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Building your own team, and your own decks to compliment that team, is a great deal of fun. But to build with confidence, you should try playing the game with a friend first, so that you understand how all the pieces of the game work together. For example, if you plan to win by knocking out other kaiju, you need a strong combat deck which synergizes with your team's attributes, and special abilities. If you plan to win by defeating Opponents or by destroying Buildings, you'll need to focus on giving your team advantages there, while preventing other players from interfering too much with your plan.

You'll also need to consider your local metagame - which is just a fancy way of saying “be thinking about what decks your friends will be challenging you with.” If your friend is trouncing you with a high-agility team, you might want to include more high-agility cards as well. If your friend uses a lot of kaiju with Armor, you might tweak your combat deck to reduce the impact of that attribute.

Building a Team

A kaiju team is 2 or more kaiju who are working together for the duration of the game. Kaiju form teams for many reasons - as explained by the many different Team Cards. Most teams are built around “Affiliations” - which are the keywords printed on the back of your kaiju cards below their combat style text, but above their special ability text. (For those of you who want to use SPN1, SPN2, or SPN3 kaiju on your teams, we have retroactively assigned all of them affiliations, which you can view on the card info page for each set.)

If you are using a Team Card : Each Team Card has yellow text on the back which explains the rules for creating your kaiju team.

If you are not using a Team Card : It is also possible to create a team using the imaginary “default” Team Card, which has the following composition rules:

  • Select up to three kaiju who share an affiliation keyword. You may not select kaiju who have the keywourds LEADER, TYRANT, MONARCH, or SOLITARY.
  • Team Initiative: 50
  • Planning Draw: 5
  • Fury: 10
  • Fortitude Bonus: 2

Building a Combat Deck

Combat Cards fall into a few different types:

  • Attack cards (sword icon)
  • Defense cards (shield icon)
  • Technique cards (either icon)
  • Counter Attack cards (shield icon)
  • Event cards (no icon)

When you have the initiative you play a card with the Sword icon. When you do not have initiative you play a card with the Shield icon. EXCEPTION: “Technique” cards may be played as if they had BOTH icons!

Event cards are never played face-down - instead they are played only at specific times - the card itself will tell you when it should be played.

With those definitions out of the way, there are only three rules regarding how you build your combat deck:

  1. You may not include more than 2 copies of any specific card.
  2. Your Combat Deck must have at least 20 cards total.
  3. You must include an identical number of sword icon and shield icon cards.

In general, this means a combat deck is exactly 10 sword icon cards and 10 shield icon cards. If you wish to include combat events, this could be 9 sword, 9 shield + 2 combat events, or 10 sword, 10 shield + 1 combat event, or any other combination which meets the three rules.

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