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 +====== What is "​SPN5"​ ? ======
 +SPN5 is the serial number for our fifth set of original trading cards. ​ The characters come from the fact that these are **sp**o**n**sorship characters. ​ So the 50 cards in this set are referred to as "​SPN5-01"​ through "​SPN5-50." ​ Serial numbers are on the back of the cards, in the top-right corner.
 +SPN5 is our first set to include characters drawn from our original 50 Kickstarter progenitors! We will have 8 to 12 progenitors represented in the set.
 +====== Where can I get the cards? ======
 +Through the [[http://​​store/​|Sunstone Games store]], of course! ​ SPN5 is primarily available in 9-card packs for $5. Each pack contains a mix of basic kaiju, rare kaiju, and other cards. The basic pack contains:
 +  * 3 basic characters
 +  * 1 rare character (progenitor or EVO)
 +  * 1 team card
 +  * 2 combat cards
 +  * 2 planning cards
 +In addition, we will have full kaiju sets (42 common + 8 EVO) in the store for $40. These have exactly 1 of each kaiju in the set, and are geared toward folks who like to eliminate randomness from their lives!
 +====== Can I preview the SPN5 cards? ======
 +Not yet. They will be printed at the end of June, 2015.
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