interstellar Basketball All-Star Momentosis Space Basketball Champion
SPN4-36 Slugera Mollusca-shroom Monster Guiron2970 Transformed Parasite Invader
SPN4-37 Terraptyl Invading Tylkran evil lampost Primitive Space Invader
SPN4-38 Thaloch King of all Dinosaurs Dracosaurus rex Primitive Dino Monarch
SPN4-39 Tince Diyu-Powered Servant Sunny Leung Transformed Captive Follower
SPN4-40 Tinker Dozer The Forgotten Savior Burkion Defender Human Ally Champion
SPN4-41 Tzar One-armed White Tiger LunaKatana Giant Animal Gladiator Captive
SPN4-42 Vingade Old West via Alien Mech Hazard Alien Mech Human Ally
SPN4-43 Vipera Victoriam Flying Cyborg Serpent MechaKingGhidorah Giant Animal Cyborg Human Ally
SPN4-44 Vyrak Killer of Kaiju Gat Peaceful Alien Cyborg
SPN4-45 Warmadillo Anti-Kaiju Deterrent Force Boomwolf Giant Animal Cyborg Defender
SPN4-46 Wawindaji Adolescent Hunter Quinn Red Mineral Hunter Feral
SPN4-47 Yukira Death's Cold Embrace Kerwell Furious Solitary Demon
SPN4-48 Zashichat The People's Shield HiddenElemphant Human Ally Mech Defender

Evolved Kaiju

Serial# Name Title Creator Affiliations
SPN4-49 Axoloc Mighty King of Corruption Mexicankaiju Transformed Aquatic Monarch
SPN4-50 Charred Mineral-Organic Robot Burkion Mineral Mech Defender
SPN4-51 Eira Discarded Husk Jako_m Transformed Giant Animal
SPN4-52 Obscurum Alien Swarm Obscurum Subterranean Hunter Leader Follower
SPN4-53 Saprodon Hardened Fungal Commander Gomora Transformed Alien Leader
SPN4-54 Valok Dragonkin Lich rweverett99 Unstable Dragonkin Demon Champion

Team Cards

  • Earth is Sacred
  • From the Deep
  • The Big Boss
  • The Losers
  • Sinister Plot
  • Team 47

Combat Cards

Name Type Cost Damage Toughness Rarity
Bull Rush Chain Attack 2F3A 3 0 Common
Finishing Blow Chain Attack 3F 2 0 Common
Follow Up Chain Attack 3F1A 3 0 Common
Head Wound Quick Attack 1F 2 0 Common
Inner Rage Fierce Attack 1F 2 0 Common
Jab Chain Attack 2F 2 0 Common
Pounce Quick Attack 1F3A 3 0 Common
Primary Weapon Fierce Attack 3P 2 0 Common
Ready for Anything Fierce Attack 1A 0 0 Common
Uppercut Chain Attack 6F 4 0 Common
Missile Barrage Fierce Technique 1A1P 3 3 Common
Run Like Hell Chain Technique 1A 0 0 Common
Unstoppable Fierce Technique 3F3A 4 5 Common
Windmill Arms Chain Technique 2F2A 3 2 Common
Bristling Spikes Chain Defense 2F 0 2 Common
Curl Up Chain Defense 1F1A 0 6 Common
Guard Chain Defense 0 0 2 Common
Natural Armor Fierce Defense 1F 0 1 Common
Positioning Quick Defense 1F1A 0 4 Common
Preparation Chain Defense 2F1A 0 3 Common
Quick Moves Quick Defense 3A 0 4 Common
Roll with the Blow Chain Defense 2A 0 3 Common
Steel Jaw Chain Defense 3F 0 4 Common
Take a Stand Fierce Defense 2A1P 0 4 Common
Dropkick Fierce Attack 2A 2 0 Uncommon
Spin Kick Chain Attack 3F3A 3 0 Uncommon
Backhand Chain Counter Attack 2A 1 0 Uncommon
Quick Knee Quick Counter Attack 2A 1 0 Uncommon
Savage Bite Chain Counter Attack 4F 1 0 Uncommon
Energy Surge Quick Technique 1P 1 1 Uncommon
Flail Chain Technique 1F1A 0 0 Uncommon
Hurl Building Chain Technique 3F3A 4 3 Uncommon
Meditation Fierce Technique 1F2P 1 2 Uncommon
Power Transfr Event Uncommon
Team Defense Event Uncommon
Team Assault Evont Uncommon
Brutality Fierce Attack 2F 0 0 Rare
Energy Wave Chain Attack 2F2A2P 4 0 Rare
Frenzy Fierce Attack 6F 2 0 Rare
Jump Kick Quick Attack 6A 3 0 Rare
Never See it Coming Quick Attack 1F2A 1 0 Rare
Wild Swing Fierce Attack 4F 5 0 Rare
Mirror Attack Fierce Counter Attack 2F2A X 0 Rare
Battle Cry Fierce Defense 4F 0 2 Rare
Intimidation Fierce Defense 1F2A 0 2 Rare
Not Today Chain Defense 1A 0 0 Rare
Sap Power Chain Defense 2P 0 2 Rare
Take the Pain Fierce Defense 1F1A 0 2 Rare
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